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Roll call

Max Spevack, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Jack Aboutboul, Paul Frields, Michael Tiemann

Last week


  • summer internships.
  • a little Fedora EMEA work.
  • lots of budget work.
  • Ambassadors and FAMSCo stuff.
  • News Council call.
  • Community presentation to marketing team.
  • statistics, artwork, chasing down a variety of things.


  • continue tracking down the TAM angle with Iain.


  • University tour -- BU, MIT, Northeastern, Harvard.


  • Paul Frields gave a video conference speech at a conference in India. Over 100 folks in attendance.

Budget (Max)

  • Still trying to figure out money for the conference in India.
  • Discuss GUADEC & Libre Graphics Meetings.
  • Jack's expense reports.
  • How's the rest of the quarter looking?


  • Chatted with Paul a bit about a few release-month logistical questions:
  • OpenJDK and Sun.
  • Ubuntu's release just a few days ahead of us. They set their date *after* we set ours, but they chose to release a few days ahead of us.

University tour (Jack)

Boston University

  • Met with Computer Science department chair, open to idea of a course.
  • A few BU students who had been to FUDCon showed up.


  • Met with some folks from the linguistics department.


  • Lots of interest, John Flanagan and Jesse spoke there recently.

This week


  • what are we upstream for?
  • follow up with Kara on interviews for Paul on the release.
  • intern contracts.
  • college scholarship.
  • follow up with jrb about GUADEC.


  • I2 problems in RDU, Spot and Paul are also somewhat involved with this.
  • Prep for talk in Charleston.
  • chatting with the issue tracker folks about potentially open-sourcing it.
  • folks are looking for official support for cobbler.
  • partner manager inside RH for Alcatel.


  • get all the contacts and leads on the wiki.
  • keep blogging.
  • formal news story with the PR team.


  • continue assessing the situation and opportunities in APAC.

Next meeting

  • Greg leaves for Charleston on Tuesday, FISL on Wednesday.
  • CLA and improved Join process.