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Roll call

Paul Frields, Greg DeKoenigsberg, Harish Pillay, JackAboutboul

Last 2 weeks


  • Pretty much finished with moving preparations.
  • Lots of budget work, which includes Fedora Ambassadors and FAMSCo.
  • Got the LinuxTag press release through PR and released in German.
  • Fedora Scholarship is in legal, needs to come out of legal so we can announce it.
  • Chat with high school student writing a paper on open source communities.
  • CDs and DVDs for Fedora 9 to the printer.
  • Intern reqs created, and all candidates identified.
  • Fedora 9 press kits with LiveUSB keys created and sent out.
  • Began tracking down a few leads on stuff in EMEA (Poland, specifically). Not much progress yet.
  • Orientation for the last time.
  • Lunch with Richard Fontana and Rob Tiller, gave them a pretty complete history of Fedora Project.
  • Taking a stronger leadership role in Fedora Websites.
  • Gave the talk at TriLUG about Fedora 9 and community building strategies. Lots of fun.
  • Random meetings of various importance.


  • Big internal open source project
  • Closed on last intern


  • Set up a concall with CMU to explore new lab stuff.


Open questions for end of Q1:

  • Final total from University Tour (Jack)
  • The last of the events and CDs/DVDs (Max)
  • LinuxTag (Max)
  • South America (Max)
  • Harish's plane ticket for FUDCon (Harish)
  • Upcoming engineering travel that Community Architecture is paying for that we want to fit into Q1? (Paul)


Michael Chen wants to set aside somewhere between $20-$25k for India for the rest of the year. Max Spevack needs to get in touch with the principals in India and begin planning how we intend to use this money.

North American Events

The open question here is, "what does it mean to own an event?"

Jack maintains that the events are too different for a one-size-fits-all approach, and we're there for logistics support and budgetary support.

Paul thinks there are a few common items. Money. Schwag. Banner and event box. Maybe we should have a list of checkboxes for each event. We should put together a checkbox list of "what it means to own an event" in coordination with the ambassadors. Jack will start this conversation on-list.

Greg thinks that we need to have clearer goals for the events, with an explicit goal of joining people to the community. It may be useful to measure events by counting new accounts per event. Greg will drive this conversation on list.

Mailing Lists


  • Max has been taking a leadership role in Ambassadors, FAMSCo, and Websites, with a secondary role on Marketing.
  • Greg has been leading up the marketing efforts.

This week


  • Continuing to work with an internal RH team on big new "open source" project (not public yet)
  • Continuing to work with RHX to understand/work with EPEL
  • Will bring Seneca and others to the open curriculum party
  • Footwork on closing the Fedora interns
  • Driving discussion on Event metrics on community list


  • Work on India planning.
  • Continue FUDCon Boston planning.
  • PTO Mon - Wed, movers come on Friday, depart for EMEA on Sunday.
  • Make sure LinuxTag is entirely in order.


  • Meeting with Jim on Wednesday, presenting a follow-up on the community slide deck, plans to reinforce the community message and talk about the university tour and educational strategy for the company.
  • Setting up a mailing list for the curriculum advisory board, and looking to recruit initial members (Oregon State, Syracuse, etc.)
  • Talking with Syracuse to put together a cross-disciplinary studio-type class with legal, business, engineering folks to build open source projects.
  • Start the conversation about Events checklists per our events discussion.


  • Still needs an answer on whether he's coming to FUDCon Boston or FUDCon Europe.
  • Next steps for LCA: they need lots of details from us. How many rooms and so forth. Working with Eugene Teo to figure this out. We are essentially looking to make a FUDCon happen. Event needs to be put on Event page and a signup page needs to go up. Deadlines are in August, so we've got some time to work this out.