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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Paul, Karsten


  • Jack spoke with Owen Taylor on the phone last week, looking for a way to help them with their goals. Would a trip to Boston be useful? Owen was receptive, Jack might head up to Boston the week after OSCON.
  • Greg is planning a trip up to Westford in the near future also.


  • LUG Radio Live
    • Is there any recording/streaming of sessions?
  • Paris ambassador day
  • FUDCon Brno
    • Publicize details as quickly as they come in.


  • Collateral is being created. Greg and Karsten are following up on the one-pager.
  • Greg and Jack both arrive on Monday 7/21.
  • Oregon State on Tuesday, OSCON Wednesday and Thursday.


  • Paul followed up, got some responses back from Jeffrey Tadlock. Things are stalled -- some of this is Max's fault since other stuff has taken a higher priority of his time.
  • Main question (as far as Max is concerned): Is this a priority one item? If so, how do we free up someone's time to drive it?


  • Fedora OLPC SIG will be starting this week, with Greg leading the way.