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Roll call

Max, Jim Gleason, Karsten, Jack, Greg, Tiemann


  • Qumranet next steps, from last week (Jack). Going to lunch tomorrow, going to discuss the most relevant projects for community engagement. KVM is the two most important community. Let's identify a few goals for each project. Broached topic of FUDCon Boston with them as well.
  • FUDCon Boston (Paul, Greg, Jack, Karsten). FUDCon is a target for some of the re-training of the new ways that things are going to happen on the Fedora Docs side.
  • FY10 planning update (Max)
  • FY10 goals (Max).
  • This week, brief rundown (Max, Greg, Karsten, Jack, any others who want to go)
    • Greg: getting the OLPC and Sugar folks ready for FUDCon, OLPC strategy and its relationship to FY10 goals.
    • Karsten: ISV work that needs to be done. JPackage. Is there any ISV stuff going on at FUDCon?
  • OSSPAC in Singapore in February. Max to start investigating.