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Roll call

Max, Greg, Jack, Karsten, Paul, Tiemann, Sankarshan, Harish



  • Genome
    • Internal IT team experiences beginning to mirror customer experiences.
    • Opportunity to show best practices for OSA migration.
    • We need to be focused on solving actual problems and focusing on positives.
    • Need help - make sure CommArch is engaging w/ Genome.


    • Maybe a bigger commitment at SCALE 8x?.
    • We have a sort of "distributed rock star" model for excitement.
  • Cookbook
    • Catch up this week, behind due to event execution.


  • Purpose of CA meetings
    • We're global, but individual tasks are isolated from each other.
    • Keep each other informed and find connections.
  • MRC said work done back in Nov had significant impact.
  • CMU - Profs are highly incented to teach FOSS well, Max working on clarifying agreement.


  • Education
    • Need to find out about opening of content before we go further.
    • MRC liked stuff about POSSE -- time is of the essence, so need decision.
      • Wants cohesive plan to go with all the vision and big-picture stuff.
      • Slide deck to socialize with other execs, and notes for deep-diving.
    • Education by-products
      • Tiemann provided update on leveraging education of customers into vastly improved sales opportunities.
      • Harish talked about arming sales with consistent messages on value prop.
  • Sugar
    • Not going to block F11 anywhere, moving very quickly right now.
    • No spin for F11, concentrating on Sugar on a Stick.


  • Marketing
    • Picture Book - is there a blocker on release forms, or are they just one thing that needs to be fixed in parallel.
      • Establish critical path issues for community to move forward.
    • Tasks - Condense schedules from JonRob with the main task schedule.


  • Eucalyptus - next gen stuff from Fedora perspective? Will contact McGrath.