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Roll call

Max Spevack, Harish Pillay


  • Budget for APJ & India -- Max needs to email Sankarshan and Harish
  • What's the Fedora Cumulus status? Max to email mmcgrath and copy list.
  • APJ Fedora 11 marketing -- Max to email w/ dng and Harish.

Agenda moved to next week, due to lack of attendance.


Manager stuff

  • Compass
  • Compliance training
  • Expense reports

Linux Foundation Summit brainstorming w/ Karsten

Status updates

  • Dashboard/Project Building
  • ISVs
  • Marketing
  • Beta release readiness
  • Spacewalk/Genome



  • Template for interaction w/ RH projects
  • New set of deliverables & milestones for EKG.
  • CLT trip report
  • Compass self evaluation.


  • Fedora Marketing update, based on the Marketing schedule
  • Get Adam Miller on Planet.
  • Compass self evaluation.


  • Cookbook, based on schedule and feedback.
  • Flesh out ISV contact list
  • Start planning NECC -- March 17 FAMNA meeting?
  • Compass self evaluation.


  • POSSE plan on wiki w/ April 1 deadline for scope & budget.
  • Thoughts from Genome demo to c-a-l.
  • Compass self evaluation.
  • osie-list
    • osie-list subscribers to Chris Tyler.
    • Decommission osie-list.