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Roll call

Max, Karsten, Mel, Greg, Paul


Everyone gave their plans for the week, and what they will be accountable for:


  • FUDCons -- EMEA, LATAM, India
  • University catch-up and POSSE
  • Budget
  • Interns
  • FY11 goals
  • Team calendar through June


  • OSDC catch-up
  • Cloud -- F12 image status for Amazon
  • Expenses


  • Textbook & docbook/publican
  • Summer coding
  • Expenses


  • Expense reports
  • Finishing everything Scholarship-related except the actual "pay money" and the "press release is out
  • Marketing deliverables up to date (maintenance)
  • POSSE budget (dependent on POSSEs being nailed down more, so this will make me keep plugging on that.) All POSSEs have dates, instructors, and tech gurus (I think - doublechecking on the last category) so I can do this now.
    • Book summer travel (implies POSSE stuff is nailed down etc.) (Not done, dependent on the above.)
  • Updated University portfolio This (RH access required) is still pretty accurate.