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Roll call

Max, Karsten, Greg, Mel


Review last week's commitments and figure out the plan for this week.

  • Summer Coding SIG
    • Discussion of supply versus demand, and how we're going to manage that. General agreement that demand is a useful thing to have, regardless of the supply that we have available.
    • Circled back around to the larger case of "aggregating open projects with high-level specs and a mentor's name attached" that we've discussed forever. Perhaps OpenHatch as an avenue for this.
    • Karsten indicates that solving the above problem has been a goal of summer coding for a while, and the realities of the 2010 summer put that into sharp relief, and it's a clear goal of this summer.
  • Cloud will be Greg's almost 100% focus this week. What have we gotten for our Amazon $$$ spent on Spacewalk.
  • OSDC goals are on how to get readership to the next level. We need a plan to make it better.
  • Texas Linux Fest.
  • Followup with Jeanine about credit cards.
  • University and POSSE action items.