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Roll call

Max, Ian, Karsten

Action items, by person


  • mchua to book her room in Santa Cruz


  • ianweller do whatever needs to be done for #rh-commarch to be registered by a current Red Hat employee so we can all have op


  • finalize santa cruz logistics (hotel, rental car)
  • to check back in regularly for better rental van rate
  • arrange one-way rental car for Fedora Mascot/Ambassador team
  • ownership over the quaid/mchua agenda for their days in santa cruz pre-meeting. Not every moment to be accounted for, but general list of goals for that face to face time and top priorities
  • Open Source Bridge expenses to turn in, catch up on SOHO (last month)


  • get plane tickets for spevack and ianweller
  • to book 3 nights in Santa Cruz as per quaid's email
  • stipend payments to Chris Tyler and Walter Bender for POSSEs
  • funding assist for FUDCons LATAM & EMEA
  • call bank of america to once again un-bork his corporate card due to tons of charges worldwide
  • consider a peer-review system for editing/publishing in the OSDC/edu channel