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Sparks <meeting id="Docs Project"> Mar 18 20:00
Sparks Roll Call! Mar 18 20:00
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ianweller .wikilink ianweller Mar 18 20:00
zodbot ianweller: Ian Weller Mar 18 20:00
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laubersm ianweller, show off Mar 18 20:00
ianweller :3 Mar 18 20:00
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laubersm .wikilink laubersm Mar 18 20:00
zodbot laubersm: Susan Lauber Mar 18 20:00
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*Sparks waits for ke4qqq and ryanlerch Mar 18 20:02
jjmcd David sounded like he had to physically travel to be here, haven't seen Ryan yet today Mar 18 20:02
Sparks Well, to not waste time... Mar 18 20:02
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Beta Announcement Mar 18 20:02
Sparks First, we had the Beta conference call earlier today... Mar 18 20:03
*rudi peers across the office and notices that Ryan's not at his desk Mar 18 20:03
Sparks a lot of things were covered and whenever they release the notes I'll pass them along to group via the list. Mar 18 20:03
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Sparks Thanks to ke4qqq for reminding me that he somehow got Docs on the list for creating the Beta Announcement Mar 18 20:04
quaid oops :) Mar 18 20:04
Sparks BUT... Mar 18 20:04
Sparks A special thanks to jjmcd for grabbing the bull by the horns and really creating nice, attention grabbing announcement Mar 18 20:05
Sparks F11_Beta_Announcement Mar 18 20:05
Sparks Please review it and make recommendations/changes as necessary. Mar 18 20:05
Sparks I especially like the opening paragraph.  :) Mar 18 20:05
jjmcd ;-) Mar 18 20:06
Sparks BZ jjmcd Mar 18 20:06
quaid yeah, we can add that as part of Docs standar op procedure each release ... we've had the final announcement duties for a while Mar 18 20:06
quaid but releng has obviously wanted us to do more :) Mar 18 20:06
*che__ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:06
laubersm Are we trying to keep it to a "one page"? How much can it grow? Mar 18 20:06
Sparks quaid: Yeah, and I think it is a perfect time for us to summarize the release notes... kinda Mar 18 20:06
*herlo is semi-here btw... Mar 18 20:06
Sparks laubersm: I don't want it to grow much more... Mar 18 20:06
*che has quit (Nick collision from services.) Mar 18 20:06
Sparks laubersm: if only because it is supposed to be a summary of a summary... Mar 18 20:07
*che__ is now known as che Mar 18 20:07
laubersm The features page has one liners from proposals but they have some better descriptions in each feature page... that are not much bigger Mar 18 20:07
Sparks laubersm: We just want to get you in the door long enough to download and install the beta. Mar 18 20:07
Sparks +1 for adding interesting items that will pull users/developers in Mar 18 20:07
*ianweller reads beta announcement Mar 18 20:08
jjmcd I ripped off some of the text from the talking points, stressed some over whether it was too long Mar 18 20:08
Sparks I think it would be better to have TOO much information in there and have to edit some of it out for brevity. Mar 18 20:08
laubersm ok... I am not a fan of "rebase" or "etc" and I think we should be past "the goal is" thoses are all from the initial feature page summaries - many of those Mar 18 20:08
laubersm pages ahve better para at the end of the feature page for RN Mar 18 20:08
quaid are we still on the release announcement? Mar 18 20:09
Sparks quaid: yes Mar 18 20:09
*laubersm knows how to edit and will... also promises to not get wordy :) Mar 18 20:09
jjmcd Thanks, Susan Mar 18 20:09
Sparks quaid: When do they cut Beta loose? Mar 18 20:09
jjmcd Tues I think Mar 18 20:09
ianweller announcement looks good Mar 18 20:09
quaid ok, in terms of length, long is bad :) Mar 18 20:10
Sparks jjmcd: So this needs to be done no later than Sunday eve Mar 18 20:10
quaid that stuff belongs in the release notes Mar 18 20:10
ianweller it is a bit wordy, yeah Mar 18 20:10
jjmcd Yeah, the sked says RNs gotta be done Mon Mar 18 20:10
ianweller "Peek behind the kimono" whirr Mar 18 20:10
Sparks We want to hit the high points ONLY, IMO Mar 18 20:10
joat it's a beta announcement... suggest limiting each of the bullet sets to the best 5, with an URL to the rest Mar 18 20:10
ianweller i suggest limiting the total number of bullets to 10 Mar 18 20:11
joat best 5 of each that is... Mar 18 20:11
jjmcd Good plan, the trick is figuring out which are the best 5 Mar 18 20:11
Sparks jjmcd: Well, if you have six or seven STRONG points, no foul in putting them all in Mar 18 20:11
joat probably depends on which demographic each set is aiming at Mar 18 20:11
ianweller i like the beta contest. lol. Mar 18 20:12
radsy last I heard it was the 24th Mar 18 20:12
Sparks joat: True. Right now it is broken down into "user" and "developer" Mar 18 20:12
jjmcd that's ripped off from 10 Mar 18 20:12
Sparks Yes Mar 18 20:12
Sparks I don't think it is a bad way to organize it but I'm not tied to it Mar 18 20:12
jjmcd If we take out gnome, kde, anaconda and devkit we have 5 5 5, and those are pretty esoteric or limited population IMO Mar 18 20:13
Sparks jjmcd: Let's make sure we are satisfied with it NLT Sunday. We can talk about it more later this week. Mar 18 20:14
jjmcd yep Mar 18 20:14
*quaid adds a point to Talk:F11_Beta_Announcement Mar 18 20:14
Sparks jjmcd: I don't like taking out gnome and kde... Mar 18 20:14
ianweller Sparks: combine gnome and kde into one bullet Mar 18 20:14
quaid yes Mar 18 20:14
jjmcd Not a bad plan Mar 18 20:14
ianweller and fwiw the first paragraph seems awkwardly worded but i'm not exactly sure how you would fix it Mar 18 20:14
zoglesby are we really gaining much from new versions of either? Mar 18 20:14
jjmcd Updates to the latest window managers gnome 2.6, kde whatever Mar 18 20:15
jjmcd Not much visible Mar 18 20:15
*ryanlerch (n=rlerch@nat/redhat/x-16d64ddc8b259390) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:15
laubersm yes - and minimize to just updated to version X - they are only additions of upstream stuff.... Mar 18 20:15
*laubersm sees that jjmcd already said that :( Mar 18 20:15
*ryanlerch apoligises for lateness Mar 18 20:15
Sparks ryanlerch: You haven't missed your topic yet Mar 18 20:16
Sparks Okay, anything else on the release announcement? Mar 18 20:16
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Publican fix for Fedora? <-- jjmcd Mar 18 20:16
Sparks jjmcd: You were working on a script to "fix" publican srpms for Fedora. Mar 18 20:17
joat i still haven't figured that one out yet Mar 18 20:17
Sparks jjmcd: Where are you with this? Mar 18 20:17
jjmcd No progress there since last week, although I am convinced that it isn't a big deal Mar 18 20:17
Sparks Should we just use the old tools as necessary? Mar 18 20:17
jjmcd I figure I;m trainable -- worst case I write a spc file Mar 18 20:17
jjmcd I don't know how applicable they are Mar 18 20:17
jjmcd I am studying them to see what I can rip off tho Mar 18 20:18
Sparks quaid: We can use the "old" tool to create docs from the Docbook XMLs, correct? Mar 18 20:18
quaid well Mar 18 20:18
quaid yes, but it's a port back Mar 18 20:18
*cassmodiah has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 18 20:18
Sparks Why? Mar 18 20:18
quaid hmm Mar 18 20:18
jjmcd We can create the docs from Pubblican, the only thing we are lacking is the spec file Mar 18 20:18
quaid maybe not so much, but not sure if you can have Mar 18 20:18
quaid as single set of XML files that is subservient to both toolchains. Mar 18 20:19
*kulll_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 18 20:19
Sparks jjmcd: We aren't lacking a spec file... We are lacking proper information in the spec file Mar 18 20:19
jjmcd yes Mar 18 20:19
quaid e.g. fedora-doc-utils uses an rpm-info.xml file, etc. Mar 18 20:19
quaid so what jjmcd is doing Mar 18 20:19
quaid is probably saner, or equally sane. Mar 18 20:19
Sparks Okay Mar 18 20:19
quaid either we make one set of XML files work under both, or Mar 18 20:19
quaid we make it work under Publican and hand-build a .spec file for each guide. Mar 18 20:19
*spoleeba has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 18 20:20
quaid (which are largely the same spec files, aiui) Mar 18 20:20
quaid in this case, jjmcd has the f-d-u and stickster_afk's brian to pick. Mar 18 20:20
jjmcd I figure people write spec files every day and I'm possibly trainable Mar 18 20:20
quaid with a six of one, half dozen of the other, let's pick whatever moves us the most cm forward. Mar 18 20:20
jjmcd And getting away from a long ugly toolchain is a win imo Mar 18 20:21
quaid hey! Mar 18 20:21
quaid it's not ugly Mar 18 20:21
Sparks jjmcd: I can show you a "proper" spec file Mar 18 20:21
quaid it just doesn't have an upstream other than ourselves :) Mar 18 20:21
jjmcd Well, maybe I should say to a toolchain that somebody else supports Mar 18 20:21
*quaid has also heard that said about Publican, fwiw :D Mar 18 20:21
Sparks Well, my concern is that we HAVE to get the Release Notes ready. I'd really like to get the security guide ready before F11, too. Mar 18 20:21
*adamw (n=AdamW@redhat/adamw) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:22
jjmcd Ryan's work has really moved us much farther along that path than we are accustomed to being at this time Mar 18 20:22
*kulll (n=kulll@ has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:22
Sparks +1 Mar 18 20:22
Sparks Okay, let's come back to the release notes in a bit. Mar 18 20:22
Sparks jjmcd: Let's work on this more this weekend. I THINK I should be around. Mar 18 20:23
jjmcd good deal Mar 18 20:23
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - CMS Update <-- ke4qqq Mar 18 20:23
Sparks I don't think ke4qqq is around tonight... Mar 18 20:24
radsy,publican-0.44-0.fc10 worth testing Mar 18 20:24
Sparks however I overheard him say that Zikula is now packaged. Mar 18 20:24
Sparks and that he needs some help getting the modules packaged. Mar 18 20:24
Sparks Does anyone have anything to add? Mar 18 20:25
Sparks radsy: Thanks for the link. I'll try that out as it fixes one of my bugs. Mar 18 20:25
ianweller .whoowns zikula Mar 18 20:25
zodbot ianweller: No such package exists. Mar 18 20:25
*ianweller shrugs :P Mar 18 20:25
Sparks ianweller: I think it is still going through the process... b Mar 18 20:26
Sparks but apparently is close Mar 18 20:26
ianweller woo Mar 18 20:26
Sparks Okay... next is... Mar 18 20:26
*ReneP has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Mar 18 20:26
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - DocsProject wiki pages changes Mar 18 20:26
Sparks I'm going to hand the mic over to ianweller who has a few words to say. Mar 18 20:27
ianweller actually what i had to say was wrt the wiki itself Mar 18 20:27
ianweller so Mar 18 20:27
*ianweller has changed the topic to: Docs Project - woo wiki woo Mar 18 20:27
ianweller :) Mar 18 20:27
ianweller um i was talking with mmcgrath yesterday and we'll soon be upgrading from MW 1.13.3 to 1.14.0 Mar 18 20:28
ianweller if our extensions still work Mar 18 20:28
ianweller the release notes mention a multitude of bug fixes and some new features. it's mostly API stuff. Mar 18 20:28
*ReneP ( has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:28
ianweller i got Main Page renamed to Fedora Project Wiki Mar 18 20:29
ianweller and so now we only have three open tickets on fedora-wiki, which is nice. Mar 18 20:29
*danielsmw claps approvingly. Mar 18 20:29
Sparks What are those tickets? Anything big? Mar 18 20:30
ianweller on friday, if i don't get distracted, i'll be going through the Packaging.psv file manually Mar 18 20:30
ianweller Sparks: they're big and not really touchable, they're more infrastructure things Mar 18 20:30
ianweller Mar 18 20:30
ianweller except for ticket 2 Mar 18 20:30
laubersm I should be around some of the day - let me know and I'll help Mar 18 20:30
ianweller laubersm: wonderful Mar 18 20:30
ianweller and as always, if anybody has a problem with the wiki, they can add a ticket at fh.o/fedora-wiki Mar 18 20:31
ianweller everything gets assigned to me by default so i'll see it Mar 18 20:31
*Sparks writes a bot to log a ticket every minute Mar 18 20:32
*ianweller opens a ticket at fedora-infrastructure to ban Sparks Mar 18 20:32
ianweller ok i'm done :) Mar 18 20:32
laubersm I think we need a new push for how renaming helps search - ie blog posts... I have been seeing renewed enthusiasm for wiki pages but bad name choices Mar 18 20:32
Sparks touche Mar 18 20:32
ianweller laubersm: if you can lead that effort that'd be great Mar 18 20:32
ianweller i feel like i'm throwing things on you massively lol. Mar 18 20:33
laubersm Marketing and Ambassadors have gotten on board (some) but so many more groups should move meeting pages and archive stuff! Mar 18 20:33
*Sparks thought there was a howto in the help about naming schemes Mar 18 20:33
laubersm Even that little bit would help a lot. Mar 18 20:33
Sparks Maybe some education or something Mar 18 20:33
jjmcd you expect people to read the instructions? Mar 18 20:33
Sparks that or shock therapy Mar 18 20:33
zoglesby ianweller: didn't you do a blog post about that recently? Mar 18 20:34
danielsmw +1 to shock therapy. Mar 18 20:34
laubersm There are what - over 10 of us here tonight - that is one blog post per day for over a week about how renaming helps and where to find the docs... Mar 18 20:34
ianweller zoglesby: i think so Mar 18 20:34
ianweller recently == long enough ago to forget Mar 18 20:34
ianweller ;) Mar 18 20:34
zoglesby lol Mar 18 20:34
laubersm Yeah ianweller what happened to wiki tip a week? Did you go on to wiki tip per year? Mar 18 20:35
ianweller laubersm: :) i realize that every now and then Mar 18 20:35
ianweller and then get horribly distracted. :( Mar 18 20:35
zoglesby I'm not sure how much people think about titles when they add to the wiki as much as it is get the info out there Mar 18 20:35
ianweller and/or have nothing to write about Mar 18 20:35
laubersm zoglesby, the new stuff isn't my biggest concern at the moment - it is cleaning up the old stuff - getting each group to say what stays and what goes. Mar 18 20:36
Sparks ianweller: Is there a naming scheme on the wiki? Mar 18 20:36
joat I think that once it slides off the front page (if it was there at all), people tend to use search functions rather than indexes Mar 18 20:36
laubersm A new page was created recently and didn't show in the search - only it did - it was hit number about 800. Mar 18 20:36
*che has quit ("Verlassend") Mar 18 20:37
jjmcd I think newer pages show up last Mar 18 20:37
ianweller Sparks: i really don't know what you're asking Mar 18 20:37
*che (n=che@redhat/che) has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:37
Sparks we need a page that describes the "proper" way to name a wiki page Mar 18 20:37
Sparks guidelines... ideas... tips Mar 18 20:37
ianweller thought we had one Mar 18 20:37
ianweller somewhere in Help: or FedoraProject: Mar 18 20:37
laubersm jjmcd, which is an infrastructure issue (and a ticket for ianweller)  :) but about half those pages were meeting of F7 or FC4 or .... Mar 18 20:38
Sparks that's my queston Mar 18 20:38
laubersm Help:Contents Mar 18 20:38
laubersm Sparks, you are looking for Help:Wiki_structure Mar 18 20:38
Sparks yes, tu Mar 18 20:38
laubersm I also need to get this incorporated somewhere: User:Laubersm/wiki_cleanup_notes Mar 18 20:39
Sparks Okay, I'll put something out on the blog tonight... If we see someone create a new page that is named poorly let's contact the creator and point them to that help page Mar 18 20:40
Sparks How many "docs" pages do we still need to rename? Mar 18 20:41
laubersm I think the DocsProject/* pages are all renamed - though many still need updating in content. Mar 18 20:41
laubersm There are some Docs/* pages left though Mar 18 20:42
laubersm Mar 18 20:42
jjmcd I found a few of the Docs/Beats pages the other night - had a different agenda tho so didn't rename them Mar 18 20:42
jjmcd But I have a list Mar 18 20:42
laubersm I have been trying to get them into a category or sub category.... Mar 18 20:42
laubersm I would also like to see the Docs Project category with a few less items - ie placed into reasonable sub categories... Mar 18 20:43
laubersm It is a wiki - be bold - and don't wait for me :) Mar 18 20:44
*Nirmal has quit ("Leaving") Mar 18 20:44
ianweller or me :) Mar 18 20:44
jjmcd third quarter buzzer Mar 18 20:45
Sparks Okay, anything else for the wiki? Mar 18 20:45
ianweller newp Mar 18 20:45
*ianweller has changed the topic to: Docs Project - not the wiki Mar 18 20:45
laubersm yeah - what he said Mar 18 20:46
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Release Notes <-- ryanlerch & jjmcd Mar 18 20:46
jjmcd I have a few notes Mar 18 20:46
Sparks ryanlerch: jjmcd: What's the word? Mar 18 20:46
jjmcd 1) Reviewed beats for Beta one page, looks pretty reasonable Mar 18 20:46
jjmcd 2) quaid assures me we need to do nothing for the one-page Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd 3) Need better update info on ext4, ke4qqq working on it Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd 4) Just got an update on EDA from Chitlesh, outstanding Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd 5) There are some places we are weak, but most we can deal with. We need the most help on the Networking beat Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd 6) Ryan moved Publican source to git, I moved a little more from wiki to Publican, looks like Ryan did too. Still work to do there but not in really bad shape. Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd 7) Wiki freeze 4/1, preview RNs due 15th, I estimate 2-3 days work between now and 15th Mar 18 20:47
jjmcd that's the end of my notes Mar 18 20:47
ryanlerch that about sums it up for me as well... Mar 18 20:48
Sparks Okay... Any questions? Mar 18 20:49
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Installation Guide <-- ke4qqq Mar 18 20:49
Sparks And ke4qqq is no where to be found... Mar 18 20:49
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Security Guide <-- sparks Mar 18 20:49
Sparks Okay... Mar 18 20:49
Sparks actually... radsy, do you have anything for the Security Guide? Mar 18 20:50
radsy there are some minor changes that were brought up from the community review Mar 18 20:50
radsy that i'd like to implement Mar 18 20:50
rudi FWIW, there's a test build of the Publicanized IG now massively expanded with content from its RHEL equivalent available here: Mar 18 20:50
jjmcd I was looking at that -- looks pretty good Mar 18 20:51
*comraderaikov (n=dsl@ has joined #fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:51
radsy but still not sure what's happening with packaging etc. Mar 18 20:51
Sparks rudi: I'm sorry, I forgot you were handling that... I'll come back to you in a second. Mar 18 20:51
rudi NP Mar 18 20:51
Sparks radsy: Okay, I just downloaded the new versions of Publican. Mar 18 20:51
jjmcd Are we going to translate the guides to 40 languages, too? Mar 18 20:51
Sparks radsy: I'm going to grab the latest from SVN and package it and put it on the ticket and also let jjmcd have a run at it Mar 18 20:52
radsy ok great Mar 18 20:52
Sparks jjmcd: Yes please Mar 18 20:52
radsy i have been moved to mdious' old selinux confined services guide, so i'm stretching it to have the time to put in much more Mar 18 20:53
radsy by release Mar 18 20:53
Sparks cool Mar 18 20:53
radsy some good feedback from the community however. Mar 18 20:54
radsy that's about all for me Mar 18 20:54
Sparks Okay, anything else for the Sec Guide? Mar 18 20:54
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Installation Guide <-- rui Mar 18 20:54
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Installation Guide <-- rudi Mar 18 20:54
Sparks rudi: what have you got for us today? Mar 18 20:55
rudi Well, still working on single-sourcing the Fedora and RHEL versions of the guide Mar 18 20:55
rudi There's a lot of content that I've been able to scrounge from the RHEL version to expand the Fedora version Mar 18 20:56
rudi (and that situation will reverse as RHEL 6 looms) Mar 18 20:56
rudi The biggest visual change is lots of pretty pictures :) Mar 18 20:56
rudi (Something like 40 or 50 screenshots now, in 36 languages) Mar 18 20:57
Sparks Wow Mar 18 20:57
rudi A really exciting thing on the L10N front is that there are six languages other than English that are also essentially complete Mar 18 20:58
Sparks That's great! Mar 18 20:58
rudi By a strange co-incidence, I'm currently working on the "Uninstalling RHEL" chapter Mar 18 20:58
rudi Which dovetails nicely with the conversation on f-d-l Mar 18 20:58
Sparks funny how it seems to work that way. Mar 18 20:59
rudi So I'll be drawing on the wiki to augment and expand that material and make it more Fedora-specific Mar 18 20:59
Sparks So will have be in the Installation guide? Mar 18 20:59
*Tsagadai (n=ccurran@nat/redhat/x-9df8e12e00bd2639) has joined #Fedora-meeting Mar 18 20:59
Sparks So will that be in the Installation guide? Mar 18 20:59
rudi Seems like a logical place for it Mar 18 20:59
Sparks in some sort of weird world, yes. Mar 18 21:00
Sparks kinda like having to "start" to shut down Mar 18 21:00
Sparks :) Mar 18 21:00
rudi Heh indeed :) Mar 18 21:00
jjmcd Sounds like Windows - to stop click start Mar 18 21:00
jjmcd yeah Mar 18 21:00
rudi I should have finished preparing that sometime in the next few hours Mar 18 21:00
laubersm rudi - feel free to add to the wiki page too... at least a link that there is more info in <other place> Mar 18 21:00
rudi thanks laubersm Mar 18 21:01
Sparks quaid: No one follows us at this hour, correct? Mar 18 21:01
rudi But anyway, that's about it. Mar 18 21:01
Sparks cool Mar 18 21:01
Sparks Anyone have any questions or comments? Mar 18 21:01
*jjmcd doesn't hear anyone beating on the door Mar 18 21:01
danielsmw I just wanted to say that a few of us ended up making an odfpy07 package which, when installed, fixes the problems we were having with mw-render. I'm going to try to get that approved as a fedora package and hopefully mw-render will be back in business. Mar 18 21:01
danielsmw Then the UG can be converted and done. Mar 18 21:02
danielsmw And that's all. :) Mar 18 21:02
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on User Guide <--danielsmw Mar 18 21:02
Sparks So what danielsmw said... :) Mar 18 21:02
danielsmw No, really! That was all! Mar 18 21:03
danielsmw Basically Mar 18 21:03
danielsmw kirkz has been doing Mar 18 21:03
Sparks Anyone have any questions? Mar 18 21:03
danielsmw an amazing about of editing. Mar 18 21:03
danielsmw so we just need to convert to xml. Mar 18 21:03
Sparks excellent Mar 18 21:03
Sparks Okay... moving right along... Mar 18 21:04
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on SELinux Guide <-- mdious Mar 18 21:04
Sparks I don't think mdious is onboard tonight. Mar 18 21:04
ianweller he is not. Mar 18 21:04
radsy i've been moved to this guide Mar 18 21:04
*danielsmw has quit ("Lost terminal") Mar 18 21:04
Sparks radsy: Okay, do you have anything you'd like to say? Mar 18 21:04
radsy mdious left the docs team Mar 18 21:04
Sparks really? Mar 18 21:05
ianweller wha Mar 18 21:05
radsy very little to report for the managing-confined-services guide, only minor changes and lots of planning Mar 18 21:05
radsy he's gone to the other side of our office, the security response team Mar 18 21:05
Sparks wow Mar 18 21:06
Sparks Okay, so any questions about the SELinux guide? Mar 18 21:06
ianweller :( Mar 18 21:06
radsy thought you all knew :\ Mar 18 21:06
Sparks radsy: Nope, hadn't heard that Mar 18 21:07
radsy well, no questions or major updates really, still early days Mar 18 21:08
Sparks Okay... Mar 18 21:08
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Open Discussion Mar 18 21:08
laubersm Another thing I noticed that needs to be done at some point... is a cleanup of bugzilla (Classification: Fedora - Product: Fedora Documentation) Mar 18 21:08
Sparks Anyone have anything? Mar 18 21:08
laubersm Mar 18 21:08
laubersm 83 bugs? Mar 18 21:08
laubersm A lot look like they are auto assigned to quaid or stickster_afk Mar 18 21:09
Sparks laubersm: I don't think I have access to those bugs... Mar 18 21:09
Sparks quaid: You still here? Mar 18 21:09
laubersm I closed a bunch as wont fix - EOL Mar 18 21:09
Sparks laubersm: Cool. Mar 18 21:09
laubersm .fasinfo laubersm Mar 18 21:09
Sparks laubersm: How many are left? Mar 18 21:09
zodbot laubersm: User: laubersm, Name: Susan Lauber, email:, Creation: 2008-09-26, IRC Nick: , Timezone: US/Eastern, Locale: en, Extension: 5115531, GPG key ID: BFA10974 Mar 18 21:09
zodbot laubersm: Approved Groups: cla_done fedorabugs docs sysadmin ambassadors cla_fedora sysadmin-test gitinstall-guide gitwikirename gituser-guide Mar 18 21:09
zodbot laubersm: Unapproved Groups: None Mar 18 21:09
laubersm quaid, and stickster_afk helped me get fedorabugs group in fas Mar 18 21:10
laubersm that let me work on some cleanup. Mar 18 21:10
Sparks ahhh Mar 18 21:10
Sparks cool Mar 18 21:10
Sparks I'll check on that. Mar 18 21:10
laubersm But I don't really have time right now to add that to my list of things to do. Mar 18 21:10
Sparks Anyone have anything else? Mar 18 21:10
Sparks 5 Mar 18 21:11
Sparks 4 Mar 18 21:11
Sparks 3 Mar 18 21:11
Sparks 2 Mar 18 21:11
Sparks 1 Mar 18 21:11
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! Mar 18 21:11
Sparks </meeting> Mar 18 21:11