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Sparks <meeting id="Docs Project"> Apr 08 20:00
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Welcome to the Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: Apr 08 20:00
Sparks Roll Call! Apr 08 20:00
*Sparks is here Apr 08 20:00
*ke4qqq is here Apr 08 20:00
*joat is here too Apr 08 20:00
*radsy is here Apr 08 20:00
Sparks joat: Yikes... Apr 08 20:00
joat huh?! where? Apr 08 20:00
*rudi is here Apr 08 20:00
*ianweller is here Apr 08 20:00
*dychen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:00
ke4qqq joat: #fedora-mething is where we go when we need more hours as we draw near to release Apr 08 20:00
*laubersm is here Apr 08 20:00
*Sparks gives everyone a few more seconds to come in and have a seat. Apr 08 20:01
Tsagadai is here Apr 08 20:01
ianweller oh, there's chairs? Apr 08 20:01
*ianweller sits Apr 08 20:01
*jjmcd is here, just not paying attention Apr 08 20:01
joat ke4qqq: that's the channel for the tired mis-typing types? Apr 08 20:01
ke4qqq at least for the tired :) Apr 08 20:01
*che_ has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Apr 08 20:02
Sparks First off I'd like to say thanks for everyone coming today. It's always great having everyone here. Apr 08 20:02
Sparks I'd also like to apologize for not being around here recently. The Navy is trying to send me somewhere so I've been trying to get that worked out in addition to handling "regular" $DAYJOB activities which has become more of a hassle here recently. Apr 08 20:02
Sparks That being said. If you need to get up with me hit me up on IRC. I try to be around as much as I can be and at the end of the day when I have so many e-mail messages pending I usually skim over them which means I probably miss a lot. Apr 08 20:02
radsy email is over-rated anyway Apr 08 20:03
Sparks Okay, on with the agenda Apr 08 20:03
Sparks radsy: I agree! :) Apr 08 20:03
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Sponsoring new members Apr 08 20:03
Sparks Just wanted to throw this out. Last week I made some changes to the Docs "group" in FAS. We have a ton of users in there and I moved some of the sponsors around to make sure that we have our more "senior" members in as sponsors. It's not a dig if you aren't a sponsor as I was simply grabbing a few people to get things rolling. I'll be ironing these "roles" out better in the near future. Apr 08 20:03
Sparks What I want to do is make sure that everyone that is unapproved in the docs group goes through the formal process of becoming a member. That means joining the listserv, providing an introduction, etc. I also want to make sure that those new members get a brief introduction to what we do and how we do it. If you sponsor someone I want you to take them under your wing and help them along. Apr 08 20:04
Sparks Questions or comments? Apr 08 20:04
*ianweller will have no time to sponsor people :) Apr 08 20:04
Sparks ianweller: Bah! Apr 08 20:04
jjmcd So you want the gray hairs to do the mentoring - you said "senior" Apr 08 20:04
joat Like the idea... have joined a couple orgs in the past that had orientation involving a "walk through" Apr 08 20:05
*ianweller won't have gray hair for a while. i'm set! Apr 08 20:05
Sparks jjmcd: Don't you have enough for the rest of us? Apr 08 20:05
joat even a simple howto would be better than nothing Apr 08 20:05
jjmcd probably do Apr 08 20:05
*biertie has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 08 20:05
joat ianweller: that can be fixed Apr 08 20:05
jjmcd One more release ought to do it Apr 08 20:06
Sparks joat: Yes, and I apologize for not helping you out! I'll make a better attempt starting tonight. Apr 08 20:06
Sparks Just beware... If you do a good job you are probably going to be selected in the near future! Apr 08 20:07
laubersm no frying pans here - just straight into the fire Apr 08 20:07
Sparks :) Apr 08 20:07
joat i've been volunteered before... :) Apr 08 20:07
Sparks Okay, anything else on this one? Apr 08 20:07
ke4qqq Sparks: it'd be nice to have a roadmap Apr 08 20:07
ke4qqq to show to the people being mentored Apr 08 20:07
Sparks ke4qqq: +1 Apr 08 20:08
ke4qqq ie, what we are expected to show Apr 08 20:08
*biertie (n=bert@ has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:08
ke4qqq so that someone doesn't get the raw end of the deal because it fell to me to mentor them :) Apr 08 20:08
Sparks ke4qqq: Yeah, it's going to depend on what they are going to work on but yes, we need a "general road map". Apr 08 20:08
laubersm or at least the wiki pages updated - now that they are renamed and have categories Apr 08 20:08
laubersm it is still a mash of info without the map Apr 08 20:09
*ke4qqq wonders if we can task quaid to do that since he isn't here. Apr 08 20:09
Sparks ke4qqq: Again, another great idea Apr 08 20:09
*Sparks notes that stickster isn't here either Apr 08 20:09
quaid good luck Apr 08 20:09
quaid I have irc alert, even though this in-person discussion is more fun :) Apr 08 20:09
laubersm quaid, pointed out what to archive and what to keep - so he must have a plan for revising what is left :) Apr 08 20:10
*ke4qqq will remember to say q-u-a-i-d next time. Apr 08 20:10
*ianweller will remember to say diauq Apr 08 20:10
ke4qqq ianweller: I am sure he has that on alert Apr 08 20:10
quaid Sparks: I think those in the 'docs' queue are driveby; they requested when they made their FAS account and didn't follow-up Apr 08 20:11
Sparks Yes, I agree Apr 08 20:11
jjmcd They are all pretty recent, tho Apr 08 20:11
ianweller how long should we wait until we consider a request "stale" and remove it if they haven't done the follow-up? Apr 08 20:11
quaid we can send them something about the proper join process, then delete them; or just purge and point them at the join. Apr 08 20:11
quaid ianweller: I have that tagged for highlight, too Apr 08 20:12
ianweller seriously? lol Apr 08 20:12
quaid ianweller: less than a week Apr 08 20:12
quaid since the join process Apr 08 20:12
quaid specifies the group as -after- the self-intro Apr 08 20:12
quaid so, send a reminder, then wait a week, then purge; IMHO Apr 08 20:12
jjmcd Good plan Apr 08 20:12
*ryanlerch (n=rlerch@nat/redhat/x-c8220ac66d82f571) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:13
ianweller ryanlerch!!!!! Apr 08 20:13
jjmcd Morning ryanlerch Apr 08 20:13
*mdomsch has quit ("Leaving") Apr 08 20:13
ryanlerch morning Apr 08 20:13
*joat still needs to submit a self-intro (yikes!) Apr 08 20:13
*quaid drops networks to run back to the hotel Apr 08 20:13
quaid bbiafew Apr 08 20:13
*jjmcd is disappointed stickster is gone missing, was hoping to hit him up for some mentoring, actually Apr 08 20:14
Sparks Okay, we need to move along or else we'll be consuming the next two meeting spots. Apr 08 20:14
jjmcd we can be greedy Apr 08 20:14
Sparks jjmcd: We have been... But I have to go to bed at a decent hour tonight. Apr 08 20:14
ianweller haha. "decent hour." Apr 08 20:15
jjmcd sleep is overrated Apr 08 20:15
*ianweller shuts up ;) Apr 08 20:15
Sparks jjmcd: Plus MythBusters Special comes on in 45 min! Apr 08 20:15
ke4qqq heh Apr 08 20:15
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Review docs schedule and tasks. Apr 08 20:15
Sparks Okay, stickster wanted us to talk about this. Apr 08 20:15
Sparks Does anyone know when documents are due for translation? Apr 08 20:15
ke4qqq 4/14 Apr 08 20:15
rudi 14/4 :) Apr 08 20:16
jjmcd I believe that's right Apr 08 20:16
ke4qqq 14 April Apr 08 20:16
ke4qqq :) Apr 08 20:16
Sparks Very good class Apr 08 20:16
Sparks :) Apr 08 20:16
jjmcd meanwhile, I'm trying to satisfy myself we know what to do with them once we got them Apr 08 20:16
Sparks So that is NEXT TUESDAY!!!!! Apr 08 20:16
jjmcd yepper Apr 08 20:16
ianweller !!!!!! Apr 08 20:16
Sparks Does that strike fear in anyone's mind? Apr 08 20:17
jjmcd and I believe RPMs Thursday Apr 08 20:17
*jjmcd packaged a publican document today and Apr 08 20:17
ke4qqq just for RN Apr 08 20:17
jjmcd when I logged in, it came up in German, no matter what language I logged in as Apr 08 20:17
Sparks jjmcd: Well that's a problem! Apr 08 20:18
jjmcd so still some learning to do Apr 08 20:18
jjmcd Yeah, since I don't speak German Apr 08 20:18
Sparks jjmcd: You know, unless you are in Germany... Apr 08 20:18
Sparks You don't have to be able to speak it to read it Apr 08 20:18
jjmcd I dunno, Dutch is that way, but not German Apr 08 20:18
Sparks :) Apr 08 20:18
Sparks So anyone have any concerns? Apr 08 20:19
jjmcd I was hoping to get stickster to walk me through the old .spec file Apr 08 20:19
Sparks Yeah, that would have been helpful. Apr 08 20:19
ke4qqq ? Apr 08 20:19
>fedbot<help Apr 08 20:19
jjmcd I figure once I understand that I'll sort what to do with publican Apr 08 20:19
ke4qqq so do we have the plan wrt to multiple files or single file or??? Apr 08 20:20
ke4qqq for srpm ^^ Apr 08 20:20
jjmcd I'm assuming a single ... multiples would make it easy for us Apr 08 20:20
laubersm So what is the status of each of the docs - content wise (packaging aside)? ANd which one are they? UG IG and ??? Apr 08 20:20
Sparks jjmcd: ke4qqq That's pushing us into the next topic... Apr 08 20:20
ke4qqq ok sorry Apr 08 20:21
jjmcd We have a bunch of others we are ignoring tho Apr 08 20:21
*tatica (n=tatica@nelug/designer/tatica) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:21
Sparks You guys are just pushing right along! Apr 08 20:21
Sparks So let's move along. Apr 08 20:21
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Release Notes <-- ryanlerch & jjmcd Apr 08 20:21
jjmcd There's a handful of other stuff packaged with the RNs Apr 08 20:21
jjmcd I have no clue how we get them translated (and updated) Apr 08 20:21
Sparks laubersm: And I'm going to get though all the guides tonight, too. Apr 08 20:21
jjmcd Or even where they came from, they show up in the old RPM, things like burning a CD and junk Apr 08 20:22
*KageSenshi (n=kagesens@fedora/KageSenshi) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:22
jjmcd I thouglt Paul intended to enlighten us tonight Apr 08 20:22
Sparks Me too Apr 08 20:22
Sparks Something must have come up as he's usually marked away... Apr 08 20:23
*tatica has quit (Remote closed the connection) Apr 08 20:23
jjmcd Well, he was installing rawhide, and they say it eats babies, does he have any babies at home? Apr 08 20:23
*Sparks gives him a call on Talk Apr 08 20:24
Sparks jjmcd: Okay, stickster will be up here shortly Apr 08 20:25
jjmcd We have about-fedora, homepage, README, README-BURNING_ISOS and readme-live-image in the rpm Apr 08 20:25
Sparks jjmcd: He had Dad duty and was "yum install xchat" when I rang him Apr 08 20:25
jjmcd No idea where they came from Apr 08 20:25
jjmcd LOL Apr 08 20:26
Sparks Okay, while we wait for stickster, let's do a quick roll through all the guides to see where people are. Apr 08 20:27
*stickster has quit (Excess Flood) Apr 08 20:27
jjmcd All those are small, but I am sure they need to be reviewed as a minimum Apr 08 20:27
Sparks Then we'll come back to RN. Apr 08 20:27
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Installation Guide <-- ke4qqq Apr 08 20:27
Sparks ke4qqq: go Apr 08 20:27
ke4qqq so we are pretty good Apr 08 20:27
ke4qqq even wrt translations Apr 08 20:27
ke4qqq we have a few things we are tweaking based on feedback from QA Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq but not much Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq we could use some wordsmithin Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq g Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq and some sanity checks Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq but aside from that I am very happy with where we are. Apr 08 20:28
*stickster ( has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:28
rudi What he said. Apr 08 20:28
jjmcd a diller a dollar Apr 08 20:28
ke4qqq and for the record - rudi has done most of the work on IG Apr 08 20:29
*ajamison5579 has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Apr 08 20:29
jjmcd yay rudi Apr 08 20:29
Sparks And some how I never get his name in my agenda!!! Apr 08 20:29
Sparks rudi: Thanks!!! Apr 08 20:29
Sparks Anything else? Apr 08 20:29
ke4qqq nothing from me, other than I'd welcome some wordsmiths and sanity check people. Apr 08 20:30
laubersm ke4qqq, wordsmithing? latest pointer to the doc for the record? I might have some time this week... due when? Apr 08 20:30
rudi I'll just say that I think we should keep the wordsmithing to a minimum in this release Apr 08 20:30
stickster I think I'm live again now Apr 08 20:30
rudi We've had a substantial increase in content, and some L10N teams are going to have a very heavy load as it is... Apr 08 20:31
Sparks I'm guessing all the text has been vetted at this point. Apr 08 20:31
ke4qqq laubersm: I think rlandmann has it in html on his fedorapeople page - mine is a few days old, but I'll build it again tonight (rudi does the html and I do pdf builds) Apr 08 20:31
Sparks stickster: Welcome back Apr 08 20:31
ke4qqq Sparks: hmmmmm sorta Apr 08 20:31
rudi Sparks - well, I pointed it out to the anaconda guys last week and got a couple of tips Apr 08 20:31
ke4qqq Sparks: if by vetted you mean it was accurate at one point in time or another for one release of RHEL or Fedora Apr 08 20:31
rudi and there's been some discussion on fedora-test-list and a couple of bugs filed Apr 08 20:32
Sparks :) Apr 08 20:32
rudi ke4qqq - LOL :) Apr 08 20:32
ke4qqq but generally yes, there hasn't been much change - and those that are required have either been longstanding bugs or some slight change in behavior specific to F11 Apr 08 20:32
Sparks Okay. Apr 08 20:33
Sparks Let's move on real quick so we can get back to the RN and stickster Apr 08 20:33
rudi laubersm - Apr 08 20:33
laubersm rudi, thanks Apr 08 20:33
Sparks Okay, so I'm a bit embarassed to say that I haven't had a chance to do anything on this package. I'm going to try to look at it this week and see what I can do about getting the package approved. Apr 08 20:33
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Security Guide <-- sparks Apr 08 20:33
radsy cool, is that 14/4 date still the deadline? Apr 08 20:34
Sparks radsy and a large contingent from Brisbane have done a bang up job getting everything integrated. Apr 08 20:34
Sparks radsy: I think so... Apr 08 20:34
jjmcd Create Draft POT files for All Guides Tue 2009-04-14 Wed 2009-04-15 Apr 08 20:35
Sparks radsy: I think jjmcd knows how to get the translation files put together properly so I'll see if he has some time to help me with that. Apr 08 20:35
jjmcd Except they don't work! (unless you like all German) Apr 08 20:35
radsy ok great, thanks Apr 08 20:35
Sparks jjmcd: Ummm.... Apr 08 20:36
Sparks jjmcd: Let's chat after the meeting. Apr 08 20:36
jjmcd That's OK, over the next couple of days Paul will teach me how to fix it Apr 08 20:36
Sparks radsy: Are you going to be around after the meeting? Maybe you and mhideo and I can chat real quick? Apr 08 20:36
radsy he's not in his office Apr 08 20:37
Sparks radsy: Boo... Okay, well, you and I can talk! Apr 08 20:37
radsy ok Apr 08 20:37
Sparks radsy: Don't go anywhere just yet... Apr 08 20:37
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on SELinux Guide Apr 08 20:37
Sparks radsy: I think you own the SELinux guide now? Apr 08 20:37
rudi Sparks - talking about translations generally, or specifically about translations in rpms? Apr 08 20:37
kirkz kirkz sneaks in Apr 08 20:37
radsy the user guide isn't changing as far as I'm aware - still working on the confined-services guide Apr 08 20:38
Sparks radsy: Okay, is it ready for publication? Apr 08 20:38
radsy if you want a look Apr 08 20:38
radsy no Apr 08 20:38
Sparks rudi: We need to figure out how to get the translations working properly. Apr 08 20:38
radsy my timeline to finish editing is 25/5 Apr 08 20:38
*danielsmw ( has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:39
Sparks radsy: Okay. Good deal. If I can ever get my head above water I can probably help you if need be Apr 08 20:39
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on User Guide <--danielsmw Apr 08 20:39
Sparks danielsmw: And look who joined up just in time. Apr 08 20:39
radsy sounds good! plodding along with it, selinux a bit of a black hole Apr 08 20:40
danielsmw Ah, I can't sneak in quietly Apr 08 20:40
danielsmw UG Status: Apr 08 20:40
rudi Sparks - working properly in rpms or the translation process more generally (ie, the joining and splitting of Publican's multiple .po files) Apr 08 20:40
Sparks danielsmw: Not with that awful orange Clemson dns name Apr 08 20:40
*ke4qqq notes that we need to tell him about cloaks Apr 08 20:40
danielsmw Not much has changed. There was a brief list discussion about splitting off the F11 source on the wiki Apr 08 20:41
jjmcd rudi: The joining and splitting isnt tooooo opaque Apr 08 20:41
danielsmw We would do this so we can simultaneously clean and XMLify F10 Apr 08 20:41
danielsmw while also working on F11 Apr 08 20:41
danielsmw The goal is to have at least an accurate wiki guide by F11 release Apr 08 20:41
ke4qqq danielsmw: any chance of pulling off F11 by 14 April?? if you have additional people? Apr 08 20:42
*ryanlerch has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 08 20:42
danielsmw But with exams coming up, i have't had much time to do stuff. Apr 08 20:42
danielsmw Um... 14? Apr 08 20:42
>danielsmw<FreenodeCloaks Apr 08 20:42
danielsmw 6 days? Apr 08 20:42
danielsmw Eh....I suppose. Apr 08 20:42
danielsmw I mean, with enough people, we could at least finish it onthe wiki Apr 08 20:43
danielsmw I'm still listening to disucssions about mw-render Apr 08 20:43
danielsmw So not sure if XML would be doable bythen. Apr 08 20:43
rudi jjmcd - I'm feeling a certain amount of anxiety about it :/ I can see that the joining part is trivial :) Apr 08 20:43
danielsmw ke4qqq: Why do you ask? Apr 08 20:43
ke4qqq danielsmw: Apr 08 20:43
*ianweller goes to eat Apr 08 20:44
ke4qqq so if we can leverage some people - ie laubersm I'd rather danielsmw get help with UG than me with IG Apr 08 20:44
danielsmw ke4qqq: ill look in a bit, im on the XO. Apr 08 20:44
danielsmw to be honest, i dont have a lot of time for work until May Apr 08 20:45
danielsmw But I can manage and direct Apr 08 20:45
stickster rudi: splitting shouldn't be bad either. Unused strings will pile up but we can use 'msgattrib --no-obsolete' to clean them out. Apr 08 20:45
laubersm ke4qqq, danielsmw I can help where ever for a few days Apr 08 20:45
*RodrigoPadula has quit ("Saindo") Apr 08 20:45
danielsmw And do a little bit of work. Apr 08 20:45
ke4qqq so Sparks - let me pose this question - I think I know the answer as we did so last release for the IG - but what happens if we slip some days. Apr 08 20:45
ke4qqq on one of the guys hitting l10n Apr 08 20:45
Sparks danielsmw: Can you put together a list of what needs to be done? Apr 08 20:45
ke4qqq s/guys/guide/ Apr 08 20:45
danielsmw Sparks: yes. I could have that by Friday. Apr 08 20:45
*laubersm was really trying to get the links into the log for others that might be lurking in need of ideas of how to help Apr 08 20:45
Sparks ke4qqq: Well... Apr 08 20:45
jjmcd good catch, laubersm Apr 08 20:46
Sparks ke4qqq: I feel that translations might be soft anyway. It might take a day... or three months... Apr 08 20:46
laubersm I can probably also help with cleaning XML Apr 08 20:46
Sparks laubersm: yeah, I should put those in the topics. Apr 08 20:46
*kirk_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:46
Sparks ke4qqq: I know they have a to be done date... Apr 08 20:46
danielsmw Oh, something else Apr 08 20:46
danielsmw About the UG Apr 08 20:47
Sparks ke4qqq: but I'm guessing they could get it done if we turn it in late. Apr 08 20:47
ke4qqq Sparks: the done date is 14 May or 15 may Apr 08 20:47
Sparks ke4qqq: Or the guide gets released a little late Apr 08 20:47
joat i can be available for simple grunt work (you need to show me what to do) Apr 08 20:47
danielsmw Since I've been trying to do some more devel work and I have more work in school, I've offered to kirk_ to take up the lead by F12. Apr 08 20:47
ke4qqq danielsmw: cool Apr 08 20:47
danielsmw kirk_: are you still up for that? Apr 08 20:48
kirk_ Sure Apr 08 20:48
danielsmw Cool Apr 08 20:48
laubersm cool Apr 08 20:48
ke4qqq danielsmw: can you point joat in the direction of sections that need work, kirk_ can you work with joat on using the wiki and getting stuff done Apr 08 20:48
*zcat has quit () Apr 08 20:48
kirk_ Yup Apr 08 20:48
Sparks Okay, anything else on the UG? Apr 08 20:49
ke4qqq Sparks: mind if I delegate some of that mentoring for you :) Apr 08 20:49
rudi stickster - thanks; I'll take a look at that. Apr 08 20:49
danielsmw Nope, not from me Apr 08 20:49
*zcat (n=zcat@fedora/zcat) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:49
Sparks ke4qqq: Go for it! :) Apr 08 20:49
*kirkz has quit (Read error: 113 (No route to host)) Apr 08 20:49
Sparks ke4qqq: Just realize that people notice that kind of thing and start eying you as my replacement. Apr 08 20:49
Sparks Okay... Moving back to the RN so stickster can preach! Apr 08 20:50
ke4qqq danielsmw: status with publican transifex Apr 08 20:50
ke4qqq ? Apr 08 20:50
stickster Sparks: OK, what are the pending questions at this point? Apr 08 20:50
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Release Notes Apr 08 20:50
Sparks stickster: I think jjmcd had some questions. Apr 08 20:50
danielsmw ke4qqq: my part is just involved right now with some status/statistic reports Apr 08 20:50
danielsmw I've pretty much digested all the code Apr 08 20:51
jjmcd Well, I think the main thing is understanding f-r-n.spec. Perhaps we can schedule a walkthrough in the next day or two Apr 08 20:51
danielsmw And I'm working now on a first example Apr 08 20:51
ke4qqq danielsmw: outstanding! Apr 08 20:51
danielsmw Is there a date i should be looking at Apr 08 20:51
danielsmw ? Apr 08 20:51
ke4qqq danielsmw: glezos can answer that better than I Apr 08 20:51
danielsmw okay Apr 08 20:52
stickster jjmcd: I can probably do something tomorrow afternoon -- Friday gets hairy, because it's a company holiday and I've got a bunch of honeydews to get completed before we leave on vacation Apr 08 20:52
ke4qqq so another process type question - who is packaging RN? Apr 08 20:53
stickster jjmcd: Basically the biggest part of the spec is just putting pieces in place on the file system Apr 08 20:53
jjmcd /me sees no reason why tomorrow PM wouldn't be good Apr 08 20:53
stickster jjmcd: There's not much to it, just some "for/do/done" loops and a bunch of "/usr/bin/install" commands Apr 08 20:53
jjmcd Yeah, I see a lot of that Apr 08 20:53
stickster long != complex Apr 08 20:53
*stickster goes to take a look Apr 08 20:53
jjmcd But I don't understand how the languages get selected Apr 08 20:53
stickster jjmcd: The languages are all part of the tarballs IIRC Apr 08 20:54
stickster jjmcd: For instance, this line: Apr 08 20:54
jjmcd Also, we have those other docs, I suspect we need to review and re-translate Apr 08 20:55
stickster L=echo ${F} | %{__sed} 's/Release_Notes-\(.*\)\.html/\1/' Apr 08 20:55
stickster That's just snipping out the 'en-US' for example in Release_Notes-en-US.html Apr 08 20:55
*zcat has quit () Apr 08 20:55
jjmcd ahhhhh Apr 08 20:55
*jjmcd didnt pull out his sed book to decode that Apr 08 20:55
*zcat (n=zcat@fedora/zcat) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 20:55
ke4qqq who is packaging the RN? Apr 08 20:56
stickster These other documents all have git repos too Apr 08 20:56
stickster ke4qqq: This is the question of the hour, thank you for asking Apr 08 20:56
jjmcd Oh, cool - so we just reviews, update as needed, make pots Apr 08 20:56
*stickster will be on vacation, which was one of the reasons he wanted to make sure this was discussed :-) Apr 08 20:56
jjmcd ke4qqq: I am assuming I am going to get stuck with it. Since I am not a packager, I want to have done it before next week Apr 08 20:57
Sparks stickster: We'll just need a phone number you can be reached at Apr 08 20:57
stickster Sparks: Ha, you must think I'm pretty gullible Apr 08 20:57
Sparks stickster: I think the word I'm looking for is... responsive Apr 08 20:58
ke4qqq jjmcd: so that worries me wrt to sponsorship - I don't think docs has any packaging sponsors. Soo....can we get you sponsored on another package quickly? Apr 08 20:58
stickster ke4qqq: Actually, f13 should be able to help I think. Apr 08 20:58
jjmcd Funny thing: I just made a simple RPM I was thinking of submitting for F12 Apr 08 20:58
ke4qqq ahhh cool Apr 08 20:58
ke4qqq jjmcd: def do so Apr 08 20:58
stickster ke4qqq: jjmcd: If someone prepares the SRPM, you can publish it on your site, and just coordinate with f13 to pull it down and import it to CVS. Apr 08 20:59
jjmcd OK, good Apr 08 20:59
*ke4qqq would rather grow the packager count in docs anyway Apr 08 20:59
stickster ke4qqq: I fully agree Apr 08 20:59
jjmcd As I said, I made an RPM of a test doc, but when I installed it, all the languages came out German Apr 08 20:59
Sparks ke4qqq: I'm trying! Apr 08 21:00
stickster jjmcd: What I will try to do tomorrow is revise that set of instructions that's in the f10 branch of the release notes, and put the fresh copy in the devel branch. Apr 08 21:00
jjmcd OK, cool Apr 08 21:00
jjmcd So tomorrow AM I'll read, then tomorrow PM we'll talk Apr 08 21:01
ke4qqq Sparks: I wasn't picking on you Apr 08 21:01
Sparks ke4qqq: I know... But I am trying. I think quaid said he was going to try as well. Apr 08 21:02
Sparks ke4qqq: Let's all become packagers! Apr 08 21:02
stickster jjmcd: Anytime after 11am or so should work for me, it looks Apr 08 21:02
ke4qqq it'd be nice Apr 08 21:02
jjmcd stickster, good deal Apr 08 21:02
stickster jjmcd: Do you want to set a time now so others can attend? Apr 08 21:03
stickster We'll just do it here anyway, so logging works Apr 08 21:03
jjmcd Yes, lets Apr 08 21:03
jjmcd Good thinking - 1PM OK? Apr 08 21:03
stickster disco Apr 08 21:03
*jjmcd quick puts an alarm on his Trea Apr 08 21:03
Sparks Anything else on the RN? Apr 08 21:05
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Open Discussion Apr 08 21:05
Sparks Anyone have anything they want to talk about? Apr 08 21:05
*lcafiero sneaks in and sits in back. Apr 08 21:05
radsy nope Apr 08 21:06
*jjmcd was wondering whether there is likely to be a lot of docs folks at berlin Apr 08 21:06
kirk_ nope Apr 08 21:06
stickster jjmcd: I misspoke, by "here" I meant, let's meet at #fedora-docs Apr 08 21:06
jjmcd yes Apr 08 21:06
jjmcd I assumed so Apr 08 21:06
stickster I'll be there! Apr 08 21:06
stickster (Berlin I mean) Apr 08 21:06
stickster I just booked my flight today Apr 08 21:06
stickster Airfare suddenly plummeted for some odd reason Apr 08 21:06
stickster What was $1050 last week was $589 today. Apr 08 21:06
jjmcd I still haven't decided, but maybe a wiki->rpm automation hackfest topic Apr 08 21:07
ke4qqq wow Apr 08 21:07
jjmcd cool Apr 08 21:07
stickster Is it a bad sign that it was on "Acme Airlines"? Apr 08 21:07
jjmcd I got a friend could get me a delta employee fare Apr 08 21:07
jjmcd And I might just drag along baby boy Apr 08 21:07
jjmcd (baby boy is older than half the docs folks) Apr 08 21:08
stickster jjmcd: f13 can probably confirm this, but fedora-release-notes is no longer a Requires: of fedora-release in F11 I think Apr 08 21:08
stickster Which means that if something goes horribly, horribly wrong, fedora-release-notes could be missing and the release can still proceed Apr 08 21:09
jjmcd Well, I don't plan on going horribly wrong Apr 08 21:09
stickster I think we'd all rather that not happen, but it's worth keeping in the back of your mind. Apr 08 21:09
*G_work_ (n=njones@nat/redhat/x-d22be01f2cbc6651) has joined #fedora-meeting Apr 08 21:09
*ke4qqq is heading out for a bit - be back in an hour or so Apr 08 21:10
*G_work has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Apr 08 21:10
Sparks Okay, anything else for the meeting? Apr 08 21:10
jjmcd I think we're set Apr 08 21:11
Sparks I know we've been missing some things on the agenda but after the RN goes to press next week I'll try to get things back on track. Apr 08 21:11
Sparks 5 Apr 08 21:11
Sparks 4 Apr 08 21:11
Sparks 3 Apr 08 21:11
Sparks 2 Apr 08 21:11
Sparks 1 Apr 08 21:11
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! Apr 08 21:11
Sparks </meeting> Apr 08 21:11