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Sparks <meeting id="Docs Project"> May 27 20:00
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Welcome to the Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: May 27 20:00
Sparks Roll Call! May 27 20:00
*Sparks is here May 27 20:00
*jjmcd is napping May 27 20:00
*bcotton is present May 27 20:00
*joat is here in spirit May 27 20:00
*rudi is here May 27 20:00
*danielsmw is here May 27 20:01
ianweller meow May 27 20:01
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*laubersm (n=Susan@fedora/laubersm) has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:02
*Sparks waits for a few more to trickle in May 27 20:02
Sparks jjmcd: Can you handle the log for tonight, please? May 27 20:02
*ianweller turns up the faucet May 27 20:02
*laubersm wanders by May 27 20:02
jjmcd let me check, not sure I have the right client May 27 20:02
*dychen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:03
jjmcd looks good May 27 20:03
Sparks jjmcd: Cool... thanks May 27 20:03
*Sparks wonders where quaid is May 27 20:03
jjmcd ke4qqq will need to remind me how to convert it after the meeting May 27 20:04
ianweller jjmcd: irclog2html -s mediawiki May 27 20:04
Sparks Okay, we've got a bunch of stuff to get through tonight so let's get going... May 27 20:04
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - FAD @ Self May 27 20:04
Sparks ke4qqq: Shameless plug? May 27 20:05
jjmcd Oh, he's in SantaCruz May 27 20:05
*ianweller has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Fedora Activity Day @ SELF May 27 20:05
jjmcd says he'll be late May 27 20:05
ianweller no underscores ^_^ May 27 20:05
*ianweller stops breaking things May 27 20:05
*Sparks wonders where ke4qqq is May 27 20:05
ianweller he was here earlier, was talking with him in -ambassadors May 27 20:06
Sparks okay... Who is planning on being @ SELF and the FAD? May 27 20:06
*danielsmw is May 27 20:06
*ianweller May 27 20:06
*joat May 27 20:06
Sparks and I'll be there May 27 20:07
danielsmw Sparks: anything specifically to work on at the FAD? Or figure that out when we get there? May 27 20:08
Sparks I think we'll have remote capabilities there as well. May 27 20:08
Sparks danielsmw: There are things to talk about. May 27 20:08
*ke4qqq is here but late May 27 20:09
danielsmw But just in time to make your plug. May 27 20:09
Sparks May 27 20:10
*jjmcd would like to see the FAD crowd figure out the answer to the ultimate question of language codes, publican and everything May 27 20:10
ke4qqq jjmcd: 42 May 27 20:10
*ke4qqq checks that off the list May 27 20:10
jjmcd You must have had your towel with you the other day May 27 20:11
ianweller jjmcd: ^_^ May 27 20:11
Sparks ke4qqq: What capabilities are we going to have for remoting folks? May 27 20:11
Sparks I can bring a phone for Talk access May 27 20:11
ianweller i was planning on bringing my phone too May 27 20:11
ke4qqq we'll have a grandstream sip phone May 27 20:12
ianweller if security doesn't have a hissy fit May 27 20:12
ke4qqq security won't May 27 20:12
ricky I've brought hard drives through without having any security problems May 27 20:12
ke4qqq I've flown with mine May 27 20:12
ianweller ke4qqq: soh ave i May 27 20:12
*dychen_ has quit ("Ex-Chat") May 27 20:12
ianweller ke4qqq: they just kinda looked at me oddly ;) but it was fine May 27 20:12
ke4qqq we also have irc and gobby May 27 20:13
ianweller and we can borrow a megaphone May 27 20:13
Sparks ke4qqq: Anything we need to discuss? May 27 20:14
ke4qqq nothing aside from getting as many people to attend as possible - hopefully recruiting one or two new ones the day of SELF and adding to the activities list May 27 20:14
*radsy (n=irc@nat/redhat/x-a97825f39214264b) has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:14
Sparks cool. May 27 20:15
Sparks anyone have any questions? May 27 20:15
Sparks okay... moving on... May 27 20:15
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - New CC license discussion. <--quaid May 27 20:15
Sparks So... there have been discussions on IRC and on the list about changing our license from OPL to CC-BY-SA. May 27 20:16
Sparks RHLegal have said that they are cool with this... May 27 20:16
Sparks and it looks like the BY-SA version is very similar to the OPL... May 27 20:16
Sparks EXCEPT that it allows "similar" downstream licenses to be used... May 27 20:17
jjmcd So if its similar, why change May 27 20:17
ianweller there's been general consensus on the list but i think setting up a poll would be the safest way to go about this May 27 20:17
Sparks instead of mandating that it must be OPL. May 27 20:17
Sparks ianweller: who are we polling? May 27 20:17
ianweller jjmcd: allows more freedom for downstream May 27 20:17
ianweller Sparks: docs May 27 20:17
ke4qqq my concern is where 'similar' might be more restrictive. May 27 20:17
Sparks ianweller who is docs? May 27 20:17
ianweller Sparks: fas group May 27 20:17
Sparks ianweller: which is borked... but that's another topic May 27 20:17
ianweller hehe May 27 20:17
ke4qqq ianweller: voting??? ugghh May 27 20:18
jjmcd Well, probably four people will vote and you already know their answer May 27 20:18
*mchua has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 27 20:18
Sparks Right now the CC licenses are more widely known and understood... a standard if you will May 27 20:18
Sparks but it is very similar to what we are using now. May 27 20:18
ke4qqq Sparks: you are the appointed leader - if you feel you have consensus move forward with it. That's one thing we lost with fdsco, ability for a small group to make decisions May 27 20:19
ianweller the CC licenses are much more standard and we might even be able to get a few contributors with the buzz about the license change. May 27 20:19
jjmcd is this downstream business the only difference? May 27 20:19
ianweller if we do it well we can get featured on the front page of the CC website, perhaps May 27 20:20
ke4qqq so another concern is getting upstaged by rh docs doing the same move May 27 20:20
ke4qqq be nice if we could stage them by a month or so. May 27 20:20
ke4qqq ie, fedora makes the move in June and RH docs waits til July May 27 20:21
Sparks the CC license are far more accepted and understood May 27 20:21
ianweller +1 ke4qqq May 27 20:21
Sparks CC licenses have actually be integrated into some US laws May 27 20:22
ianweller Sparks: as ke4qqq said you're the leader... do we have consensus? May 27 20:23
ianweller do we need to poll the list more? May 27 20:23
ianweller do we need to hit ianweller for suggesting a poll? May 27 20:23
*fbijlsma has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 27 20:23
ke4qqq yes to hitting you May 27 20:23
ke4qqq I'll be selling tickets for that at FAD May 27 20:23
joat is a reason needed? May 27 20:23
Sparks Well, I guess my concern is... does anyone have any problems/concerns with the license change? May 27 20:23
laubersm I didn't see the list email... but I am behind May 27 20:23
ianweller ke4qqq: oh so *that's* how you're paying for me to go May 27 20:23
laubersm I am cool with CC May 27 20:23
*dychen_ ( has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:23
ke4qqq no one has voiced any opposition May 27 20:23
laubersm and I don't know much about what we are using so I do not really know the differences May 27 20:24
ke4qqq I would like us to do some prep before we announce. May 27 20:24
ianweller i would like us to talk to CC and get some hype going. May 27 20:24
ianweller they'd love to, they've been doing it for lots of sites May 27 20:24
ke4qqq ie, get marketing involved in the announcement - have a document explaining the differences and benefits and how it makes us more free May 27 20:24
*ianweller can ping somebody in CC's irc channel if need be May 27 20:24
Sparks ke4qqq: well, jjmcd keeps asking why May 27 20:24
ke4qqq thats not opposition though May 27 20:25
*jjmcd has no problem, just wants to make sure we understand what we are doing May 27 20:25
*jjmcd has a hard time getting excited about this sort of thing May 27 20:25
Sparks :) May 27 20:25
jjmcd Much easier to get worked up over whether it makes sense to virtualize a class May 27 20:26
Sparks Okay... I'm going to let quaid move forward on this. I think we want to run the specifics by RHLegal and let them give us a thumbs up May 27 20:26
*pfrields2 (n=pfrields@fedora/stickster) has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:26
ke4qqq and pick a specific license May 27 20:27
rudi Sparks -- when legal comes up with a suitable licence text, we'll need to incorporate that into the Fedora brand package for Publican... May 27 20:27
jjmcd The whole bit about getting marketing involved ahead of time - well placed leaks etc. seems like a good move May 27 20:27
Sparks rudi: well... most of that is already incorporated in the CC license May 27 20:27
ke4qqq who is the docs fwn beat writer? May 27 20:28
rudi ie, to replace May 27 20:28
Sparks rudi: Yes May 27 20:28
Sparks Okay... Anything else on this topic? May 27 20:29
ke4qqq we need to May 27 20:29
*pfrields2 comes in late May 27 20:29
ke4qqq create a feature page May 27 20:29
jjmcd Enjoy your cake? May 27 20:29
*rayvd has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) May 27 20:29
Sparks ke4qqq: This will more than likely affect F12 releases May 27 20:29
Sparks ke4qqq: but yes May 27 20:29
Sparks pfrields2: I'm sorry, do I know you? May 27 20:30
ke4qqq right that's what I am talking about May 27 20:30
pfrields2 Just some random guy.... May 27 20:30
Sparks ke4qqq: So was that you volunteering? May 27 20:30
jjmcd ke4qqq already has the practice May 27 20:30
ke4qqq yeah I can do that May 27 20:30
ke4qqq I do? May 27 20:30
Sparks Cool May 27 20:30
jjmcd I was thinking about the fwn beat May 27 20:31
ke4qqq I will wait til after we make noise though May 27 20:31
ke4qqq and this should all be post f12 May 27 20:31
ke4qqq IMO May 27 20:31
pfrields2 Why do we need to wait until after F12? May 27 20:31
jjmcd I thought it was going to be an F12 feature May 27 20:31
ke4qqq sorry meant f11 May 27 20:32
jjmcd yeah May 27 20:32
pfrields2 Ah, okey doke May 27 20:32
Sparks individual guides should change over as necessary May 27 20:32
pfrields2 When we think ahead, we *really* think ahead ;-) May 27 20:32
ke4qqq lol yeah May 27 20:32
*quaid arrives tardy, sry May 27 20:32
ke4qqq it is ok quaid we assigned you work May 27 20:33
jjmcd back from marketing farmers, eh? May 27 20:33
ke4qqq :) May 27 20:33
Sparks quaid: Anything you want to add on the licensing discussion? May 27 20:33
pfrields2 Sorry I missed the background -- my home server that logs the conversations is wedged right now May 27 20:33
quaid nothing to add May 27 20:33
pfrields2 What are the action items, and who's responsible for them? May 27 20:33
Sparks quaid: So we like the idea... what's next? May 27 20:34
ke4qqq pfrields2: quaid: to give you a quick rundown May 27 20:34
pfrields2 ke4qqq: Thanks :-) May 27 20:34
ke4qqq we want to coordinate with marketing, and hopefully CC after getting a specific instance of the cc-by-sa chosen by rhlegal May 27 20:34
ke4qqq and hopefully work to keep rh docs from moving to the same license by at least a month so fp.o gets some fame separate from RH May 27 20:35
ke4qqq and we are going to let quaid drive the process May 27 20:35
ke4qqq since there is so much interaction with rhlegal and ecs May 27 20:35
ke4qqq ohhh and I'm responsible for the feature page May 27 20:36
*ianweller can take care of talking to CC May 27 20:36
*quaid just read his buffer May 27 20:36
quaid oh, good, feature sounds fine May 27 20:36
pfrields2 And we're talking to CC with the specific purpose of having them spread the news that the Fedora Project is adopting a CC license for docs and wiki? May 27 20:37
quaid ianweller: ok, work with themayor because he knows cats there, too, and that way it gets on the Marketing agenda May 27 20:37
quaid pfrields2: yeppers May 27 20:37
ke4qqq and essentially we are going to document how this makes us more free May 27 20:37
quaid hmm, going to need to establish that as a fact, that's for sure :) May 27 20:37
quaid jjmcd: did you want to cover the why here for the record? May 27 20:38
quaid otherwise, I think what was said on list is a fairly good set of reasons May 27 20:38
jjmcd Why? Downstream ;-) May 27 20:38
jjmcd I think we do need to move fairly quickly tho May 27 20:38
jjmcd seems like there was some date in the fall when all this becomes a lot hader May 27 20:39
quaid hmm, OK May 27 20:39
quaid it's too late for the F11 release packages May 27 20:39
quaid right? May 27 20:39
jjmcd As I understand it, this makes it easier for folks who don't have the identical license to use our stuff May 27 20:39
pfrields2 jjmcd: *: OPL forces downstream to use OPL only, where CC-BY-SA allows you to use any like-termed license, right? May 27 20:39
jjmcd That is my understanding May 27 20:40
*pfrields2 is sure there's a bunch of legal stuff there that Mr. Fontana will help us with. May 27 20:40
ianweller quaid: wayyyyyy too late for F11, yeah May 27 20:40
ke4qqq yeah I think we want Fontana to create the bullet point of the improvments May 27 20:40
jjmcd quaid, the current opl allows us to change to cc easily, up until some date I think sept May 27 20:40
pfrields2 jjmcd: ? May 27 20:41
ianweller hmm? May 27 20:41
pfrields2 Are you sure you're not thinking of the GNU FDL? May 27 20:41
pfrields2 That's a very different license, and they engineered some leeway for switching IIRC. May 27 20:41
ianweller they did, for wikipedia. May 27 20:41
pfrields2 Right. May 27 20:41
jjmcd I thought it was OPL, but then, I don't really get all geeked by this legal stuff May 27 20:41
quaid yeah, that's GFDL May 27 20:42
quaid May 27 20:42
quaid that is a fairly cogent argument about why to use the CC from the author of the OPL. May 27 20:42
quaid zoglesby++ for the reference :) May 27 20:42
ianweller well, what more do we need then :) May 27 20:42
pfrields2 Superb. May 27 20:42
Jeff_S quaid: thanks, I was just looking for that post! :) May 27 20:42
*linuxguru (n=linuxgur@unaffiliated/linuxguru) has joined #fedora-meeting May 27 20:42
quaid ok, then, I think we have all the parts assigned, etc. May 27 20:43
Sparks cool May 27 20:43
Sparks quaid: let me know if I can help you with this May 27 20:43
quaid I've got the legal + content services + bug reports to the publican Fedora package (when that happens) May 27 20:43
quaid ianweller will talk to CC and work with themayor on Marketing crossover May 27 20:43
quaid ke4qqq has the feature page May 27 20:44
quaid anything else? May 27 20:44
quaid if not, then away we go ... May 27 20:44
Sparks +1 May 27 20:44
*ianweller watches quaid teleport away, molecule by molecule May 27 20:44
Sparks sparkly May 27 20:44
Sparks okay... anything else on this topic? May 27 20:44
ianweller no May 27 20:44
*quaid done May 27 20:45
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Release Announcement May 27 20:45
pfrields2 disco May 27 20:45
Sparks groovy May 27 20:45
*quaid emails that result to the list, btw May 27 20:46
Sparks quaid: Thanks May 27 20:46
Sparks Okay... so I think the announcement is ready to go. May 27 20:46
Sparks Just need final eyes on it May 27 20:46
*pfrields2 has quit ("Quit") May 27 20:47
quaid ruh roh May 27 20:47
quaid is he going to come back? May 27 20:47
jjmcd Looks pretty good. Most of ianweller's edits were good catches, one or two I would noodle on a bit May 27 20:47
*quaid reloads and gives a last read May 27 20:47
ianweller there's a reason the newspaper staff at my school put me on as copy editor May 27 20:47
ianweller ;) May 27 20:47
quaid oooh, didn't know that May 27 20:47
*quaid makes a mental note May 27 20:48
jjmcd things like its and it's I tend to gloss over, tough to catch those. The commas, tho, can't believe those didn't junp out at me May 27 20:48
*stickster_afk is now known as stickster May 27 20:48
*stickster is now known as stickster_afk May 27 20:48
ianweller jjmcd: i didn't focus too much on the commas May 27 20:49
ianweller i should do another read-through to double check May 27 20:49
jjmcd you caught a few blatant ones May 27 20:49
ianweller yeah May 27 20:49
stickster_afk I'm here May 27 20:49
jjmcd we thought you ODed on cake May 27 20:49
stickster_afk Switched systems and this one took a while to get past the lag May 27 20:49
*stickster_afk is now known as stickster May 27 20:49
ianweller the cake is a lie May 27 20:49
Sparks stickster: I guess we need your thumbs up on it? May 27 20:50
*jjmcd notices stickster didn't bring us any May 27 20:50
stickster Hm, there seem to be some repeated adverbs... May 27 20:50
ke4qqq ohhh yeah - guess blessing of Fedora Board would be nice May 27 20:50
stickster ke4qqq: Nah, this one I can handle on my own. May 27 20:51
ke4qqq ohhhh ignore me - missed the jump to release announcement May 27 20:51
stickster I think the last paragraphs need a little more meat May 27 20:51
jjmcd Zebra or gazelle? May 27 20:51
stickster Just to keep this story setup rolling, and to keep it from becoming simply a list of features May 27 20:51
stickster jjmcd: Dunno, it all tastes like chicken to me May 27 20:52
stickster I'll play with it a bit May 27 20:52
*stickster is a harsh creative writing teacher, apparently May 27 20:52
stickster go ahead May 27 20:53
Sparks Okay... I'll put this in stickster's hands and follow up with him later. This has to be out the door by Friday May 27 20:54
Sparks Anything else on this topic? May 27 20:54
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - Status on Release Notes <-- ryanlerch & jjmcd May 27 20:55
Sparks jjmcd: Where are we? May 27 20:55
jjmcd I just did most of a test build, May 27 20:55
quaid jjmcd++ May 27 20:55
jjmcd git is preventing me from doing it all automatically as I would like - I need to poke in the middle a bit May 27 20:55
jjmcd But I didn't get done b4 meeting May 27 20:55
jjmcd I need to check on ohhh, it sidappeared May 27 20:56
jjmcd There was something there that I wasn't sure about but perhaps volume - need to check May 27 20:56
ianweller < jjmcd> my machine is on fire, this can't be good May 27 20:56
ianweller ;) May 27 20:56
jjmcd but i think it is in there May 27 20:56
jjmcd Tell ya what, that msgmerge sure puts it to work May 27 20:57
ianweller mmhmm May 27 20:57
jjmcd Hopefully I'll do a test install yet tonight May 27 20:57
jjmcd I've lost track of what we need when tho May 27 20:57
Sparks We need to button it all up, now. May 27 20:58
jjmcd So, RPM and web both? May 27 20:58
stickster May 27 20:58
Sparks jjmcd: I think so May 27 20:58
jjmcd OK, we'll just do it then May 27 20:59
Sparks jjmcd: Also, were you able to copy the files over from /f11preview to /f11 on docs.fp.o? May 27 20:59
jjmcd No, I was working on the build. You want the preview on the web? I thought that;s where the latest went May 27 21:00
Sparks It's already on the web May 27 21:00
jjmcd yes, but I didn't think we wanted to call the preview the GA May 27 21:00
ke4qqq jjmcd: so the background there is that QA complained about pointing people to a location that isn't where the release notes will be at release May 27 21:01
stickster ke4qqq: exactly May 27 21:01
ke4qqq ie, they point people to f11preview now, and will have to change that May 27 21:01
Sparks but we should use /f# and not anything else so other people can plan their links May 27 21:01
jjmcd OK, so you want to have something there, even if it will change in a day or so May 27 21:01
Sparks yes May 27 21:01
jjmcd K, got that May 27 21:01
Sparks jjmcd: do the quaid mantra... release early, release often May 27 21:01
*spoleeba has quit ("Leaving") May 27 21:01
ke4qqq and that needs to be codified as our practices May 27 21:01
jjmcd :-) May 27 21:01
stickster jjmcd: Sparks: I can probably do the CVS moving there. CVS sucks for this, because there's no real "move" command May 27 21:01
stickster But it sounds like jjmcd has his hands full May 27 21:02
jjmcd cool that would help May 27 21:02
jjmcd That way I can work on the final instead of pissing with cvs May 27 21:02
Sparks stickster: Yeah, I was going to do it but the only thing I would be able to do is download everything, copy it over, and the commit it May 27 21:02
stickster Sparks: Well, that's pretty much the *only* way to do it afaik. May 27 21:02
Sparks which I can do... May 27 21:03
jjmcd Sparks: there is a php that needs editing, too May 27 21:03
stickster You have to 'cp' locally, then 'cvs add' all the new stuff, and 'cvs rm' all the old stuff May 27 21:03
Sparks jjmcd: yes... and we were going to talk to infra about doing a redirect May 27 21:03
stickster Also, we need Infrastructure to make a redirect for f11preview -> f11 there. May 27 21:03
stickster *jinx! May 27 21:03
jjmcd ahhhh good plan May 27 21:03
Sparks ha! May 27 21:03
Sparks yeah, what stickster said May 27 21:03
*ricky would be happy to get that after dinner :-) May 27 21:05
stickster Sparks: jjmcd: ke4qqq: I think we should do the same with that 'f10preview' folder -- nix it and redirect or rewrite to f10/. May 27 21:05
Sparks stickster: so you are going to move the files? May 27 21:05
stickster Sparks: Yes May 27 21:05
Sparks yes May 27 21:05
Sparks okay, thanks May 27 21:05
stickster The f10preview is easier, I'm just going to nuke it after the redirect exists. May 27 21:05
ke4qqq yes - but better question - how do codify this so that we don't repeat the same thing w/ f12 May 27 21:06
stickster ke4qqq: That sounds like a perfect job for Sparks :-) May 27 21:06
jjmcd will it be the same if we have zikula? May 27 21:06
stickster jjmcd: Apples to oranges, really. May 27 21:06
ke4qqq but the principle is the same May 27 21:07
ke4qqq just diff. mechanism May 27 21:07
stickster And certainly with Zikula publishing and moving content is easier. May 27 21:07
jjmcd I assume 12 will be a while new experience May 27 21:07
jjmcd s/while/whole May 27 21:07
Sparks Yeah, I'll work on that May 27 21:07
stickster No matter what you guys use, you'll want to have your processes available for new people to learn. May 27 21:07
jjmcd yep May 27 21:07
jjmcd bcotton is probably wondering what we are going on about May 27 21:07
*bcotton is understanding about 40% of what's going on :-) May 27 21:08
stickster bcotton: Essentially, we have docs published right now, at a URL that we really don't want May 27 21:08
*ke4qqq needs to step away for a bit May 27 21:09
stickster So we're just discussing how to (1) move them, (2) make sure the public that clicks on that old URL gets sent to the new content, and (3) we don't do it again :-) May 27 21:09
bcotton so i guess my question would be why do we have them in a place we dont want May 27 21:09
Sparks because no one wrote the standard on how to do it... until tonight May 27 21:10
bcotton ah, well that makes sense then :-) May 27 21:10
stickster bcotton: The rule with open source is, it's OK to make a mistake May 27 21:10
stickster As long as you are open about it, and fix it :-) May 27 21:10
jjmcd And we are the experts May 27 21:10
jjmcd at making mistakes May 27 21:10
stickster Fail faster, recover faster! May 27 21:11
bcotton the only way to learn is to break things and have to get them working again May 27 21:11
*Sparks notes a commit for /f11 has occurred May 27 21:12
stickster All right, get ready for a mail storm to fedora-docs-commits! May 27 21:12
Sparks Yikes May 27 21:12
*Sparks is glad those messages go directly into a folder that I never look at May 27 21:13
*jjmcd has to write some tickets against that sometime May 27 21:13
jjmcd It can be real hard to figure out what is getting committed May 27 21:13
stickster OK, I'm going to do all the 'cvs add' stuff now. May 27 21:13
stickster Then commit. May 27 21:13
stickster We'll do the 'cvs rm' on f11preview/ *after* we get the redirect/rewrite stuff done from Infrastructure. May 27 21:14
stickster That way there's no point where URLs will break for anyone May 27 21:14
Sparks stickster: Okay. I'll file a ticket as soon as it's there May 27 21:14
*quaid has to check out, later May 27 21:14
Sparks quaid: see ya May 27 21:14
stickster Sparks: super May 27 21:14
Sparks Okay... anything else? May 27 21:17
jjmcd bcotton, you might find interesting May 27 21:19
*stickster all good May 27 21:19
bcotton jjmcd, thanks i'll look that over tonight May 27 21:20
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Docs Project - All other business May 27 21:20
Sparks Anyone have anything else? May 27 21:20
*bcotton has nothing May 27 21:21
Sparks 5 May 27 21:22
Sparks 4 May 27 21:22
Sparks 3 May 27 21:22
Sparks 2 May 27 21:22
Sparks 1 May 27 21:22
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! May 27 21:22
Sparks </meeting> May 27 21:22
*Sparks has changed the topic to: Channel is used by various Fedora groups and committees for their regular meetings | Note that meetings often get logged | For questions about using Fedora please ask in #fedora | See for meeting schedule May 27 21:22
**** ENDING LOGGING AT Wed May 27 21:24:20 2009

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