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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:02
Sparks Roll Call! 00:02
* Sparks is here 00:02
* danielsmw is present 00:02
* Tsagadai is present 00:02
* ianweller 00:02
* joat is too 00:02
* jjmcd is here as well 00:03
* ianweller is *still* here 00:03
* rudi is here 00:04
Sparks Good turn out... still waiting for stickster and quaid 00:05
jjmcd and poelcat 00:05
Sparks and ke4qqq 00:06
* stickster is here for a few minutes 00:06
stickster Sparks: Did poelcat know about the schedule item? 00:06
Sparks I thought 00:06
stickster IOW, did someone let him know? 00:07
Sparks specifically about this meeting? I didn't. 00:07
stickster I don't know how he was supposed to know to be here then 00:07
Sparks He's not on IRC ATM 00:07
stickster He's logged in, just not around here 00:08
Sparks Wasn't he here last week when we pushed the calendar to this week? 00:08
stickster Not sure, I wasn't either :-D 00:08
* ke4qqq is here 00:08
stickster But anyhow 00:08
stickster Let's move on and see if he comes in later 00:08
* quaid pops in 00:08
stickster I pinged him 00:08
* Sparks was on the wrong IRC server 00:08
* stickster waves to quaid 00:09
Sparks Okay, let's get going! 00:09
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) <-- ke4qqq 00:09
Sparks ke4qqq: Where are you? 00:09
ke4qqq right here 00:09
Sparks ke4qqq: Where are we on zikula? 00:09
ke4qqq getting very close WRT packaging - -Content is the big outstanding one I think 00:10
ke4qqq and we need mediashare 00:10
ke4qqq I'll try and get mediashare done by tonight 00:10
ke4qqq and get everything that's up for review done 00:10
ke4qqq as well 00:10
* Sparks didn't add his poll packages to the Zikula ticket as they weren't required. 00:11
ke4qqq and we still have the fedora specific stuff which I am trying to get uploaded now 00:11
stickster ke4qqq: If there's anything lacking by tomorrow, let me know -- I can spend some time on this Friday if needed. 00:11
* stickster blocked out time with ianweller to make sure packages are reviewed and pushed 00:11
ke4qqq outstanding! 00:11
Sparks Cool 00:13
Sparks Are all the "Need to Package" tickets assigned and being handled? 00:13
stickster News is done, by the way, awaiting review 00:13
stickster .bug 512027 00:13
Sparks stickster++ 00:13
buggbot Bug medium, medium, ---, nobody, NEW, Review Request: zikula-module-News - Manages news articles on your Zikula site 00:13
buggbot Bug 512027: medium, medium, ---, nobody, NEW, Review Request: zikula-module-News - Manages news articles on your Zikula site 00:13
ke4qqq Sparks: the mediashare I don't know if it is done 00:13
stickster Hmm, those bots need to figure out who's on first. 00:14
Sparks I seem to remember that one had some problems? 00:14
stickster Sparks: We really need to set up dedicated time to go through these one by one. 00:14
ke4qqq Sparks: it needed several dependencies which I think stickster took care of most of, and I took care of the other one 00:14
stickster i.e. bug review for packages for those that aren't closed 00:15
stickster Maybe ianweller and I can make that a focus for Friday. 00:15
ianweller Friday Focus(tm) 00:15
* stickster prefers a methodical approach so we don't wonder, "Didn't we... did you...?" later.. 00:15
Sparks stickster: I agree. Put me down for Friday. I'll see what my calendar looks like tomorrow 00:15
ke4qqq +1 the scope is just a bit large at the moment and I don't think any of us have spent the time looking at all ~20 tickts/packages. 00:16
ianweller stickster: who are you again? 00:16
ianweller ;) 00:16
stickster The guy who capitalizes stuff 00:16
ianweller everything but your nick 00:16
ianweller moving on! 00:16
ianweller :) 00:16
Sparks Okay... anything else on the Zikula stuff? 00:17
stickster So ACTION - ianweller, stickster, Sparks(?), ke4qqq(?) to look at status with a magnifying glass on Friday 00:17
Sparks #ACTION ianweller stickster Sparks ke4qqq to look at status on Zikula on Friday to make sure everything is getting done. 00:17
* ianweller isn't sure if it takes CAPITALIZED commands 00:18
Sparks #action ianweller stickster Sparks ke4qqq to look at status on Zikula on Friday to make sure everything is getting done. 00:18
Sparks #lights #camera 00:18
stickster We'll soon find out ;-) 00:18
jjmcd C programmers - sheesh 00:19
Sparks Okay... Moving on... 00:19
Sparks #topic Status on CC license discussion. <--quaid 00:19
Sparks #link 00:19
Sparks quaid: What do you have for us tonight? 00:19
* Sparks thought quaid was here 00:20
* ianweller thought so too 00:21
* ke4qqq is stepping away for a moment 00:21
stickster I think it works when you say: quaid quaid quaid quaid quaid 00:21
stickster Like that. 00:21
Sparks Oh 00:21
Sparks quaid quaid quaid quaid quaid 00:21
ianweller quack quack quack quack quack 00:22
stickster So Sparks, what was the holdover from the last meeting on this topic? 00:22
Sparks the last meeting was week 1... we were waiting for the sky to fall 00:22
Sparks but it didn't 00:22
stickster Right, and we set a 2 week call for input, right? 00:23
Sparks yes 00:23
* stickster overuses "right," right? 00:23
Sparks right 00:23
Sparks correct 00:23
stickster Heh 00:23
stickster I haven't personally seen any odd input. 00:23
stickster No even input, either. 00:23
Sparks I haven't personally seen any input 00:23
stickster If it were my call, I would say that the time for input is over and the time for action is now. 00:24
Sparks Does anyone have any input? 00:24
* danielsmw doesn't. 00:24
Sparks MOTION: I say we make everything written CC-BY-SA v3. 00:24
stickster I don't know what's happening internally with RH Content Services though, quaid was mediating that 00:24
ianweller second 00:24
Sparks +1 00:24
ianweller +1 00:24
joat +1 00:24
danielsmw +1 00:24
Tsagadai +1 for new stuff 00:25
* stickster tries to remember how zodbot is commanded here... "resolved?" 00:26
Sparks #agreed All documenation will be changed to a CC-BY-SA v3 license. 00:26
stickster yeah, that's the ticket. 00:26
* Sparks waits for all the confetti and ticker tape to stop falling 00:26
* danielsmw observers that the confetti stopped. 00:27
* danielsmw s/observers/observed/ 00:27
Sparks Okay... moving on 00:27
Sparks ke4qqq: You back? 00:27
Sparks #topic Outstanding BZ Tickets 00:28
Sparks #link 00:28
quaid *sigh* 00:29
quaid you guys never need me when I'm on this screen 00:29
Sparks There are 23 tickets that haven't been assigned. Please go through them and see what you can work on. 00:29
Sparks quaid: We called and quacked but you didn't come 00:29
quaid yeah, I see that _now_ 00:29
Sparks jjmcd: There are a few tickets in there for the RNs 00:29
jjmcd Yep, I thought I grabbed most of them. Having some git issues a week or so ago, expect to come up for air Friday (finally) 00:30
Sparks I'm going to start assigning them on Friday so if you want something cool better roger up for it now!  :) 00:30
* stickster is going to close his if he doesn't get input from f13 or jeremy 00:30
jjmcd I thought it would be tomorrow but I gotta go up to gladwin for a funeral 00:30
jjmcd yeah, most of the rn ones are straightforward 00:31
stickster .bug 474368 by the way 00:31
buggbot Bug medium, low, ---, stickster, NEW, Live CDs README says wrong minimal memory requirement 00:31
stickster Ha, zodbot, you lose 00:31
Sparks So there are 23 NEW tickets and 58 tickets in process. Let's see if we can clean that up some before next week. 00:32
Sparks Anyone have anything else? 00:33
Sparks ke4qqq: You back? 00:33
stickster Sorry, miskey here 00:33
* stickster has to run away now that he fixed what he done broke 00:34
Sparks bah 00:34
Sparks #topic F12 Calendar <-- poelcat 00:34
Sparks Does anyone have any input on the F12 calendar? 00:34
ianweller do you have a link? 00:34
* Sparks thinks someone hasn't been paying attention 00:35
ianweller i have my hands in about 500 subprojects, what do you expect :) 00:35
Sparks ianweller: for you to know where the F12 calendar is. 00:35
Sparks I actually don't have that link handy right this second. 00:35
Sparks I've been using the iCal. 00:35
ianweller :-o 00:36
Sparks I'll push it on the list later. 00:36
Sparks anyone else? 00:36
rudi 00:36
Sparks rudi++ 00:36
* ianweller has nothing 00:37
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 00:38
Sparks User Guide 00:38
Sparks #link 00:38
Sparks #link 00:38
Sparks danielsmw: What do you have for the User Guide? 00:38
danielsmw Well, one thing I have 00:38
danielsmw I take that back 00:38
danielsmw I have a lot more than one thiing. 00:38
danielsmw Um... so rudi's response on the list if you saw it was very good (it's the latter link) 00:39
danielsmw And a lot of whats in that document is where I want to go with the UG. 00:39
danielsmw So the plan in my head is to completely start from scratch, and pull in the old content that we want to use on a case-by-case basis 00:39
ianweller (+1) 00:39
danielsmw so we aren't abandoning the old content, but we're bringing it in to a new format so to speak. 00:40
Sparks Wow, now that's a makeover 00:40
danielsmw Yeah, it is. 00:40
danielsmw But I think it really needs it. 00:40
rudi danielsmw -- that's definitely the easiest way to do it 00:40
danielsmw Since I took the thing over for F8 00:40
danielsmw it's really just been changed slightly every release 00:40
danielsmw and it's become somewhat less easy to manage as it is. 00:41
danielsmw It's needs a cleanup makeover. 00:41
danielsmw So that's the plan. 00:41
danielsmw Also, as a side note, 00:41
Sparks danielsmw: Do you have the help/resources you need to make it happen? 00:41
* rudi is happy to help out with the Publican XML skeleton 00:41
danielsmw Sparks: not formally 00:41
Sparks danielsmw: cool 00:42
danielsmw But anyway, I was thinking... I'm not sure that User Guide is an appropriate name. 00:42
danielsmw If we go this new route per rudi's suggestions and my thoughts. 00:42
ianweller Do Stuff Guide 00:42
danielsmw Because it would be more like a mixture of an FAQ and a cookbook 00:42
danielsmw Like a Fedora Desktop Cookbook 00:42
danielsmw or something 00:42
Sparks cool 00:42
ianweller ooh i like that. 00:42
ianweller very much like that. 00:43
danielsmw thanks ianweller :) 00:43
danielsmw One other poll question 00:43
danielsmw The audience for this document.... 00:43
danielsmw I was thinking about this: is it for the previously computerless new user? or is it for someone who probably new what they were doing in windows and wants to get involved in linux now? 00:43
ianweller both. 00:44
danielsmw ianweller: that's what i was afraid of 00:44
rudi I agree, both 00:44
ianweller danielsmw: i know it's scary 00:44
danielsmw Okay, that's still fine. 00:44
rudi Buuut, don't overestimate the degree to which "they knew what they were doing in Windows" 00:44
danielsmw lol 00:44
danielsmw I'm not sure how much one can know what they're doing in windows, 00:45
danielsmw but i get what you mean. 00:45
rudi I didn't mean that in an entirely cynical way 00:45
danielsmw Right 00:45
danielsmw But I mean 00:45
danielsmw I don't need to explain mouse usage or how to insert a CD. 00:45
rudi More that 90% of people spend 90% of their time at their home/small business computers doing the same small number of tasks 00:45
rudi There's an element of self-selection here... 00:45
Sparks packaging? 00:45
danielsmw Oh, and as for contributing upstream 00:46
rudi I think those things are at an even more basic level than we can really cater to 00:46
danielsmw per rudi's email's suggestion 00:46
danielsmw I think that will be more doable in the new format as well. 00:46
danielsmw As would be pulling from downstream. 00:46
danielsmw So that could help a lot with the rewriting process. 00:46
* rudi emphasises that wherever we can reuse existing text, we need to make an effort to do so, to ease the load on l10n 00:47
danielsmw rudi: understood 00:47
danielsmw And with that, the brevity drought I tend to bring on is at an end. 00:47
Sparks Cool 00:48
Sparks Anyone have anything for the User Guide/Fedora Desktop Cookbook? 00:49
* rudi really dislikes the "Cookbook" title, but will take it to the mailing list 00:49
Sparks noted 00:50
Sparks Okay... I have a request for the Security Guide 00:50
Sparks So I finally got it approved and submitted the SRPM but it fails to build in koji. 00:50
Sparks #link 00:51
Sparks Being that this should affect all Publican patches I'm trying to get it figured out. 00:51
Sparks I just don't understand this one. 00:51
Sparks So if anyone has any ideas please get with me after the meeting 00:52
Sparks Anyone have anything else for existing guides? 00:52
Sparks #topic New Guides 00:52
Sparks Tsagadai: Go 00:53
Tsagadai yes 00:53
Tsagadai I have been writing the Virtualization Guide for some time 00:54
Tsagadai It's time to send the good stuff upstream 00:54
Sparks Tsagadai: what format? DocBook? 00:55
Tsagadai Docbook 00:55
Tsagadai about 300 pages :) 00:55
rudi (and already Publicanized) 00:55
Sparks +1000 00:55
ianweller +9000 00:56
Sparks Tsagadai: We can set you up on docs.fp.o if you like 00:56
Tsagadai that would be great 00:56
Sparks Tsagadai: Great. We'll get you setup tonight 00:57
rudi Tsagadai -- you should also open an infra ticket to get the code hosted 00:57
Tsagadai link please? 00:58
rudi Tsagadai -- I'll walk you through it after the meeting :) 00:58
Tsagadai to host on fh.o? 00:58
* danielsmw has to leave a bit early; peace. 00:58
rudi Yeah, so you can get Transifex hooked into it as well 00:58
Tsagadai ah 00:58
* ianweller notes we have 35 seconds left in the hour 00:59
Tsagadai So the Fedora Virtualization Guide is approved for F12? 00:59
Sparks Tsagadai: Go ahead and build the html, html-single, and PDF and we'll get all that uploaded tonight to docs.fp.o. 00:59
Sparks Tsagadai: WORKSFORME 00:59
Sparks :) 00:59
Sparks Anyone have anything for the Virtualization Guide? 01:00
Sparks Tsagadai: Thank you for bringing this to us tonight. 01:00
Sparks Any other new guides? 01:01
* rudi has been sketching out the Installation Quick Start Guide, but the skeleton's not quite ready yet. 01:01
Sparks rudi: Have you seen the screenshots on the wiki? 01:01
rudi Yes 01:01
Sparks #link Installing_Fedora_11_Leonidas 01:01
Sparks ^^^ for those that haven't 01:01
Sparks rudi: Anything else on that? 01:02
rudi Nothing at this stage 01:02
Sparks ok 01:02
rudi I hoped to have something ready for today, but don't :) 01:03
Sparks Tsagadai: Almost forgot... Can you add your guide to Docs_Project_meetings#Guides, please? 01:03
Tsagadai sure 01:03
Sparks Okay... 01:03
Sparks #topic All other business 01:03
Sparks Anyone have anything they want to discuss? 01:03
* jjmcd moves to adjourn 01:05
Sparks nAnyone? 01:05
Sparks Thanks everyone for coming! 01:05
Sparks #endmeeting 01:05