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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:02
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Sparks #topic Roll Call 00:02
* Sparks 00:02
* rudi is here 00:03
* itbegins here 00:03
* Sparks wonders where everyone is today 00:05
* laubersm is here 00:06
Sparks Okay, lets get started... 00:07
Sparks #topic Last week's action items 00:07
Sparks Sparks to create BZ component Deployment Guide --Third alarm 00:07
Sparks Finally done. 00:07
Sparks Sparks to write up CVE checking/validation procedures in the wiki --third alarm 00:07
Sparks Still in progress 00:07
Sparks #action Sparks to write up CVE checking/validation procedures in the wiki 00:07
Sparks quaid to follow up with Mizmo on the Zikula theme 00:08
Sparks quaid: You around? 00:08
Sparks I know Mo has been working on the Zikula theme. I'm sure this is in progress. 00:08
Sparks rudi to follow up with Jeff about changing the license information in Publican 0.44 and 1.0 00:08
Sparks rudi: Got an update? 00:09
rudi We're still a few steps away from that 00:09
* ianweller rolls in 00:09
itbegins I can report a little on the theme, depending on what you want to knwo 00:09
Sparks rudi: Okay, I'll put it down for next week so we can talk about it again. 00:10
rudi Yep 00:10
Sparks #action rudi to follow up with Jeff about changing the license information in Publican 0.44 and 1.0 00:10
Sparks ianweller: Go 00:10
ianweller about my part of it? the writing up of the announcement? 00:10
ianweller Sparks: hi? 00:11
Sparks the theme 00:11
ianweller oh for zikula 00:11
ianweller hmm i'm not sure what i need to say, other than taht school is eating me alive 00:12
* ianweller wasn't sure he had anything assigned for zikula right now 00:12
itbegins Sparks: You mean me? 00:12
Sparks ianweller: Opps.. sorry 00:12
Sparks itbegins: Yeah, I meant you. sorry 00:12
quaid quaid: yep, zikula theme is all rolling for FI 00:12
* Sparks is not doing a good job of multitasking tonight 00:12
* quaid either 00:13
itbegins mizmo is in progress on the theme: 00:13
itbegins and Zikula is getting rolled out to staging 00:13
quaid and things are prepared in the repo (ideally) so she can have related Docs theme in there to make a Docs-specific RPM of the theme (AIUI) 00:13
quaid or I'm confused and it's all going to run from one instance, one theme 00:13
itbegins quaid: One filesystem instance, mutliple databases -> multiple themes 00:14
quaid I think I'm confused; that was my old idea, but Paul said we'll likely all be on the same instance 00:14
itbegins i.e turning on Zikula is a case of installing a few new packages and updating the config file 00:14
quaid ok 00:14
Sparks Okay, we'll come back to Zikula in a little bit for a more indepth discussion. 00:15
Sparks quaid to follow up with Richard about the use of the CC logo on the wiki. 00:15
Sparks quaid: Got an update on this? 00:15
danielsmw ;/me sneaks in late... 00:17
Sparks quaid: hello? 00:17
Sparks Okay, quaid must have rushed off... 00:18
Sparks Any more old business? 00:18
Sparks #action quaid to follow up with Richard about the use of the CC logo on the wiki. 00:19
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:19
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:19
Sparks itbegins: So what is the status on rolling out Zikula for docs.fp.o? 00:19
itbegins Sparks: well, we're still waiting on those modules held up with license problems I think 00:20
itbegins Sparks: but marketing have kindly packaged a couple of modules we can use for the docs instance too. 00:20
itbegins Sadly not the blockers for the docs instance 00:20
Sparks I think we both need at least one editor to go with Scribite. 00:21
* Sparks hasn't had any time to even look at packaging one of those. 00:21
itbegins yes,that's true 00:21
quaid Sparks: sorry, phone call 00:22
quaid do you want to hear about the CC logos? 00:22
Sparks quaid: That will be the next topic 00:22
Sparks itbegins: Okay so we are close but not there 00:23
Sparks itbegins: Does marketing have everything they need to roll out their instance? 00:23
itbegins apart from a visual editor, probably 00:24
quaid after a last minute scramble with chitlesh++, bobjensen++, toshio++ getting a few last minute packages done last night/today 00:24
itbegins though things may still come up 00:24
quaid oh! no visual editor? heh heh 00:24
Sparks So we need one of the editors packaged 00:25
Sparks anyone want to stand up to take that task? 00:25
* danielsmw can try if no body else will, but he's never successfully packaged anything... 00:26
Sparks danielsmw: Well, this would be a good time to start being successful... there are templates for the SPEC and everything 00:27
danielsmw Also I haven't been involved in this process at all so far 00:27
danielsmw Sparks: Alright, well... 00:27
danielsmw I suppose I can give it a shot and report back next week. 00:27
Sparks danielsmw: I'm sure ianweller or someone will be around to help 00:28
Sparks #action danielsmw to package an editor for Scribite 00:28
Sparks Okay, anything else on Zikula? 00:28
* quaid notes Beacon was accepted for F10/F11 00:29
quaid but I guess it's not integrated? 00:29
itbegins danielsmw: Try pinging Toshio, he is involved with Zikula packaging 00:29
* danielsmw really likes beacon, btw. 00:29
Sparks quaid: And Beacon is the DocBook editor? 00:29
danielsmw itbegins: Will do 00:29
quaid Sparks: yep 00:29
quaid Sparks: well, it's a web wysiwyg editor that now has upstream code to read/write docbook :) 00:29
Sparks Yeah, we need to get that integrated 00:29
quaid satya has it running on a publictest instance, we can look at how to use it plain, too 00:30
* quaid is wandering topics now 00:30
Sparks Okay, let's move on. Lots of work to be done on Zikula but things are starting to come together 00:31
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:31
Sparks quaid: So what's the skinny on the CC logos? 00:31
quaid ok 00:31
quaid I read and read that page 00:31
quaid 00:32
quaid and it's clear that the ball is in Richard's court with folks from Creative Commons 00:32
Sparks And we haven't heard back from him on this, yet. 00:32
quaid it only having been a few weeks ... and he being a proactive and busy guy ... I think we have our clear answer for now 00:32
quaid and will hear when there is something more 00:32
Sparks ianweller: Do you have the text for the wiki? 00:33
quaid I would put this on the back-burner; don't forget about it, but revisit if a month goes by, then prod for a status. 00:33
quaid so ... a few more weeks at least, then see if we can kindly get a status. :) 00:33
Sparks Well, we can go ahead with the change over, use the text version of the license, and change later as necessary 00:33
* danielsmw has to go, sorry for the short visit. 00:33
quaid yes 00:33
quaid ciao danielsmw 00:34
danielsmw au revoir. 00:34
Sparks danielsmw: Have a good day! 00:34
danielsmw Sparks: Thanks! 00:34
Sparks #action ianweller to bring to the list the text for the CC license for the wiki so it can be approved 00:34
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:35
Sparks ^^^ That is the timeline if anyone would like to take a peek at it. 00:35
Sparks I guess we are still waiting on the text being approved and then we can move on to step 4. 00:35
Sparks rudi: So what needs to happen to get the license changed in Publican for step 6? 00:36
rudi The people involved in doc publishing could do it at any time by hacking their Publican 0 installs 00:37
Sparks rudi: Yeah, but I want to push it to everyone. That way there is 1) no confusion, 2) no differences, 3) and everyone does it. 00:38
rudi I think it's unlikely that any more changes are forthcoming to brand packages for 0 00:38
rudi since 1 handles brands so differently. 00:38
rudi (And we're not quite up to testing brands in 1) 00:39
Sparks Well, that's a problem. 00:40
Sparks If 1 isn't out then 0 still needs to be supported 00:40
quaid um, hmm 00:40
rudi Not really; there are very few people actually publishing 00:40
quaid is there any technical reason not to change brand pkg for 0? 00:40
quaid it's just text strings, right? 00:40
rudi and I'm quite happy to wrap those notices up in the package that I've got parked on my Fedora people page. 00:41
rudi quaid -- correct. 00:41
rudi No technical reason 00:41
Sparks Well if we get new people in we should be able to say "install publican" not "install publican and then do all these changes before you can use it" 00:41
quaid rudi: is CS waiting to rebuild RHEL guides with the new license until 1.x handles brands? 00:41
* ianweller notes his action item and makes a sticky note 00:41
Sparks ianweller: Thank you 00:41
Sparks rudi: Can you adopt the brand and just make the changes there? 00:41
Sparks rudi: Or one of us? 00:42
rudi Sparks - I can check into that. 00:42
quaid does publican need a co-maintainer for the package? 00:42
* Sparks thinks 1.x should be released as publican-devel 00:42
quaid -devel has a specific meaning, though 00:42
quaid or was that a joke! 00:43
Sparks rudi: I'm not saying anything bad about Jeff... I know he's busy and he has this new tool he's putting a lot of effort into. But we still need the old tool to work for now. 00:43
quaid because if it was, very funny! just don't tell it to jfearn if you are on the same continent. 00:43
Sparks quaid: I thougth -devel was for the development version of a package... a beta 00:43
quaid nope 00:43
ianweller Sparks: -devel is development headers 00:43
quaid yep 00:44
ianweller in C, those would be the .h files 00:44
rudi Sparks -- yeah, but "work" for about three people :) 00:44
quaid Sparks: and Publican was originally proposed as 'docs-devel', with much arguing about why that wasn't OK and such 00:44
quaid rudi: sorry, where is the approv text for the license page? or proposed-and-under-review? 00:44
Sparks Well... I don't know. I'd like it to be in the repos... :) 00:45
quaid rudi: it's not the people count, it's the F12 release 00:45
quaid we have a dependency on a workingn tool for the F12 release 00:45
rudi quaid -- proposed and review version is here : 00:45
quaid we've had a rocky time for three releases with Publican feature status 00:45
rudi The source is in the Publican repo already 00:46
quaid and I thought with RHEL content upstream out here using Publican, it would work for Fedora :) 00:46
quaid Sparks: well, there is no moving backward for now, so if Publican upstream isn't going to issue an update we can use, we'll have to do manual process around it again. 00:48
* Sparks thinks hijacking the package is an option... :) 00:48
Sparks quaid: Yeah 00:48
rudi (Fedora *is* the Publican upstream) 00:48
Sparks Okay, anything else on the license changeover? 00:49
quaid what is the reason for not pushing the brand update? 00:49
* quaid wonders if he has bad breath? 00:51
Sparks rudi: ^^^ 00:51
quaid sorry, I haven't been reading publican-list; you can tell me to read the archives, if that's it 00:52
rudi Basically that energies are elsewhere at the moment 00:52
quaid can we have a packager apply to be co-maintainer? 00:53
quaid we can get some help to do the work, if that's the block. 00:53
rudi I'll ask :) 00:53
quaid is the old stuff 00:53
quaid sparks, stickster, ke4qqq, or ianweller would all be good choices 00:54
rudi Yes, because the new is here: 00:54
quaid what's the bz for this? 00:55
rudi For what? 00:56
quaid the bz for publican-fedora requesting the license update 00:57
rudi I don't know that there is one 00:57
Sparks Might not be 00:57
quaid heh, ok 00:57
quaid rudi: thanks, that XML was helpful; I'm building a book I want to be clearly under the CC 00:58
rudi NP 00:58
quaid rudi: and many thanks for working on the update of the content 00:58
rudi If it's your own book, you might want to include the CC logo too ;) 00:58
* quaid is doing a Red Hat branded book, so knows the answer to that already 00:59
rudi I know I would :) 00:59
rudi Ah OK :) 00:59
Sparks NO CC LOGO IN PRINT!!! :) 00:59
Sparks Okay... anything else on this topic? 01:00
rudi Action -- rudi to investigate getting a co-maintainer for 0 01:01
quaid #Action -- rudi to investigate getting a co-maintainer for 0 01:01
* quaid thinks he can do that? 01:01
rudi Let me test the waters first :) 01:01
Sparks Okay, lets move on to the last few topics so we can wrap things up for the day 01:02
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 01:02
Sparks Does anyone need anything for their guide? 01:02
Sparks #topic New Guides 01:03
Sparks How about new guides? Any of them? 01:03
Sparks Okay, there is a new guide in the works... 01:04
Sparks there will be an Amateur Radio Guide coming out discussing the various pieces of software in Fedora for hams 01:05
Sparks Any others? 01:05
Sparks #topic All other business 01:05
* laubersm is available for proofreading 01:06
Sparks Okay, anything else for the meeting? 01:06
laubersm I have lots of little sturts of time 01:06
laubersm I have very little predictable time 01:06
laubersm But ping me and I am happy to review materials... 01:06
Sparks laubersm: Yeah... understood 01:06
Sparks Thanks! 01:06
laubersm I know RN is coming up fast 01:06
laubersm and IG and UG for example 01:06
rudi Thanks laubersm -- I'll be needing you :) 01:07
quaid are the guides using Trac for one-task-per-chapter? 01:07
quaid there is a workflow we can impose there, with writer owning then passing to an open editor 01:07
quaid it's manual ... 01:07
Sparks Each chapter would be in its own file 01:08
Sparks The AR Guide will be in git 01:08
Sparks Anything else? 01:10
Sparks Okay, thanks everyone for coming tonight! 01:11
Sparks #endmeeting 01:11