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Sparks #startmeeting Docs Project Meeting - Agenda: 00:01
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Sparks #topic Roll Call! 00:01
* Sparks 00:01
* jjmcd est ici ou la 00:02
* ke4qqq is here - believe it or not 00:02
* rudi is here 00:03
* Sparks just updated the agenda... :) 00:03
* quaid esta aqui 00:03
* ianweller is here but not watching, mention me if a response is needed... 00:04
Sparks Okay, let's get started. 00:05
Sparks #topic Release notes format changes 00:05
jjmcd Couple things on RNs 00:05
jjmcd We are building every night for L10N 00:05
Sparks jjmcd: Remind me, again, what this is and do we need to keep it on the agenda 00:05
jjmcd Most mornings I have been posting errors to trans list 00:05
rudi Props to jjmcd -- this is *excellent* 00:06
jjmcd I notice yesterday juhp and rudi had q1uite a chat about the tables 00:06
jjmcd as did I 00:06
jjmcd Result, really no changes. juhp thought comps might be a better source than primary.sqlite, but it is very incomplete 00:06
jjmcd And now, Sparks, I think you can remove this from the list 00:07
jjmcd Thanks rudi, but purely selfish 00:07
Sparks jjmcd: This is awesome work! 00:07
jjmcd We get a lot of hard errors fixed by someone else 00:07
Sparks jjmcd++ 00:07
jjmcd <<--- lazy 00:07
rudi It relocates the work where it really should be? 00:07
jjmcd If I can get someone else to do the work !! ;-)) 00:07
rudi :) 00:08
jjmcd ANd some of the translators are really digging in 00:08
Sparks So... is the plan still to post everything to docs.fp.o and to provide a link in the HELP menu and not the document itself? 00:08
jjmcd I thought we were going to figure out the KDE alternative for yelp 00:08
Sparks I don't know 00:08
jjmcd or just do yelp 00:08
jjmcd I think that was the result 00:08
Sparks I know we had discussed a few different ways of doing it 00:09
jjmcd I did intend to go back through the logs -- yeah, we talked about a half-doze approaches 00:09
jjmcd but I had this nagging feeling I had to much with KDE 00:09
Sparks I'm concerned about the translations and the RPMs 00:09
jjmcd If we make the rpm like F11 no prob 00:09
Sparks one BIG one or multiple RPMs for different languages? 00:10
jjmcd one big one, like we always have, except not as many formats 00:10
jjmcd Soyou get your lang automatically 00:10
Sparks Okay 00:10
jjmcd Won't be a shock to anyone that way 00:11
Sparks yeah 00:11
Sparks okay, any other questions? 00:11
Sparks #topic Status on CMS (Zikula) 00:12
Sparks #link Zikula#Module_status 00:12
Sparks Any update on this? 00:12
ke4qqq none to speak of 00:12
ke4qqq at least not from me 00:12
Sparks someone was working on packaging the editor we needed. 00:13
ke4qqq mchua|away: and gang are making progress 00:13
quaid danielsmw was working the editor iirc 00:13
Sparks ianweller: Were you going to review the editor package? 00:13
ianweller was i? 00:14
ianweller i don't really remember. 00:14
Sparks ianweller: I think danielsmw was supposed to get with you to work out the errors he was getting... 00:14
ianweller i never heard from him. 00:14
Sparks ...and possibly get you to review the package 00:15
Sparks Okay 00:15
jjmcd I think it was last week Friday that I expected danielsmw to ask for help, never saw him, but I thought ianweller was going to review 00:15
ianweller i'll happily help out when needed :) 00:15
Sparks okay 00:15
Sparks can one of you follow up with him this week, please? 00:16
jjmcd I'll keep an eye out for him, but haven't seen much lately 00:16
Sparks ke4qqq: Isn't danielsmw down there with you? 00:16
ke4qqq he recently started back to college and he's on the 3 year plan - so things are probably a tad busy 00:17
Sparks I would think so 00:17
ke4qqq I'll call him this week and see what's up 00:17
Sparks ke4qqq: Thanks 00:17
Sparks #action ke4qqq to follow up with danielsmw on the editor package for Zikula 00:17
Sparks Okay, anything else on this topic? 00:17
Sparks #topic Status on CC license rollout. 00:18
Sparks #link License_changeover_schedule 00:18
Sparks ianweller: Are we ready to make the internal announcement? 00:19
Sparks quaid: Have you done the follow up with the RPM guide? 00:20
quaid hrm 00:20
quaid ok, here's the two bits. 00:20
quaid 1. I need to contact Eric Foster-Johnson about relicensing RPM Guide .. he didn't do a CLA, for example. 00:21
Sparks quaid: Where is the RPM Guide? I don't remember what that is, exactly. 00:21
quaid 2. We have some issues to work through still with the Max RPM content; there is a contributor who doesn't want to have their content relicensed nor have attribution. 00:21
quaid we have it in cvs or git or something 00:21
Sparks We were going to add more development and include the Max RPM content? 00:22
quaid yeah, the idea was to have both to meld in to one, new, shiny RPM Guide. 00:22
Sparks What are the current licenses? 00:22
ianweller Sparks: hi 00:23
ianweller sorry 00:23
quaid OPL clean for RPM Guide, OPL + non-free clauses for Max RPM 00:23
Sparks Well that's a problem. 00:24
quaid not if they are relicensed to the same CC BY SA :) 00:24
ianweller someone (Sparks) tell me if we're ready and i will make the announcement on docs-list devel-announce advisory-board etc 00:24
Sparks quaid: Yeah... IF 00:25
Sparks Okay... so here's the deal. I want the license change over done within the next two weeks. Is that feasible? 00:25
Sparks We can change the license and then reject the RPM guides if they don't want to play ball, imo. 00:26
Sparks rudi: Can you have publican updated within a week or two? 00:26
quaid oh, yeah 00:26
ianweller do we have to relicense them? 00:26
quaid RPM stuff is totally non-critical path 00:26
rudi Yep -- I'm just waiting for someone to pull the trigger 00:26
quaid move ahead with relicensing without worrying about RPM content 00:26
Sparks Okay. 00:26
ianweller #action ianweller to figure out how to change the license on the wiki 00:27
ianweller :) 00:27
Sparks ianweller: Go ahead and put the word out internally 00:27
quaid that was all a courtesy/interest; that's stuff, people here just said, "I'd like to help," so I took on that relicensing too :) 00:27
ianweller Sparks: ok 00:27
ianweller will do that in a couple of hours 00:27
Sparks This license change will NOT affect stuff in git... etc. 00:27
Sparks ianweller: Thanks 00:27
ianweller Sparks: is that on the announcement draft? 00:27
ianweller let's go over that. 00:27
ianweller cuz that's what i'm gonna copy/paste. 00:27
Sparks The license change will affect stuff on the wiki and stuff we publish 00:28
ianweller that requires i find it 00:28
Sparks ianweller: Doh! I didn't link to it anywhere! 00:28
Sparks #action rudi to change the license information in the publican brands for Fedora 00:28
rudi Sparks -- so is that a green light now? 00:29
* ianweller hunts in his email box 00:29
Sparks rudi: Yes 00:29
rudi OK 00:29
ianweller User:Ianweller/Creative_Commons_press_release -- the bottom one. 00:29
ianweller let's discuss that. 00:29
Sparks rudi: I'm going to shoot a message to the list to make sure that all guide owners are aware of the upcoming change. Just reply to that when you get it all straight, please. 00:30
rudi Will do 00:30
Sparks ianweller: Looks good. Should we make a wiki page that says why we are doing this and maybe some FAQs and post that link in that announcement? 00:31
ianweller Sparks: that would be pretty awesome. 00:31
ianweller i'm working on an english project right now so if somebody could do that tonight i will buy them a drink 00:31
Sparks Of course we'd need some folks to ask questions so we'd know what is a FAQ 00:32
ianweller "what's CC" 00:32
ianweller "why is the OPL bad" 00:32
ianweller "why is CC better" 00:32
Sparks "why is it better than OPL" 00:32
ianweller "what's the scope of this change" 00:32
quaid uh, did't I write all that? 00:32
ianweller you did yeah. 00:32
quaid but not as a FAQ! 00:32
ianweller i think. 00:32
Sparks quaid: Where? 00:32
ianweller Sparks: on the announcement 00:32
quaid FAQe (pronounced "fake") 00:33
quaid one sec 00:33
ianweller lole 00:33
Sparks quaid: Yeah, you did. 00:33
quaid 00:33
quaid #link 00:33
ianweller well HEY 00:33
quaid some of those links don't look right ... 00:33
quaid maybe I left stubs for more? 00:33
ianweller whoa. 00:33
Sparks Ummm 00:34
Sparks I don't think we are relicensing Fedora Hosted... are we? 00:34
quaid no, see 00:34
quaid stubs 00:34
Sparks I could see some potential problems. 00:34
Sparks Oh 00:34
quaid for all of the guides we have there 00:34
quaid just fill in whatever 00:34
ianweller but yeah i still need somebody awesome to turn that page into an FAQ perhaps 00:34
quaid yeah, last history is 'interim save' meaning I never got it to deserving a full comment block 00:34
ianweller quaid: hah 00:35
Sparks quaid: Can I use your blog text on the page? 00:35
quaid Sparks: natch! 00:35
quaid I hereby license it under CC BY SA, with attribution being a link back to the original post 00:36
* quaid dual licenses it under OPL for the time being 00:36
quaid so it can be put on the page until he license change :D 00:36
quaid isn't copyright fun! 00:36
Sparks quaid: I'm going to need that in writing, please. :) 00:37
ianweller that isn't writing? ;) 00:37
Sparks I need a paper 00:37
Sparks On advice from my attorney-in-training... 00:38
quaid nope, IRC log is good enough 00:38
quaid on advice from my monkey council 00:38
Sparks :) 00:38
* Sparks really didn't ask her as she's currently writing a motion for her case and I'd hate to become a part of that case 00:39
* ianweller makes a motion 00:39
* ianweller dances on the floor 00:39
ianweller quaid: ok so i'm volunteering you to faqize that faqe 00:39
quaid ha 00:40
quaid good luck with that 00:40
ianweller ;) 00:40
quaid hey, you know what would help here? 00:40
ianweller a drink? 00:40
quaid can we get a quick list of the guides in f'hosted? 00:40
quaid yeh, that too 00:40
quaid that we want to switch? 00:41
* quaid edits the page to put them in 00:42
Sparks Okay, I just pasted that into the wiki page but it's ugly... I'll be fixing that later. 00:42
quaid um, if it's done for now? 00:42
quaid ok 00:42
* quaid is adding in the fhosted list so will fix some formatting now 00:42
Sparks quaid: Do we want to selectively list the guides we are relicensing or just say "all guides"? 00:42
quaid hmm 00:44
quaid I have it as a task to email *all* contributors, past and present 00:44
quaid as a courtesy 00:44
quaid so it would help if we had a definitive list 00:44
quaid I think ... 00:44
Sparks Is that even possible? 00:44
quaid theoretically 00:45
quaid I could get a good list of names with a few hours in cvs and f'hosted 00:45
Sparks I know the security guide has been in so many different formats and changed/modified that I don't know what kind of paper trail is even left. 00:45
quaid it's a courtesy move; if we cannot reach people, it's not a game stopper. 00:45
quaid ah 00:45
quaid yeah, well, I mayn't look for wiki stuff 00:46
Sparks the SG came from the wiki... 00:46
quaid just thinking Install guide, etc. 00:46
quaid yeah, I get that 00:46
Sparks and I mean MOIN wiki 00:46
quaid heh 00:46
* quaid can get his hands on that stuff, too 00:46
quaid ok ... 00:46
quaid well, it might be futile; and it's NOT on the critical path. 00:46
Sparks Not trying to discourage... :) 00:46
quaid ok, back to the question at hand ... 00:46
quaid I have: 00:46
quaid Wiki 00:46
quaid Installation guide 00:46
quaid Release notes 00:46
quaid Security guide 00:47
quaid SELiux guide 00:47
quaid adding ... 00:47
quaid Deployment guide 00:47
quaid else? 00:47
Sparks Assessibility Guide 00:48
quaid is that 00:48
Sparks I think so... I just put it there a few months ago. It used to be in the RN up to F9 or F10 00:48
quaid /me looking for 'guide' on fh.o 00:49
Sparks That's a good start. :) 00:49
Sparks quaid: You should see one in there for an Amateur Radio Guide but there's nothing there, yet, and should be jjmcd and I working on that so no worries there. 00:50
quaid ? 00:51
Sparks What's the question? 00:51
quaid 00:51
quaid it's weird for both to appear, first seems empty; old? 00:52
rudi New! 00:52
quaid ah, or that 00:52
rudi perspectival is working on that one 00:52
rudi Doesn't seem to be here right now 00:52
Sparks any others? 00:53
rudi Add Virtualization Guide 00:54
quaid yeah 00:54
quaid I'm rolling down the page 00:54
quaid about-fedora etc. 00:54
quaid what is 00:55
quaid v. 00:55
quaid 00:55
Sparks Don't know what the first one is... the second one should be the "fedora" sg 00:55
* quaid wishes we had all stuck with the "- is the space designator" for hosted project guide names 00:55
quaid some with, some without, and now a bunch of New_Style 00:56
jjmcd Publican works better with _ 00:56
* quaid rolls his eyes and bites his tongue 00:56
jjmcd Yeah, well, I agree 00:56
quaid probably not worth changing the other names 00:57
* quaid *cough* you know, from the names similar to Fedora Packaging Standards 00:57
quaid ok, we don't have to kill the mtg with this 00:57
quaid I'll publish the updated page in a few. 00:57
Sparks Okay 00:57
Sparks anything else on this topic? 00:57
quaid #link 00:58
quaid for the record 00:58
Sparks Okay... lets cut down to the meat and potatoes... 00:58
Sparks #topic Guide needs? 00:58
* ianweller has to run 00:59
Sparks Any guides have any needs? 00:59
Sparks ianweller: See ya 00:59
jjmcd Sparks - use same image conventions as user guide? 00:59
jjmcd i.e. images/chapter 00:59
Sparks sure 00:59
Sparks #topic New Guides 01:00
Sparks Any new guides? 01:00
Sparks #topic All other business 01:01
Sparks Any other items that need to be discussed? 01:01
Sparks 5 01:02
Sparks 4 01:02
Sparks 3 01:02
Sparks 2 01:02
Sparks 1 01:02
Sparks Okay, thanks everyone for coming! 01:02
Sparks #endmeeting 01:02