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Paul Frields (stickster) led the meeting and the following attended:

  • ke4qqq, David Nalley
  • ianweller, Ian Weller
  • mizmo, Mairin Duffy
  • rharrison, Russell Harrison
  • kushal, Kushal Das
  • ria, Ria Das
  • tw2113, Michael Beckwith
  • mether, Rahul Sundaram

Meeting Summary

  • David Nalley stated that he was a few days behind schedule with the next installment of blog posts on the Four Foundations, but that it should be out by Friday.
  • Mairin Duffy indicated that a rough mock up of the drawing idea had been done for the new steamboat-themed Four Foundations posters, but that work still remained to 'graphic-ify' the images.
  • Rahul Sundaram indicated that he had not heard from Jon Roberts regarding reusing overview and release summary.
  • Mairin Duffy provided an update on stickers. Essentially a single quote is still outstanding and an email reminder would be sent.
  • On the instanbul videos front, Michael Beckwith stepped back from leading that effort due to time and interest constraints. Kushal Das announced that he was working on a PyQt4 series of videos and might explore 'Maintaining a Package' as his next series.
  • Michael Beckwith said he'd look at the possibility of working on docs.fp.o CSS.

During the course of the meeting the f

Meeting Log

[15:04] <stickster> <meeting>
[15:04] <stickster> Roll call!
[15:04] <ke4qqq> DavidNalley
[15:05] * ianweller 
[15:05] <stickster> Is mizmo around?
[15:05] <mizmo> hiii
[15:05] <stickster> eeeeeeggscellent.
[15:06] <stickster> And I'm Paul Frields.
[15:06] <ianweller> :-o
[15:06] <stickster> You might remember me from such hit shows as, "Bosom Buddies."
[15:06] * rharrison accounts for himself
[15:06] <stickster>
[15:06] <stickster> There's our task list.
[15:07] <mizmo> im mizmo. u might remember me as the girl in the funny hat in the video on right now :-p
[15:07] <stickster> mizmo: baby ur a star
[15:07] <kushal> KushalDas
[15:07] <stickster> (That was my Prince voice, but you couldn't hear it from there.)
[15:07] <mizmo> lol
[15:07] <stickster> OK. Unless someone has an objection,
[15:07] <stickster> I'm going to start down the priority 1 items on the task list.
[15:07] <kushal> stickster, thank you a lot for the nice microphone
[15:08] <stickster> kushal: You're welcome. :-)
[15:08] <stickster> kushal: Now go out and produce thee some videos! :-)
[15:08] <kushal> stickster, working on them :)
[15:08] <stickster> OK, I see that task #1 on our list is the 4 foundations posts.
[15:08] <stickster> ke4qqq: I think you did a second one already, yes?
[15:08] <ke4qqq> yes
[15:09] <stickster> ke4qqq: slap that URL in here, I'll capture it to the page too.
[15:09] <ke4qqq> next will be done by tomorrow
[15:09] <ke4qqq>
[15:10] <stickster> Awesome. That's "Features"?
[15:10] <ke4qqq> yes, Features is next - rough draft already done, just needs to be cleaned up a bit
[15:10] <stickster> ke4qqq: Let me know if you need any supplementary info -- since poelcat and I work on that pretty much daily or so.
[15:10] <ke4qqq> k
[15:11] <stickster> Well, that's well underway, so on to the next item, unless there are objections or questions about the 4 Foundations
[15:11] <stickster> OK.
[15:11] <ria> Ria Das
[15:11] <stickster> Hi Ria, thanks for coming.
[15:11] <stickster> mizmo: The next item is one that we discussed a bit in Artwork
[15:11] <ria> :)
[15:11] <mizmo> posterz!!11
[15:11] <ianweller> nowai
[15:12] <stickster> There had been some brainstorming, and it included... STEAMBOATZ!
[15:12] <mizmo> yeh
[15:12] <ianweller> steamboatz????//
[15:12] <mizmo> i think the consensus was that we want a more graphic and less photo feel
[15:12] <mizmo> so i gotta get offs my duff and graphic-ify
[15:12] <stickster> What was really interesting to me was that you guys came up with some killer ideas for how to tie the boats into each of the foundations
[15:13] <stickster> With Freedom, it was just the idea of boating down the river, unfettered
[15:13] <stickster> (or ocean)
[15:13] <ianweller> a giant boat sitting on a earth thing
[15:13] <stickster> This struck a deep chord with me because I *just* got done reading "Huck Finn" with my daughter.
[15:13] <stickster> ianweller: Failboat?
[15:13] <ianweller> heh
[15:14] <stickster> The freedom of Huck and Jim rafting down the river was a big theme in that novel.
[15:14] <stickster> So anyhow...
[15:14] <stickster> Friends was the crew all having a beer on deck, or pulling oars together, or something to that effect
[15:14] <stickster> Features was the awesomeness of the engine room
[15:14] <stickster> And Future was landing on the destination island, for example.
[15:15] * stickster shuts up and lets mizmo pontificate now
[15:15] <mizmo> well
[15:15] <stickster> oops, one other thing: some of those ideas may have been mine, so if they suck, blame me.
[15:15] <mizmo> i think the status is just that we gotta do it
[15:15] <mizmo> which was the status last week
[15:15] <stickster> :-D
[15:15] <mizmo> except this week we gots a rough mock for one
[15:15] <mizmo> :)
[15:16] <stickster> mizmo: If you or some other intrepid artiste can establish a "look" for one, the others might be easier to fall into place from other helpers
[15:17] <mizmo> yep i hope os!
[15:17] <mizmo> s/os/so
[15:17] <stickster> superb
[15:17] --> tw2113 has joined this channel (
[15:18] <stickster> Is JonRob around?
[15:18] <stickster> I think not.
[15:18] [Error] JonRob: No such nick/channel.
[15:18] <ianweller> i also think not
[15:18] <stickster> Great minds think alike, apparently, since he ain't here.
[15:18] <stickster> OK then.
[15:19] <stickster> *skritch skritch skratch*
[15:19] <tw2113> meeting isn't it?
[15:19] <stickster> If mether were around, he could tell us whether JonRob talked to him.
[15:19] <stickster> tw2113: Yes, welcome!
[15:19] <mether> stickster: whats the discussion about
[15:19] <tw2113> split shift today so i get to come in late and possibly make the rest of it
[15:20] <stickster> mether: Did JonRob talk to you about reusability of the Release Notes Overview in the Release Summary?
[15:20] <stickster> That was his banner to take up.
[15:20] <mether> nope
[15:20] <stickster> OK.
[15:20] <mether> not offlist atleast
[15:21] <stickster> We'll just have to give that a miss this time, then. He had a sort of master plan in mind and I don't really know what it entailed.
[15:21] <stickster> ke4qqq: If you could CC JonRob on the summary, and include that bit for his benefit, it would be a big help
[15:21] <stickster> Thanks!
[15:22] <stickster> Oops, gotta call mizmo on the carpet yet again then.
[15:22] <stickster> OMZG STICKERZ!!!!!1!!!
[15:22] <mizmo> stickster, OMGZ!!!11
[15:22] <mizmo> stickster, yeh so ive been a bad girl here
[15:22] <mizmo> stickster, um gdk met someone at oscon who does stickers and who is also a fedora fan
[15:23] <mizmo> i emailed him last week for quotes, he said he'd look into it but hasn't gotten back to me yet so ill send him a reminder today
[15:23] <tw2113> zomg
[15:23] <tw2113> :D
[15:23] <stickster> OK, fair enough.  I hadn't seen the new, better-for-diecutting version yet
[15:23] <stickster> *very* nice!
[15:23] <ianweller> only nitpicky thing i say: why are there colons after "write your own"?
[15:24] *** adrianalves is now known as adrianalves|away.
[15:24] <stickster> ianweller: Better digestion?
[15:24] * ianweller sticks one of the blank stickers on stickster's forehead and writes "better digestion" in the bubble
[15:25] <kushal> :)
[15:25] <ianweller> :P
[15:25] <ianweller> but seriousl.
[15:25] <ianweller> seriously*
[15:25] <stickster> Looks like an easy enough fix in inkscape
[15:25] <-- mthompson has left this server ("l8r").
[15:27] <stickster> OK, without JonRob that's really the end of the priority 1 tasks.
[15:27] <stickster> tw2113: Since you're here, want to talk about the first task on the priority 2 list?
[15:27] <tw2113> ack, not sure what it is
[15:27] <kushal> stickster, I have few input for Fedora TV
[15:27] <tw2113> link plz
[15:27] <kushal> tw2113,
[15:27] <stickster> tw2113: See the task list -->
[15:28] <stickster> Oh, thanks kushal :-)
[15:28] <kushal> :)
[15:28] <stickster> kushal: In the meantime, yes, please talk about Fedora TV.
[15:28] <mizmo> write your own:
[15:28] <mizmo> i dont see anything wrong with that?
[15:28] <mizmo> its indicating, below is where u write your own no?
[15:28] <kushal> I am out of ideas for screencasts
[15:28] <ianweller> mizmo: it might be firefox's rendering. i see "write your own:" *under* the sticker
[15:29] <kushal> the one in wiki page, i don't know them properly so can not work on them
[15:29] <mizmo> ianweller, oh weird
[15:29] <tw2113> i must chime in that i've been a bad boy and haven't touched the topic in a long time
[15:29] <stickster> ianweller: No, it's there in the source afaict
[15:29] <stickster> mizmo: I just moved them up, I can send you the SVG.
[15:29] <mizmo> ianweller, yeh firefox might be funkifying the vertical alignment if u are looking at the svg
[15:29] <mizmo> or maybe i screwed it up! not sure
[15:29] <kushal> today created few on python, how to copy files to account
[15:29] <ianweller> mizmo: if it's above the sticker then it's cool.
[15:29] <mizmo> yeh i was thinking they were above
[15:29] <mizmo> i agree if they below we should take : out
[15:29] <mizmo> or move them up
[15:29] <ianweller> ok.
[15:30] <tw2113> if we need to push the istanbul video topic more, it might be best to give it to someone else. I'm just dropping the ball here
[15:30] <kushal> So, I need to application list people want to see in the videos or workflow
[15:30] <kushal> like how to create a patch may be
[15:30] <stickster> tw2113:  Is it a lack of time thing, or a lack of interest thing?
[15:30] <tw2113> a bit of both
[15:31] <kushal> I also started a series on PyQt4 programming
[15:31] <tw2113> i'm juggling my fair amount of balls over here plus a bit of lack of interest
[15:31] <kushal> tw2113, do you have ideas ?
[15:31] <stickster> kushal: Do you think you might be working toward an overall "How to Maintain a Package" video set?
[15:31] <tw2113> no i don't sadly
[15:32] <kushal> stickster, ok, next task in pool :)
[15:32] <kushal> tw2113, ok
[15:32] <stickster> kushal: That was more of a question :-)
[15:32] <kushal> stickster, like for Fedora packaging ?
[15:32] <stickster> kushal: Is that your goal?
[15:32] <kushal> stickster, oh, :p
[15:32] <kushal> stickster, goal ,means ?
[15:32] <kushal> for what ?
[15:32] <stickster> kushal: Something you're trying to achieve with your videos
[15:33] <kushal> stickster, I goal is simple ....
[15:33] <kushal> people do not get chance to meet people in real life to learn from them, only option is irc and RTFM
[15:33] <stickster> kushal: Oh yes, I understand why we create the videos :-)
[15:33] <kushal> if they can see on videos how to do things, it becomes very easy
[15:33] <stickster> kushal: I didn't do a very good job of explaining myself.
[15:34] <stickster> kushal: Let me try again :-)
[15:34] <kushal> ok
[15:34] <stickster> I was thinking that, since you're creating lots of videos, and they seem to be about some development topics...
[15:34] <stickster> ...and...
[15:34] <stickster> ...because you maintain some packages...
[15:34] <stickster> ...the larger theme of "How to Maintain a Package" might be interesting to you, as a video-maker.
[15:34] <kushal> yes, of course :)
[15:35] <stickster> In other words, a series, one at a time, showing the essential skills
[15:35] <stickster> (or more than one at a time if you like) :-)
[15:35] <kushal> plus I want to do more for simple users
[15:35] <kushal> but as I don't know most of the user tools or options, that is difficult for me :P
[15:35] <stickster> tw2113: Is there a marketing task that *does* grab you by the lapels, which wouldn't take much of your time to achieve?
[15:36] <mizmo> we're hoping to have my fedora tools ready for f10 that are focused on package maintainers
[15:36] <stickster> tw2113: Ooo. I have an idea.
[15:36] <mizmo> so the process might be changing (for the better) as soon as f10
[15:36] <-- bpepple|lt has left this server ("Ex-Chat").
[15:36] <tw2113> hit me
[15:36] <mizmo> (something to keep in mind for that video)
[15:36] <stickster> mizmo: Oh, that's true.
[15:36] <kushal> mizmo, oh, ok
[15:36] <stickster> So if kushal creates a lot of videos, they might all change :-\
[15:36] <stickster> s/change/need to change/
[15:36] <stickster> That would be silly
[15:36] <stickster> tw2113: Are you a CSS guy?
[15:36] <kushal> stickster, then I will work on that after f10 :)
[15:37] <tw2113> i like to believe so, and have studied it in college
[15:37] <tw2113> :)
[15:37] <stickster> kushal: Whatever happens, make yourself happy doing videos, first and foremost :-0
[15:37] <stickster> :-)
[15:37] <kushal> stickster, that I am :)
[15:37] <stickster> tw2113: How would you like to fix the docs.fp.o CSS?
[15:37] <stickster> tw2113: 'Coz we need it badly.
[15:38] <tw2113> fancy it up and make it smashing?
[15:38] <stickster> tw2113: Take a look at
[15:38] <stickster> 2002 called, and they want their styles back.
[15:38] <ianweller> *that* is a domain that needs love.
[15:38] <kushal> stickster, btw, I am uploading my ogg files to fedorapeople account
[15:38] <stickster> tw2113: Now compare that to
[15:38] <kushal> soon I will be out of space
[15:38] <stickster> tw2113: Which uses the newer, canonical styles.
[15:38] <stickster> kushal: We can get you more, just ask in #fedora-admin
[15:38] <stickster> kushal: And let them know I sent you ;-)
[15:38] <kushal> stickster, then I will use my own space for both flvs and ogg
[15:39] <kushal> stickster, oh, ok
[15:39] <stickster> tw2113: So the objective is to match the docs.fp.o site to the newer official Fedora styling.
[15:39] <kushal> stickster, my idea of keeping flvs on fedorapeople is nothing but advertisement
[15:39] <kushal> that we *support* ogg
[15:39] <tw2113> sounds like parts of that would be just copying new into old
[15:39] <stickster> kushal: Hm, let me think on that.
[15:39] <kushal> eh
[15:39] <stickster> tw2113: Possibly.
[15:40] <kushal> s/flv/ogg
[15:40] <stickster> tw2113: The rub is, we need someone to *do* it who knows what he's doing :-)
[15:40] <kushal> stickster, my idea of keeping oggs on fedorapeople is nothing but advertisement
[15:40] <tw2113> yeah
[15:40] <stickster> mizmo: That's the official styling, yes?
[15:40] <tw2113> sure, i'll take on that task
[15:40] <stickster> mizmo: e.g. what's on ?
[15:40] * stickster almost 100% sure of that, but JIC...
[15:40] <stickster> tw2113: Awesome.
[15:41] <stickster> tw2113: How long do you think you need for that?
[15:41] <tw2113> how about we agree that i'll get on it asap
[15:41] <stickster> tw2113: Do you want to try for next week, then?
[15:42] <stickster> tw2113: Or does two weeks sound better for your schedule/time constraints?
[15:42] <stickster> Or...?
[15:42] <tw2113> it'll be my first official chance to push stuff live for Fedora, so i'd need a bit of help figuring out how to download the uptodate files and then pushing live etc
[15:42] <tw2113> yeah, lets aim for 2 week
[15:42] <stickster> ianweller may be able to help you with that
[15:42] <tw2113> i'm sure i could find some help easy
[15:42] <stickster> ianweller: Can I call on you for help in that regard?
[15:42] <stickster> ugh.
[15:42] <stickster> That was the crappiest sentence ever.
[15:42] * ianweller yells at the government for making him go to school
[15:42] <stickster> ianweller: Will you help with that?
[15:43] <ianweller> stickster: possibly.
[15:43] <kushal> ianweller, lol
[15:43] <tw2113> i just have to work around a schedule that isn't the same every week
[15:43] <stickster> tw2113: In fact, quaid or I may be able to help with that.
[15:43] <ianweller> i have to work around school, and homework, and ughhhhhh
[15:43] <stickster> The changes are made to a site to which we have access
[15:43] <stickster> ianweller: no problem
[15:43] <ianweller> i'll do what i can.
[15:43] <tw2113> i can pester ricky for some help too if i need to
[15:44] * ianweller wishes summer lasted 11 months
[15:44] <stickster> tw2113: OK, I'll put in a 2-week status call
[15:44] <tw2113> k
[15:44] <stickster> Cool!
[15:44] <stickster> Well, that's it for the agenda.
[15:44] <stickster> Open floor!
[15:44] <ianweller> oh goody, my computer's keyboard and mouse just locked up again
[15:44] * stickster sure if gregdek were here, he'd have something sage to say, but I'm spent for the day.
[15:44] <tw2113> who ordered the 15 pizzas?
[15:45] * stickster edits Tasks page while others talk about marketing stuff (hopefully)
[15:45] <ianweller> stickster: what's the status of trademark guidelines for business cards?
[15:45] <stickster> ianweller: Actually, we discussed that at the Board meeting this week
[15:45] <ianweller> i saw that in the notes, that's why i ask :P
[15:45] <stickster> ah
[15:45] <stickster> Well, what we were thinking is that we *want* everyone to use the standard cards
[15:45] <stickster> *and*
[15:46] <stickster> We would like people to include on the cards something that indicates how they can be "found" on our system, so recipients can verify the person is in Fedora
[15:46] <ianweller> i wonder if there's a command line tool i can use to get my keyboard and mouse unfrozen.
[15:46] <stickster> ianweller: yum install unbreakmydevices
[15:46] <ianweller> stickster: i wish!
[15:47] <stickster> Then you SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER!!!
[15:47] <tw2113> just throw them out the window ianweller
[15:47] <tw2113> the higher up you are, the better
[15:47] <ianweller> i know it's not a hardware problem
[15:47] <ianweller> it's a fedora problem.
[15:47] <ianweller> and that's what makes me mad
[15:47] <kushal> ianweller, same here
[15:47] * ianweller sshes in and init 3;init 5
[15:47] <stickster> OK, are we done with marketing then?
[15:47] <kushal> my personal lappy gets in same condition any time
[15:47] <kushal> stickster, seems so :)
[15:48] <stickster> 5
[15:48] <stickster> 4
[15:48] --> jesolato has joined this channel (
[15:48] <stickster> 3
[15:48] <stickster> 2
[15:48] <stickster> 1
[15:48] <stickster> </meeting
[15:48] <stickster> >