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quaid <meeting id="Websites_team"> 13:17
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-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Websites meeting :: late start 13:17
quaid Websites/Tasks 13:17
ke4qqq I'll show up I suppose 13:17
quaid ok, then, looking around the room and at that task list ... 13:17
quaid skip first item ... 13:17
-!- quaid changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Websites meeting :: CMS solution for Fedora Project websites 13:18
quaid hey, that's my item! 13:18
quaid g put up a test instace of Drupal, as a good example that matches current scope 13:18
quaid ... I haven't tried anything with it, directly, and admit to being a bit stuck with the size of this wad to chew :) 13:19
quaid CMS_solution_for_Fedora_Project_websites 13:19
quaid my personal goal is to improve Docs publishing process for F10 13:19
quaid and to hopefully do something that is repeatable for other use cases. 13:19
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quaid status -- I need to update the schedule to reflect some slips, mainly due to lame project management most likely 13:20
quaid also, I need to reevaluate interest in the project and scale :) 13:20
quaid <eoreport> 13:20
* quaid waits a minute for that to absorb in, any questions? 13:21
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quaid honestly ... it's less as schedule slip overall and more a need to really get some "approval" on the solution requirements 13:22
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quaid hey smooge 13:22
smooge hey quaid 13:22
quaid a question I have is: 13:22
smooge how are things 13:22
quaid who decides CMS stuff that impacts Infra and Websites? 13:22
quaid smooge: pretty good, actually 13:23
quaid ricky: for example, I feel like I'm heading us down a path that really needs Infra's support. 13:23
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quaid ok, that's dragged enough, eh? 13:25
quaid anything more? 13:25
quaid Action: quaid to get Infra approval on solution requirements and final solution 13:26
quaid next item ... 13:26
quaid I don't see ylynfatt about? 13:26
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quaid ok, if tw2113 turns up (just pinged him in #fedora-websites), we'll return to docs.fp.o 13:27
quaid (look & feel) 13:27
mizmo-busy tw2113 headed out a few minutes ago 13:28
quaid ah, ok 13:28
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quaid mizmo-busy: got time to talk about MyFedora, we could skip ahead to spins.fp.o too 13:28
mizmo-busy quaid, working on it right now, j5 had a test server up for a while and it was looking very swanky but, its been down for the past few days 13:29
mizmo-busy i dont think he's in today 13:29
ricky quaid: Has docs narrowed down to a choice that fits their requirements? 13:29
J5 ya, it's up again 13:29
mizmo-busy im working on show/hide javascript for the widgets in the right column 13:29
mizmo-busy J5, oh there u are 13:29
J5 one of my files wan't checked in 13:29
mizmo-busy yay 13:29
J5 some cool stuff to look at 13:30
ricky Oop, sorry to interrupt myfedora stuff (just got back) 13:30
quaid ricky: nope; we in fact should be quite easy, just about any CMS will work for hosting $any_doc 13:30
ricky What about workflow requirements? 13:30
ricky When there's one choice that docs is definitely happy with, then infra discussion would be the next step 13:30
quaid ricky: CMS_solution_for_Fedora_Project_websites#Must_have 13:30
quaid J5: are you sharing URLs? :) 13:31
* quaid tries the obvious ... 13:31
ricky Have members of docs test-driven any yet? That could be a good idea to find potential problems 13:31
J5 quaid: it's internal right now until we can deploy it on a test server but 13:32
J5 I'm hoping ot have a beta up by F10 Beta 13:32
* quaid pretends like he's not looking and is waiting piously for an external showing 13:32
ricky Heh 13:32
mizmo-busy we need a cool name for it 13:32
mizmo-busy right now it's called Fedora Community 13:32
J5 I like that 13:33
quaid ricky: good iterative call, sure; I was driving the list from the master level, but I suppose we could just yay/nay from a simple @Docs perspective. 13:33
mizmo-busy but its too generic a name maybe, not easily searched 13:33
J5 moksha is the name of the engine behind it 13:33
ricky J5: I can't see that, so is that running the code in the myfedora git repo? 13:33
J5 ricky: ya 13:33
ricky Ah, cool 13:33
J5 ricky: there is a script to get a virtual env 13:33
* ricky notes that pt15 is built with a test FAS instance 13:34
J5 ricky: tg2 branch though 13:34
ricky Ah 13:34
J5 we need all the tg2 modules built as rpms in the infrastructure repo 13:34
J5 I was going to look into it once my self imposed feature freeze took effect 13:35
J5 it might already be there as part of the tg2 work being done for Fedora 13:35
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quaid ok, from all of that I see ... 13:37
quaid My Fedora is on a schedule, with a target of showing a running instance by F10 Beta 13:37
ricky Release early, release often :-) 13:38
quaid on the other side of the room ... 13:38
quaid Action: quaid is going to rally Docs people to test drive a small set of CMSes + any others that meet criteria; this is before involving Infra 13:38
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quaid anything else on those dual topics? 13:39
smooge ShadowMan's Pad is probably too far of a name 13:39
quaid mizmo-busy: how are your feelings about alignment of our Fedora CSSes? 13:39
mizmo-busy quaid, well 13:40
mizmo-busy quaid, ive had to override a few things i dont think i should have to when doing the my fedora 'chrome' css sheet 13:40
mizmo-busy quaid, so i think there may be some too-specific styles in the main fedora css sheet that should be played around with 13:40
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mizmo-busy quaid, but generally i think it's working well 13:41
mizmo-busy quaid, i've separated any my-fedora specific branding bits into one sheet 13:41
mizmo-busy and the chrome sheet thus far i think is going to be suitably generic for anyone wanting to make a fedora app to be able t use 13:41
quaid mizmo-busy: do we need to separate out a task to get the CSS aligned and some guidelines or policy set? maybe form a working group to fly to Zurich for the week and "hammer out the details"? 13:41
mizmo-busy to Zurich? 13:42
quaid sorry, got away from myself 13:42
mizmo-busy hehe 13:42
quaid forgot to KISS 13:42
mizmo-busy im slow today 13:42
mizmo-busy well 13:42
mizmo-busy its on my to-do list to write up a set of guidelines once the chrome sheet is finished 13:42
smooge could we do a working group at say a Phoenix resort instead? 13:42
mizmo-busy so i think it would be good to set it up as a websites tasks 13:42
mizmo-busy more kicks in the pants, more likelihood ill get 'er done :) 13:43
mizmo-busy smooge, tokyo!!!! 13:43
quaid smooge: part of the "elite working group" is that you are apparently an extraverted jetsetter 13:43
mizmo-busy nihongo ni ikitai desu yo 13:43
mizmo-busy er 13:43
mizmo-busy nihon ni 13:43
* quaid adds as a task so it don't be forgotten 13:43
mizmo-busy sigh 13:43
mizmo-busy i think im sick, dont get too close to my side of the irc room 13:44
quaid ok, deal 13:45
quaid did you want to hit spins? 13:45
mizmo-busy spins hasn't made any progress :( 13:45
mizmo-busy from my end at least 13:45
quaid it's noted as backburned 13:46
mizmo-busy that sounds painful 13:46
mizmo-busy like when i go to the beach 13:46
quaid quite 13:46
quaid even with the flame low 13:46
quaid is there anything here that someone else could pick up? help with? 13:46
mizmo-busy well 13:47
mizmo-busy i think the sitemap is well-defined 13:47
mizmo-busy i think the next step is to wireframe out all the various involved pages, listed out on the sitemap 13:47
mizmo-busy if someone else could pick that up, good progress could be made 13:47
quaid kanarip: do you know of anyone (in Spins SIG? Design?) who could do that? 13:47
mizmo-busy im focusing on my fedora for now though, i can pick spins back up once i fleshed my fedora out more. the 'chrome' from my fedora could be used for spins 13:47
smooge oooooh I could go for Tokyo if we get to stop by the Studio Ghibli Museum 13:48
* kanarip called back in here 13:48
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quaid mizmo-busy: understood, thanks; if the SIG is interested, perhaps a request for help from them on f-websites-l would be good 13:49
kanarip "wireframe out all the involved pages"? 13:49
smooge actually lets book that as our meeting place. We can do the website in the spirit of Totoro and giant Bakeneko. [And I am definately sick..] 13:49
quaid mizmo-busy: do you have a wireframe example? 13:50
mizmo-busy yep one sec 13:50
mizmo-busy smooge, oh by sick i mean, literally sick, ive got some kind of migraine and vertigo going on 13:50
quaid ick 13:50
mizmo-busy kanarip, quaid: the one on the bottom there is an example of a wireframe 13:51
quaid mizmo-busy: as it happens, we can stop buggin' ya 13:51
smooge mizmo-busy, me too 13:51
quaid unless you had anything more of your own ... 13:51
smooge My wife just siad I have to go to bed soon.. I have 101 fever 13:51
mizmo-busy thhe svg for the wirireframe is here Websites/Spins/Wireframes 13:51
kanarip ah, so that's a wireframe 13:52
mizmo-busy for anyone who wants to take it up 13:52
mizmo-busy smoogg, i wonder if we have the same bbu 13:52
quaid smooge: I feel worse at 101F than at 103F 13:52
mizmo-busy bug 13:52
smooge kanarip, I was thinking it was what a 3d layout 13:52
smooge mizmo-busy, possibly... we had it go around work last week 13:52
smooge hopefully you aren't in the office 13:53
mizmo-busy 1st documented case of infection via IRC! 13:53
mizmo-busy im not :) 13:53
quaid kanarip: so, someone could take that SVG and make multiple copies for all of the pages, then adjust 13:53
smooge thats good.. 13:53
kanarip i'm not sure whether i can actually improve the wireframe that is up there 13:53
mizmo-busy kanarip, we need wireframes for all the other pages in the sitemap 13:53
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quaid kanarip: I think ... 13:54
kanarip quaid, ah, so the point is to use that wireframe and make a mock-up of all actual pages? 13:54
quaid kanarip: the idea is to capture changes on subsequent pages 13:54
mizmo-busy Websites/Spins/SiteMap 13:54
mizmo-busy one per node 13:54
kanarip can i eliminate a few? 13:54
kanarip off the sitemap that is? 13:55
quaid question kanarip 13:55
quaid are they functional to the way the spins app work? 13:56
quaid or are they user interface? 13:56
quaid if the former, it sounds like a Spins SIG and app developer question, no? 13:56
kanarip well, supposedly... everything interactive can be eliminated if we're talking F10 13:56
quaid and if the latter, then perhaps there is Websites/design input 13:56
kanarip browse, search, hit, read, download, feedback, and that's it, maybe 13:57
quaid oh, I just say, "Make me a spin for my Grandma," and it does it? cool 13:57
mizmo-busy kanarip, feel free to just mock up the wireframes needed in priority order 13:57
kanarip mizmo-busy, right 13:57
smooge so while I was out sick... did we make a list of CMS's we were looking at? 13:57
mizmo-busy kanarip, so if you know only certain areas of functionality are going to be covered for a given milestones absolutely drop the other ones 13:57
smooge quaid, no you have to say "sudo make me a spin for Grandma" 13:57
kanarip what's the level of detail on such wireframe? example yada yada text? 13:58
mizmo-busy can i has pony spin? 13:58
kanarip no. 13:58
kanarip ;-) 13:58
mizmo-busy kanarip, you could look to the example as a guide... generally i like to put what types of data are going in that area 13:58
mizmo-busy kanarip, like, "alphabetical list of pony-related spins goes here" 13:58
kanarip right 13:58
mizmo-busy or "search results go here" 13:59
mizmo-busy that kind of thing 13:59
kanarip with 7 spins... categorizing is not even an option yet 13:59
mizmo-busy it can be fleshed out more once the high-fidelity mockups are done 13:59
mizmo-busy i need to recruit more ranchers to fedora, then we'll have pony spins 13:59
quaid smooge: no specific list exists, just a list of requirements 13:59
smooge ok.. I am trying out django as a complete newbie.. 14:00
quaid Fedora Pony Farm Edition 14:00
kanarip well... i can try... and try and get some other people involved... 14:00
smooge ooooh that would be too popular 14:00
kanarip but this most definitely is not my cup of tea just so you know ;-) 14:00
quaid kanarip: the thing is ... 14:00
quaid kanarip: not knowing the other priorities 14:01
kanarip i might end up spending 3 hours on some obscure GUI picture thing editor i don't know 14:01
kanarip only to create a box or something 14:01
quaid kanarip: is it worth it to you to ask on the list and do a little project management of help to get them in the right direction? 14:01
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kanarip quaid, i can do that 14:01
mizmo-busy kanarip, we have quite a lot of art team applicants now needing work to do ;) 14:02
quaid esp if you want to change the workflow with specific changes, etc. 14:02
kanarip is that right? art-list goes in CC: ;-) 14:02
mizmo-busy kanarip, even if per page a written description of what info is available on the page, what the page does in some details, that would make it easy for an art contributor to get the wireframe done 14:02
mizmo-busy writeup doesnt require inksacpe muscles 14:03
kanarip right, that's something i can do 14:03
* kanarip no muscles 14:03
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quaid ooh, good point mizmo-busy 14:03
* quaid {heart} Inkscape ENOTIME 14:04
quaid whoops, segfault trying to start up Inkscape in my heart 14:04
kanarip so this is on me: gather some people from art sig / spin sig willing to work on getting some mock-up pages as listed in the site map and get them in before... when exactly? 14:04
quaid kanarip: you set the date? 14:04
quaid how about this 14:04
quaid work backward from F10 release, when do you want people testing stuff, etc. 14:05
kanarip well, since i'm not at all aiming for all kinds of interactivity in the spins.fp.o for F10... 14:05
kanarip i just want it to look *awesome* 14:05
kanarip do we have another meeting next monday? 14:06
quaid yep 14:06
* quaid sees we are a bit overtime 14:07
quaid kanarip: I'll note that you'll give us a due date.status stuff next week? 14:07
kanarip ok, let me get back at you then about who it is that is going to do the inkscape muscle work for which pages over the following two weeks 14:07
kanarip doable? 14:07
kanarip so it should be done and "ready" for further work on October 13th? 14:08
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kanarip (i'm not sure what kind of time inkscape muscle guys have available, but i'm confident something could be whipped up over the next 3 weeks, right?) 14:09
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quaid kanarip: sounds OK over here, although we'll have to see if anyone is taking the hand-off on that exact schedule 14:09
quaid kanarip: ha! tvujec always says, "Ask a developer how long something will take, he always says, 'A week.'"" 14:10
kanarip quaid, then triple it 14:10
quaid exactly 14:10
kanarip and triple the costs 14:10
kanarip that's standard prince2 14:11
kanarip well... "standard" 14:11
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quaid ok,t hen 14:12
quaid I'm going to close 14:12
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quaid we'll have to look at the other tasks on list 14:13
quaid and next week and such 14:13
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quaid if there is nothing else pressing ... 14:13
quaid ok! 14:13
quaid </meeting> 14:13

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