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发件人	 	Yuan Yijun
收件人	 	Fedora Ambassadors List
日期		2007-12-4 下午4:50
主题		Calling for attendants of 2007-12-08 Shanghai CU salon

Hi, (CU) is organizing some Linux events recently, and
Shanghai CU salon is scheduled on 2007-12-08. Details here:

This event is sponsored by Intel, and Shaofan Li from Intel OTC is
going to give the first talk. After that, some one from Loongson will
give another keynote.

This event is free and open to anyone. AFAIK fedora contributors
ZCMiao, LoneXin and AllenChen, maybe others, will take part in.

BTW, There are 3 other cities where CU salon will be held at the same
time: Beijing, Xi'an and Wuhan. After that, on 2007-12-09
SHLUG(Geekbone) may have another meeting.

The meetings will be reported later at this place:

A previous report regarding last month' meeting is here

bbbush ^_^