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Mikko Virkkilä

  • IRC: mvirkkil on ircnet and freenode
  • E-mail:

I'll keep some personal notes on the project here, but most of the info is on the page MoinDocBookProject. Feel free to contact me either by mail or on irc about this project.

Todo, when all else is done

  • Get the pages served as application/docbook+xml from "Render as docbook"

. This seems to live in MoinMoin/actions/


  • Markenstein
  • ReStructuredText - There has been some talk about converting the the moinmoin rst parser to use the formatters properly. This would mean that in theory one could convert rst-pages in moinmoin to docbook pages without any modifications (besides rewriting the rst parser). ;)
  • mediawiki-parser for moinmoin - One could use this in combination with my work to export wikipedia articles to docbook, an awesome amount of complexity ;)
  • wikipedia pages as virtual moinmoin pages

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