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This page captures notes on evaluating Drupal for Fedora Insight.

Drupal general information

Drupal site
The Drupal website has constantly updated information on Drupal and is a good source of general information.

Drupal has many positive aspects that make it an attractive option for Fedora Insight:

  • Very large install base, ~1% of websites run it (by comparison, 8.5% run WordPress, and just over 1% run Joomla)
  • Drupal community is large and vibrant
  • Drupal community principles well aligned with Fedora (100% FOSS)
  • Most modules of interest seem to be very well suited from licensing perspective

Possible risk considerations:

  • Drupal 5 -> 6 migration is not painless, though Drupal 6.16 is current and in Fedora
  • Drupal 6.16 is not in EPEL-5, but may be available in EPEL-6
  • Drupal 7 due at an unknown date, possibly June 2010 but depends on bug stomping
  • Drupal modules need packaging for Fedora/EPEL
  • Modules may move at a fairly brisk pace of change, requiring attentive maintainers


To install Drupal, refer to How to install Drupal.


Instructions on how to package Drupal modules are part of the Drupal module specfile template.


This section will refer to another page covering specific administration tasks if needed.