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Kevin Thiels

Hi my name is Kevin Thiels and I live in Belgium.

I signed up at Fedora to join the project with the idea of also promoting it.

Fedora should be worlds largest linux network in history and I think together we could make it come true.


Email: kevin[at]

Iphone mail: pda[at]

IRC: docterdre[at]Kreynet

Fedora acc: Novitsh

Activities within Fedora

"Talking really helps." This is my slogan on what my strategy is based on.

Talking about Fedora will help it to expand the project and getting more linux users involved.

On most events in Belgium I'll be there to promote Fedora (Linux events and others)

Things I want to do

- Translating: English to Dutch and reverse.

- Webdesign: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, (maybe even Iphone webpages? iDevKit)

- Ambassador: Promoting worlds best linux system.