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Fedora Events: Free Software Conference at Open Source Lab of Szeged, Hungary

The Free Software Conference (Hungarian: Szabad Szoftver Konferencia) is an one day event, celebrated after one month the world's Software Freedom Day at Szeged's IT Center - with a broad scope at users, beginners, developers, administrators and companies. It features huge amount of talks, presentations and workshops as well.

When and Where

  • The event date: 29. Nov. 2013
  • The event will be held from 9 AM till cca. 7 PM.
  • Opening ceremony is at approx. 9:15 AM.
  • OSOL Lab - Open Source Software Development Educational and IT Center University of Szeged.
  • Address: Ady square 10., 6722 Szeged [1]


  • It is confirmed that we could have free parking slot near to the IT center. More details are coming, but plate number and car type is required to ensure the place. For financially reasons, the deep parking slot unavailable to this year event.

Booth Personal

Booth Guests

  • This event will be special one, because of 2 special guests will attend too, and we would like to share that our 10th anniversary with people. Joerg Simon (finally!), Onuralp Sezer from Turkey, and one girl from the Tibetan community. Moreover all of the ambassadors are will attend, and will talk, and bigger part of the local community also attending - and 2 cars are already loaded with members.


We need:

  • Space
  • 2 meter short table
  • 2 chairs
  • Electricity
  • Fully equipped and prepared talk rooms (Projector, and so on)
  • Stand Up Roller + the usual SWAG

Booth equipment

  • We have:
  • Ben Nanonote - Mips development and FOSS gadget
  • XO-1 laptop - Fedora Kids
  • ARM development: Raspberry-Pi B Model rev 1.0 (256MB RAM) running Pidora + keyboard and some fedora games to keep people attention
  • ARM development: Raspberry-PI B Model rev 2.0(512MB RAM) +Raspberry-PI Camera Rev 1.3
  • Leap Motion Device.
  • Two laptops that runs demonstration F20
  • Printed materials (see at swag)
    • Pidora info sheet A4 (Hungarian, 50 sheet)
    • Minimal swag for trophy in the game sheet
    • Some leftover english cheatcubes (20-25 pcs)
  • We need:
  • Tablecloth (Joerg will bring it after 19th event at Germany)
  • Swags from Jiri (stickers, pins, and if possible few mugs)
  • Rollups (our has been torn out, we need a replacement)
  • Leap Motion HU info sheet (under preparing by Zoltanh721)

Swag requests, tickets

  • Stickers and some leftover swag sent by Affix on 2013. nov. 20. Package hopefully arrives in time.
  • We have created some swags this has been detailed on ticket 316.
  • We have asked for fuel for the car, and to the trip, this is also in ticket 316.
  • Ticket No. 305, 314, 311, 316


  • Catering: As tradition, one hot meal in the restaurant possibly will be included freely for speakers (Thanks to ULX, local Hungarian JBOSS distributor)

Our Talks

  • Calling for papers has finished
  • Our talks are submitted, all has been accepted and sheduled
  • We have 30 where the last five minutes are for questions, so choose wisely the theme - time runs out quickly.
  • English is not a blocker, but hungarian is the preferred. But if you plan to make an talk else as Hungarian, do it in English. Most of the audience talks english, as this University is an Open Source software development lab. So don't be affraid.


  • Scheduled talks:
  • Joerg Simon  : ISO this * - Welcome to Reality (Security Spin talk)
  • Máté Gelei  : Openshift private cloud (Openshift)
  • Gergely Rákosi: Playful Linux (Gaming on Fedora)
  • Ferenc Teknős : Webhosting business difficulties - a view from technology and current laws direction
  • Onuralp SEZER : Motion Control in Fedora
  • Janos Viragh  : RPM packaging
  • Peter Czanik  : Network monitoring, and security: What helps logging?

Free Software Conference - OSOL Szeged Official Poster [2]


  • Preparation ongoing, fluent
  • Slots schedule are confirmed.
  • You have to register yourself to the event at closing, you can win some gifts.
  • They are flexible with timing, but they are asking to keep the your time inside the schedule. Because trying to reduce time loss with eg. screen setup, and keep talks flow as written.
  • Leap motion flyers created
    • Leap motion HQ pictures from device added and used
    • HQ Screenshot from software
    • Webpage needed for our project on booth side.
  • General Fedora flyers needed to be translated (HU)
  • Webpage need with 10 years Fedora

Look for us if you are in Hungary, near to Szeged!




  • Last year at 2011 was an great success, and we would like to continue the tradition.
  • One year were sadly cancelled because of financial reasons by the organisers.