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Fedora Events: Free Software Conference at Open Source Lab of Szeged, Hungary

The Free Software Conference (Hungarian: Szabad Szoftver Konferencia) is a one day event, celebrated in late November - with a broad scope of users, beginners, developers, administrators and companies. It features a huge amount of talks, presentations and workshops as well.

When and Where

  • The event date: 20. Nov. 2014
  • The event will be held from 9 AM till cca. 7 PM.
  • Opening ceremony is at approx. 9:15 AM.
  • Venue: Agóra Szeged.


  • Free!

Booth Personnel


We need:

  • Space
  • 2x2 meter short table
  • 2 chairs
  • Electricity (floor plugs are available, just bring one more plug/extension cord with plugs to have enough - as we all love to plug-ins :)
  • Fully equipped and prepared talk rooms (Projector, and so on) (Agora venue team)
  • Stand Up Roller + the usual SWAG (Rgeri77)
  • Again: Don't forget to bring with you powerplug to have enough shareable power for everyone, and for booth too. The everyone's equipment gonna require a lot of plugs, and the venue is well equipped, just be prepared (phones, laptops, and more - .)

(Note: this is from last year. Hopefully nothing has changed.)

Booth equipment

(to-be-filled later)

Swag requests, tickets

We don't need swag, we'll use our reserves for this event.

Christos' travel funding:
RGeri77's gasoline cost:
Community dinner:


  • Catering: As tradition, one hot meal in a restaurant will possibly be granted to speakers.
  • Community dinner at Dugonics Étterem near the center of Szeged.

Our Talks

  • Talks have been added to the schedule.
  • We have 25+5 minutes! Themes must be chosen carefully, since time runs out quickly!
  • English is not a blocker, but Hungarian is the preferred. If you plan to make a talk in a language other than Hungarian, please do it in English. Most of the audience talks English, since we will be in a IT University context.

Speaker Topic Status
Levente Kurusa Introduction to Docker 10am Kamaraterem
Gergely Rákosi Rise of the Fedora Desktop: Gaming 3pm Szeminariumi terem
Ferenc Teknős What really is the Fedora Project? 10am Szeminariumi terem
Peter Czanik syslong-ng: not just logging 12:30pm Kamaraterem
Szilveszter Liszy The hundred year old curse and the ergonomy of the keyboard 10am Informatorium
Christos Bacharakis Fedora.Next 3:30pm Szeminariumi terem


Look for us if you are in Hungary, near to Szeged!




Photos by the Hungarian Firefox Community:

Photos by Obsitos:

(More to come :p)


  • The 2011 one was a great success, and we would like to continue the tradition.
  • Year 2012 has been sadly cancelled due to the financials.
  • Year 2013 was a great success as well! We must continue!