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KDE Addons Package Standards


To develop a standard package naming scheme for add-on packages (such as themes) of other applications/system elements in the Fedora-KDE universe.

Naming scheme

  • Clipart need not be DE specific and should be named


  • KDE color schemes should be named


  • KDE Cursor packs should be named


  • KDE window decorations tend to come in several forms/types: Comiz, IceWM, deKorator, and native. They should be named


  • Kopete emotion packs should be named


  • KDE icon packs should be named


  • Karamba applets should be named


  • Items that do not otherwise fit into other categories should be named


  • KDE screen savers should be named

kde-screensaver[s] -%{packagename}

  • Service menus for KDE should be named

kde-servicemenu[s] -%{packagename}

  • KDE Splash Screens should be named

kde-splash[s] -%{packagename}

  • KDE widget styles should be named


  • General themes for KDE should be named


  • Themes for Amarok should be named


  • Themes for k3b should be named


  • Themes for KBFX should be named


  • Themes for KDM should be named


  • Themes for Noatun should be named


  • System event sounds should be given a non DE specific name


  • Bitmap wallpapers should be given a non DE specific name and should also contain information about the dimensions with the values being zero padded to 4 digits in the format of

wallpaper[s] -%{width}%{height}-%{packagename}

  • SVG wallpapers should be given a non DE specific name

wallpaper[s] -svg-%{packagename}

  • [s] represents optional, but descriptive pluralization: ie. wallpaper-svg-foo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm will contain one wallpaper (file) while wallpapers-svg-foofoo-1.0-1.noarch.rpm will contain two or more files


Complaint: A lot of Gnome users use Amarok, so kde-themes-amarok-%{packagename} should be replaced by amarok-theme-%{packagename}

Response: Amarok is still arguably a KDE centric application built with Qt and KDE bindings. The solution may be to come to a definition on what constitutes a KDE app. However, taken to the extreme, this would lead to amarok being renamed to kde-amarok, the affect of this change being uncertain. While such a change would make yum list "kde-*" more useful, it would be a large change to track down all such programs and may lead to unnecessary segregation of packages.

Complaint: It may be nicer to have kde-splash instead of kde-splashscreens.

String length really should not be an issue. But the omissions of 'screens' doesn't seem to take away to much from its descriptiveness.


Problem: Current Purpose may be too broad.

Suggestion: Change Purpose to the following: To develop a standard package naming scheme for add-on packages (such as themes) of other applications/system elements in the Fedora-KDE universe.

Problem: Differentiate between KDE3 and KDE4 packages

Suggestion: s/kde/kde3/ or s/kde/kde4/ depending on what they target

Problem: need to distinguish between themes only using Qt and those actually using KDE

Suggestion: (none yet)

Arising Proposals

Define a KDE application as a application as one that meets some or all of the following requirements:

  • is specifically built to solve a KDE problem/need
  • is a GUI application built with the Qt toolkit and contains the recognizable 'K' in its name
  • is a GUI application built with Qt and KDE bindings/libraries


  • Arthur Pemberton <pembo13 at gmail dot com>
  • Rex Dieter <rdieter at math dot unl dot edu>
  • Chitlesh Goorah <chitlesh at fedoraproject dot org>
  • Francois Aucamp <faucamp at csir dot co dot za>