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I'm suggesting to change scriptlet on the page, to more universal sriptlet:

%pretrans -p <lua>
-- Due to a bug #447156
paths = {"/usr/share/squid/errors/zh-cn", "/usr/share/squid/errors/zh-tw"}
for key,path in ipairs(paths)
  st = posix.stat(path)
  if st and st.type == "directory" then
    status = os.rename(path, path .. ".rpmmoved")
    if not status then
      suffix = 0
      while not status do
        suffix = suffix + 1
        status = os.rename(path .. ".rpmmoved", path .. ".rpmmoved." .. suffix)
      os.rename(path, path .. ".rpmmoved")

This scriptlet fixes 2 and more symlinks, because array is used, but if you leave just 1 member in array, then the same result as with variable is done.

Why not just remove *.rpmmoved in a %post?

Rather than the business of %ghost-ing the .rpmmoved dir, why not just remove it in a %post so that at the end of the package installation, it's gone and the old dir is replaced by the symlink?