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Fedora Events: PlayIT Conference 2014

The PlayIT Conference 2014 are an Event with a broad Scope at Users, Beginners, Developers, Administrators, Companies (approx. 15000!!! visitors). It mostly targets having fun, and gaming - but also presentations, and a huge expo like gadget parade, and trade-show as well. This includes the biggest corporations, gaming contests, with huge IT press presence.

When and Where

  • 26. April 2014
  • Event timing has been cleared, gates are opening for booth personal at 8 AM.
  • The event place is:
    • SYMA Center, Building ’A’ and ‘B’
    • H-1146 Budapest, Dózsa György street 1.
    • Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm
    • Official site:
    • ’SYMA’ center – which is located just next to the metro station ‘Puskás Ferenc Stadion’ – will provide more space than ever for the visitors to comfortably enjoy the newest softwares and hardwares and to engage in social contact.
  • GPS: GPS coordinates: LAT: 47°30’02” LON: 19°06’06”
  • Parking: SYMA center is located in the triangle of Kerepesi út – Thököly út – Hungária körút.

Visitors can park their cars at Dózsa György út, Stefánia út or at the parking lot of Budapest Aréna. Exhibitors are provided parking free of charge at the center, please approach from Ifjúság út.

Booth Personal

Gergely Rákosi (rgeri77) - Event Owner
Zoltan Hoppár
Onuralp SEZER
Ferenc Teknős
Liszy Szilveszter
Csák Zoltán
Zsófia Bicskei


What we will get/will have:

  • Space
  • 2 meter table (longer available, or we get one more)
  • 2 chairs (if we need more we could have it)
  • Wireless or better wired Internet Access
  • electricity
  • Fully equipped talk rooms (Micro-port, projector, and so on)
  • Catering: Not included, but there is available to purchase anything in shop - water, and the more important coffee :)
  • demo devices to play with? like laptops ...
  • HDTV (1920x1080)
  • Leap Motion Controller
  • Balloons
  • Stickers
  • Computer gadgets
  • DVDs
  • Roll ups
  • Pins
  • Buttons
  • Quiz papers
  • Red-hat Flyers
  • Fedora Flyers
  • Redhat Brochures


  • Just quick intros and talks at booth


#361 - Swag Production =

#362 - Travel Subsidy for Onuralp SEZER

Other Tickets

We thank you for swag support to Jiri Eichmann and Jiri Folta and other extra multiple support has been by paid and supported RedHat.


Not necessary, one day event.

  • PlayIT Show [1]

Status and Report

Event has completed successfully and 13000 people attend to event.It was all full and we have a lot of rush,especially on "Leap Motion Controller" and also Fedora Gaming too. We made a lot of Quiz and we have a lot of winners. We also has invited to second Play-IT event which is gonna happen in Autumn-October. We cooperated with PC-World and next time We hope It's gonna be our place in next event also in "news" and "websites" for Fedora.

PCWorld News : (They talked about us(Fedora) and Redhat and FirefoxOS)

Video Link : Fedora PlayIT Video

GameStar Link : PCWorld Made one



That was the first time we attended to this event and invited by PC-World (Computer Newspaper).