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This test needs improvements
There are few bugs in Fedora 16 preventing successful run of this test (RHBZ #743145, RHBZ #747770)

Here are instructions on setting up and testing Aeolus on Fedora 16:

- sudo yum install aeolus-all --enablerepo=updates-testing

- sudo aeolus-configure

- bring up firefox, navigate to http://localhost/conductor

- login as 'admin' / 'password'

- click on 'administer' > 'cloud providers' > 'new provider'

 > name: 'ec2-us-east-1'
 > url: leave as is
 > type: amazon ec2
 > x-deltacloud-provider: us-east-1

- click on 'accounts' > 'new account'

 > name: ec2
 > access key / secret access key / account number / key / cert: ec2 credentials

- build a cloud image

 $ aeolus-image build --target ec2 --template /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/aeolus-cli-0.1.0/examples/custom_repo.tdl

- push the image to the cloud

 $ aeolus-image push --provider ec2-us-east-1 --id <id-of-the-image-from-the-last-step>

- wait for your image to be pushed

 $ aeolus-image list --images
 $ tail -f /var/log/imagefactory.log

- sudo mkdir /var/www/html/deployables

- create deployable definition in /var/www/html/deployables

   vim /var/www/html/deployables/inst1.xml
     <deployable name='inst1'>
       <assemblies name = 'inst1'>
         <assembly name='inst1' hwp='hwp1' >
           <image id='#{image-id}'></image>

- launch deployable via wui

 > click on 'monitor' > 'default pool' > 'new deployment'
   name: 'inst1'
   deployable url: 'http://localhost/deployables/inst1.xml'
   click 'next' > 'deploy'