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Spice file transfer


Almost all spice packages (client, server, agent) have to be built against spice-protocol 0.12.4 or greater (better 0.12.5 or greater for transfer success status). All Fedora 19 packages fulfil this condition, but YMMV if you're using some components from older Fedora or another distro or for Windows:

  • guest:
    • Fedora 18 or 19 with spice-vdagent package >= 0.14
    • other distros: spice-vdagent >= 0.14.0 built against spice-protocol >= 0.12.4
    • no Windows build with file transfer is not available yet
  • spice-server:
    • Fedora 19 with spice-server >= 0.12.3-1
    • other distros: spice-server built against spice-protocol >= 0.12.4
  • client:
    • Fedora 19 virt-viewer

How to test

  1. connect to a VM with appropriate spice-vdagent up'n'running using virt-viewer/remote-viewer
  2. drag a file from client system (from file manager or desktop) and drop it on top of the guest area of virt-viewer/remote-viewer window

Expected Results

  1. After a while, the file appears in XDG Downloads (e.g. ~/Downloads) directory
  2. verify that the tranfered file is identical to the original one (e.g using md5sum)


  • If all spice packages along the way are built against spice-protocol 0.12.5 (e.g. use up-to-date Fedora 19 on all involved systems), you'll be notified after the transfer finishes.
  • only client to guest direction is supported as of F19 versions (spice-protocol 0.12.4/0.12.5, spice-gtk 0.17/0.18, spice-vdagent 0.14)