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Test the new HTML5 only client.


You will need a client with a modern version of Chrome or Firefox and some familiarity with Apache. There are potentially three systems involved. The first, a host system, will be running a Spice server of any kind. The second, a web server, will host the web pages. The third, a client, will use a web browser to access the Spice server display.

How to test

  1. Install spice-html5 and python-websockify on the web server
  2. Configure Apache on the web server
    sudo cp /usr/share/doc/spice-html5*/apache.conf.sample /etc/httpd/conf.d/spice.conf
    sudo systemctl restart httpd
  3. Perform the Xspice test case so the XSpice server is running, but close that client
  4. On the host system, start websockify
    websockify 5959 localhost:5900
  5. On the client system, navigate to http://<host-system-name>//spice
  6. Enter a host name that the client would use to connect to the host system, leave the port at 5959
  7. Control the resulting spice desktop

Expected Results

  1. Apache starts normally
  2. websockify runs without errors
  3. The client can fully operate the host virtual desktop