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This test aims to verify that non-interactive batch commands work


Follow the VirtSandbox common setup

How to test

  1. Run the 'date' command
    # virt-sandbox -c $URI /bin/date
  2. Run the 'rev' command
    # echo "Hello World" | virt-sandbox -c $URI /usr/bin/rev
  3. Compress and decompress a large file and verify result
    # virt-sandbox -c $URI /usr/bin/gzip < /lib64/ | gunzip -c >
    # diff /lib64/

Expected Results

  1. Today's date is printed
    Fri Apr 13 14:22:32 BST 2012
  2. The string 'Hello World' is reversed
    dlroW olleH
  3. The original & processed files do not differ