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This test is intended to test fragmentation offload on virtual machine

How to test

  1. boot a virtual machine
  2. log into this virtual machine, and disable gso function of nic, only enable tso. if you check the function of gso, just disable tso and enable gso
    ethtool -K eth0 gso off
    ethtool -K etho tso on
  3. check if success to setup tso/gso on guest
    ethtool -k eth0
  4. listen tcp packets on host
    nc -l 5334 |tee /tmp/frag_offload.dd >/dev/null
  5. use dd to create a 10M file on guest
    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/tmp/frag_offload.dd bs=10M count=1
  6. use tcpdump capture the packets on data link layer on guest
    tcpdump -e port 5334 1 >/tmp/frag_offload.tcpdump 2>/dev/null
  7. sent the 10M file to host
    cat /tmp/frag_offlaod.dd |nc $hostIP 5334
  8. check if there exists some packet larger than MTU
  9. compute md5sum of /tmp/frag_offload.dd on host and the virtual machine, and check if they are same
    md5sum /tmp/frag_offload.dd

Expected Results

  1. should be successful to setup tso/gso on guest
  2. there should exist some packet larger than MTU
  3. md5sum should be the same