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This test is intended to test multicast on virtual machine

How to test

  1. boot a virtual machine
  2. log into this virtual machine, and join it three multicast groups
    ip maddr add 01:00:5e:c0:01:64 dev eth0
    ip maddr add 02:00:5e:c0:01:64 dev eth0
    ip maddr add 03:00:00:00:40:00 dev eth0
    01:00:5e:c0:01:64 is a IP Multicast macaddress
    02:00:5e:c0:01:64 is a General macaddress
    03:00:00:00:40:00 is a Lan Manage Multicast mac address
  3. listen the multicast packets using tcpdump on this virtual machine
    tcpdump -ep ether multicast 2>/dev/null |tee /tmp/multicast.tmp 1>/dev/null
  4. produce three random date packets and send to three multicast macaddress on host
    packet1 --> 01:00:5e:c0:01:64
    packet2 --> 02:00:5e:c0:01:64
    packet3 --> 03:00:00:00:40:00
  5. sleep 20 seconds, and kill tcpdump processer in the virtual machine
  6. copy the tcpdump result to host, and check if the tcpdump's result contains that three packets.
    grep content[i] /tmp/multicast.tmp

Expected Results

  1. the tcpdump's result should contain that three packets.