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This test is intended to test transfering data in promisc mode

How to test

  1. start the virtual machine
  2. create an 1G file in the host
    dd if=/dev/urandom of=/tmp/random bs=1024k count=1000 
  3. get che checksum of the random file
    md5sum /tmp/random
  4. open a guest session and execute the following command to switch between promisc and non-promisc mode:
    while true; do
    ifconfig eth0 promisc
    sleep 0.01
    ifconfig eth0 -promisc
    sleep 0.01
  5. in the meantime, scp the random file to the guest
    scp /tmp/random root@guest_ip:/tmp
  6. compare the md5sum for both guest and host
  7. kill the previous script in the guest
  8. restore the nic to non-promisc mode
    ifconfig eth0 -promisc

Expected Results

  1. compare the md5sum for both guest and host, if they are different, fail the whole testcase