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This test case tests whether PulseAudio's output and input profiles are correct (whether all appropriate output and input modes and jacks are supported).

How to test

  1. Shut your system down entirely, then start it up again and log in to the desktop
  2. Run the GNOME volume control application: gnome-volume-control
  3. Go to the Hardware tab, and examine the list of profiles for each sound device your system contains
  4. Go to the Input tab, and select each input-capable device your system contains in turn. For each one, examine the Connector: drop-down box and see which input connectors are available

Expected Results

  1. Appropriate profiles should be available for each device in the Hardware tab's drop-down box. For example, if the device has stereo output capability, profiles covering that should be available. More common 'unusual' profiles include Digital Stereo (IEC958) output and input for devices with S/PDIF input/output capability, and Analog Surround profiles for devices which can output surround sound via multiple 3.5mm analog jacks. Profiles which do not match the capabilities of your hardware should not be present (for example, if the device has no S/PDIF output, there should be no Digital Stereo (IEC958) profiles)
  2. The default profile choice should be correct: analog output and input should be favoured over digital when both are present, and stereo should be preferred over mono or surround sound. If you feel the default profile choice for your hardware would not be optimal for the majority of users, please report this
  3. All commonly-used input connectors physically present on each sound device should be represented in the Connector: drop-down box on the Input tab: for instance, if your card has three microphone inputs and two line inputs, all five should be available for selection in the box. If a device has only one connector - for instance, a webcam would likely have no possibility of multiple input channels - the drop-down box will be absent; this is normal