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This test case tests whether it is possible to browse and connect to shares on SMB/CIFS servers from a desktop environment.


  1. Ensure your test system is located on a network with one or more SMB/CIFS servers providing shares, and that there is no server or router configuration issue preventing share browsing from working at all (i.e., check that a known-good client can browse the servers)

How to test

  1. Clean boot the Fedora you wish to test: this could be a system installed from a particular snapshot, pre-release, or release, or a live image
  2. Run the firewall configuration tool and enable the 'samba-client' service for the default zone (or, if you are using another zone for the network connection that will access the shares, for that zone)
  3. Attempt to browse SMB shares on the local network with the desktop's normal method for doing so. For GNOME, open Files, click Browse Network under Network in the left-hand pane, and double-click Windows Network. For KDE, open Dolphin, click Network under Places in the left-hand pane, and expand or click on Samba Shares
  4. If you are able to browse servers, check that you see the list of shares for each server
  5. If you see shares, check that you can connect to ones the system is authorized to access
  6. If you do not see a server or share you expect to see, open a terminal, run smbtree -N, and see whether it shows the server or share in question
  7. If there are issues with both the desktop tool and smbtree, test with the firewall disabled (su -c 'systemctl disable firewalld.service') or with the relevant network interface placed in the trusted zone

Expected Results

  1. All accessible shares on all accessible servers should be found
  2. You should be able to access any share you have the appropriate permissions to access
  3. If you have to disable the firewall or use the trusted zone in order for browsing to work, this is a bug and should be reported