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ibus-fbterm is a input method for FbTerm based on IBus. The ibus-fbterm enables major features of ibus 1.5.

How to test

  1. Make sure fbterm and ibus-fbterm is installed.
  2. Log into a GUI desktop likes GNOME as 'root' user, run ibus-setup, configure ibus engines and reboot the system.
  3. Run Fedora with run level 1 or 3 with frame buffer from Grub console. (Append 'vga=ask' of the line of "...vmlinuz...")
  4. Log into console with a user which has the permission to modify frame buffer likes 'root' user.
  5. Run 'ibus-fbterm' on the console shell.
  6. Run 'ibus engine' command and see the engine is enabled.
  7. Type Super-space and see the engine is switched.
  8. Type Super-space and Super-space and Enter key to select an IME on the switcher window.

Expected Results

  1. Users can input the their languages on console.