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This test case verifies an Active Directory client is able to discover the NetBIOS name automatically


  1. Verify that your Active Directory domain access works, or set a domain up.
  2. Run through the test case to join the domain.
  3. For this test case, you would need sssd-1.10.0-4.fc19.beta1 or newer

How to test

  • By default, realmd uses the NetBIOS domain name as the SSSD domain name and the full domain name in the ad_domain parameter. For the test to run correctly, you need to override the SSSD domain name
    • check the ad_domain parameter value in sssd.conf
    • open the sssd.conf config file
    • locate the [domain/YOURNAME] section in the config file and substitute YOURNAME with the value of the ad_domain parameter
    • locate the domains= directive in the config file. It would list the SSSD domain name as well (previously YOURNAME). Change YOURNAME to the same name you changed the [domain] section to
  • restart the SSSD

Expected Results

  1. The full domain name should still be usable for lookups
    getent passwd
  2. Even though the NetBIOS name is not specified in the config file anymore, it should be automatically discovered by the SSSD:
    getent passwd ad-test\\Administrator
  3. Both cases should also work regardless of the case used.


  • Raise debugging for both the nss and the domain services
    • open /etc/sssd/sssd.conf
    • put debug_level=10 into the [nss] and the [domain/DOMAIN_NAME] services
    • restart the SSSD
  • Re-run the testcase above and pass the logs stored in /var/log/sssd/*.log to the SSSD developers