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This test case tests that the Thermostat swing client starts correctly.


  1. Boot into the machine/VM you wish to test.
  2. If thermostat is not installed yet, install thermostat.
  3. Start the thermostat storage and agent: thermostat service &

How to test

  1. Start the thermostat Swing client: thermostat gui
  2. Optionally, start other Java applications - for example Eclipse, Freemind, jedit... These JVMs should show up in the tree if you do so. Otherwise only the Thermostat JVMs will show up.

Expected Results

  1. Once you've executed thermostat gui a window should have popped up similar to the following:


  1. No exceptions should be thrown on the terminal where you've started the swing client.
  2. Monitored JVMs become visible once the host entry in the tree to the left gets expanded. Switching to different JVMs should show detailed information for each JVM.