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Rabi Kumar


About me

I am Rabi, staying at Kolkata, India and currently doing my BE in Information Technology.

Actually, i do not remember when i started working with the linux and open source software.I think may be 3-4 years ago.The story begins when i opereted first linux machine it was just like fun for me on that time but slowly i got interested on in it.And i installed fedora 5 in my computer and even you can see that there are many flavours of linux basically lots of version of fedora and i loved to work with fedora.................

Why do i like open source?????????

Have you seen birds flying in the sky with free thought and independently.Open source is completing the dream of freedom........





Contact Me



IRC: rabikumar

Call me at

  • +919903391705
  • +919051429268


1246/c,Traffic Colony,Asansol

My Website

Fedora Account: rabikumar


Import Key : [[

Key fingerprint =
uid                  rabi (none) <>

With Fedora

I am working for these right now:

  • Fedora Infrastructure.
  • Fedora Ambassador.
  • I also managing WBUT-LUG

I am looking to contribute to more projects in near future. :)

My Resume

My resume can be found here:

Only for display, I am not considering jobs right now