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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting :: Monday 2009-01-19

F11 Alpha

  • freeze on 2009-01-20
  • discussion about sha256 signatures
  • need to create a new package signing key

IRC Transcript

f13 ping: notting jeremy jwb lmacken wwoods rdieter warren poelcat 10:08
* notting is here 10:09
jwb i shall be 5 min late. need to grab some food or risk not getting lunch 10:09
* lmacken is not here 10:10
* poelcat here 10:11
f13 will idle a few more minutes 10:12
* wwoods here 10:13
jeremy whoops, sorry... I'm here 10:15
f13 s'ok 10:17
f13 we can get started 10:17
-!- f13 changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Fedora releng - ALPHA!!! 10:17
f13 10:18
f13 those are the tickets for alpha 10:18
f13 freeze is tomorrow 10:18
f13 or late tonight so that tomorrow's rawhide is essentially the same as the freeze tag 10:18
jeremy I did a livecd-tools build today with some of the stuff that should help for the alpha 10:18
f13 I spent a lot of time last week, and just before the break, getting anaconda into a state that is usable 10:18
f13 it's to the point where I can continue on with more advanced testing, such as split media installs and whatnot 10:19
f13 but frankly these haven't been done since 10 went gold so it should be interesting. 10:19
* jeremy has been fixing things/filing bugs about livecd related things that have been broken :/ 10:19
notting hm. i'm less concerned about the rel-eng tickets blocking alpha than the bz bugs blocking alpha. is that wrong? 10:19
f13 I'm aware of one big issue we're likely tface, which is "scsi" disks that don't get detected in time at boot, causing failures to mount / 10:20
f13 notting: no, that's entirely right 10:20
f13 I've been way way too focused on anaconda bugfixing to even look at the Alpha tracker 10:20
f13 We have a tree testing page that I"ll be filling out as I test things 10:22
f13 one thing I haven't done yet is created the key to sign the packages. 10:22
f13 and well signed the packages. 10:22
f13 I need to do that today. 10:22
f13 but given there is the sha256 stuff, I may need to modify our existing signing software, and I'm not sure if rpm will be able to consume what I'm generating 10:23
f13 hten it's on to the rest of the releng tickets. 10:24
f13 any other thoughts/concerns on Alpha? 10:24
f13 jeremy: how hosed is livecd creation right now? 10:24
notting ... are we actually doing sha256 sigs? 10:24
f13 notting: there was a bug filed for doing sha256 level gpg sigs 10:25
notting sure, but has the rpm support actually landed? 10:25
f13 10:26
buggbot Bug 479859: medium, medium, ---,, NEW, Use SHA-2 in RPM signatures 10:26
f13 that's what I'm not sure of 10:26
f13 need to investigate 10:26
notting oh, and it requires a different key depending on whether we are or aren't? 10:26
jeremy f13: works 10:26
f13 notting: yeah, fun stuff :/ 10:27
jeremy f13: I've been building livecds and even testing installs. which were mostly okay until something broke today (which I filed and through on the blocker) 10:27
f13 ok. 10:27
f13 alright, well if there is nothing else, we've got a lot of work to do, and I'dl ike to get to it. 10:30
f13 thanks all. happy bug hunting. 10:31
wwoods let's rock! 10:31

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