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Fedora 14 Release Party - Bangalore, India

Tejas Networks has a big Linux user base as almost all processes run on Linux and FOSS. Some of the employees have completely migrated to Linux even at their home whereas others are contemplating to take the step. Our plan is to showcase how easy and powerful Fedora is. This is targeted to a specific group of people, namely Tejas Employees, and (most probably) outsiders will not be allowed in the premises.

When and Where

  • Dec 22nd, 2010
  • Tejas Networks Ltd., #58 1st Main Road, J.P Nagar 3rd Phase

Organizers / Team


  • Showcase of the new and exciting features of Fedora
  • Basic installation demo
  • Media Distribution
  • Swag Distribution
  • Getting new people interested to contribute
  • Answering queries

Requirements (Budget/DVD etc.)

  • DVDs for distribution
  • Swag
  • A few posters
  • Snacks

Detailed Cost Breakup

  • DVD - Taken from media already manufactured
  • Swag - 300 INR
  • Posters - 200 INR
  • Snacks - 500 INR