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Fedora 20 Release Party - Roma, Italy

When and Where

23 January 2014, 20:30 hours - Fusolab 2.0, Viale della Bella Villa 94,00172 Roma

Parking area: you can enter with your car in Coop parking for free.

Organizers / Team


  • Fedora 20 introduction
  • Q&A session
  • Introduction about howto actively partecipate to Fedora improvement (bugreporting, feedbacks, languages translation, GUI editing, etc.)
  • Fedora DVD (all spins inside 32 & 64 bit), stickers and gadgets give away


The place was very demanding, because it is full of people that are very expert about the Linux operating system/world, so people with their own distro-preferencies, etc. But luckly many of them showed their curiosity about Fedora. There were also people that have been using Fedora since many years.

Unluckly this time we had no Fedora-cakes but next time a Fedora cake there will be for sure!

The guys really enjoyed the gadgets, expecially the little Fedora stickers. In the room there was also a projector, where many slides of a Fedora presentation have been shown.

So, great party (see the baloons!), a special thanks to Fusolab 2.0 and to the great community (visit their websites!)

F20 release party Roma - gadgets.jpg

F20 release party Roma - room.jpg