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What is ResultsDB

ResultsDB is a system for storage of test results. It was originally intended to hold the results of tests executed by the Taskotron framework, but has been intentionally designed to allow storage of results from many different test systems and types of test.

ResultsDB is only a system for storing test results, different 'frontend' apps can be created using ResultsDB as a data source. These frontends could be anything from a simple tool aggregating recent results for builds, or anything more complicated like a tool for gathering test-related metrics (historical fail/pass ratio of a specific test in a Fedora release, failure rate of critpath packages etc.).

Current state

ResultsDB is currently in its second major version. Fedora's ResultsDB deployment is used to store results from Taskotron, openQA, and Autocloud.

Current development version

The project is split into these parts:


Development of ResultDB is discussed on the qa-devel mailing list. There is also a resultsdb-users list for discussing issues related to 'using' ResultsDB - in the sense of submitting results to or consuming results from a ResultsDB instance.


Issues and code changes for ResultsDB are tracked in the Pagure repositories linked above. The individual projects have README files with detailed instructions on setting up development environments in order to be able to run tests and so on.