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PHP Review Tips

Fedora Review

  • phpcompatinfo report analysis is automatically run during fedora-review
yum/dnf install phpcompatinfo fedora-review


  • phpcompatinfo is run against the full sources tree. It can be usefull to run it twice:
  • run it against sources directory (src, lib, ...) for runtime requirement
  • run it against tests directory for buildtime requirement.

About Guidelines

Extensions Requires

Explanation: the package layout is not reliable, as it have change and will probably change again.

  • a static extension (in the engine) can be build as a shared extension and move to another package (ex: gmp moved to php-gmp).
  • a shared extension can move (e.g. shmop moved to php-process in 5.5)
  • a extension can move from php to pecl when deprecated (e.g. ereg will disapear in php 7)
  • a pecl extension can be merged in php when considered as "famous and stable" (e.g. opcache was merged in 5.5).

So all needed extensions MUST be required (use php-<extname>)

  • Core and standard are not extensions and are always there. No need to requires them (and they are not provided)
  • extensions don't have version, so never use: requires: php-foo > 5.5 (use Requires: php-foo, php(language) > 5.5)

Notice: some extensions are always there (cannot be built shared): spl and reflection, perhaps we will amend Guidelines in the future.