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Wakeups / Disk IO / Network IO

Goal: Reduce wakeup count of userland applications and unnecessary network and disk IO.

Plan: Audit system using various tools, provide guidance & fixes for problems.

  • powertop
  • diskdevstat (tuned-utils)
  • netdevstat (tuned-utils)

Tracker bugs

Monitoring / Auditing

Goal: Provide new tools to monitor / audit system usage to help user identify problematic applications, hardware or drivers.

Plan: Ship already existing tools and work on new ones.

Current newest tool is a memory tracing analyser which will allow a very detailed tracking of how an application allocated and deallocated memory over it's lifetime.

Dynamic adaptive tuning

Goal: Monitoring of system resources and adaptive tuning "on-the-fly" of affected components.

Project: tuned


  • Integration of ktune and tuned: Static vs. dynamic tuning parts + performance vs. power tuning options
  • New monitoring and tuning plugin for CPUs (using PM-QOS for CPUs)
  • New disk tuning algorithm for a more gradual tuning
  • Fix for network tuning in combination with NM (grace period in NM for lost connections and/or mechanism in NM for changing device speeds)


Read only GIT:

R/W GIT repo: ssh://


tuned-adm provides various profiles eg. laptop-battery-powersave. These profiles are setting environment values which can reasonably work with resources.

  • Offer comprehensive documentation of system tunable with examples and effects

Power consumption of hardware components


  • Make overview which component is the biggest power eater
  • Focus to these power eaters

Plan: Complete missing data in the HW table. Please, help to fill missing data ...