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This page covers what the basic requirements of a portal page should be. Please see the StoreSIG page for goals of this SIG.

The portal page needs to be a location that allows Fedora users in search of Fedora merchandise in small quantities or Fedora Ambassadors in search of merchandise in bulk to come to in order to be directed to vendors that can handle their purchasing.


  • Simplicity. We do not want to become an online shop ourselves. We simply want to direct Fedora users and ambassadors to vendors capable of handling their purchases.
  • The page should have a familiar Fedora look and feel.
  • This page is to serve two types of visitors.

--> Fedora users who will be linked off to a type site or REVELinux type site (to be determined) for small quantity purchases of a wide variety of merchandise.

--> Fedora Ambassadors who will be in search of vendors to supply bulk orders of T-shirts, stickers, caps, etc. They will be redirected off to the AmbassadorVendors page, a list of vendors who have worked with Ambassadors for these types of orders before.

  • The main page should be able to showcase various products available from the online vendor chosen for Fedora user purchases.