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Siddharth Upmanyu


About Me

Hi Friends,
I am Siddharth. I, like typical programmers out there who like to hack their code and enjoy it... like the ideas of Free Software Movement (the Freedom) and want to be part of it (not just being a consumer coz that we all know wont work). My liking of Fedora goes to its roots and the former RedHat desktop Linux, and to me what Fedora provides is the cleanest and most powerful environment,

You can find me at a few places one being the Co-ordinator for Fedora Free Media Program in India I am also maintaining the Fedora Developers Spin.

Support and use OSS(s)... and Fedora is the Best Around :)

With Fedora

Mintainer Fedora Developer Spin
Co-Ordinator For The Free Media Program India
and Fedora India Ambassador (joined Sept 2006)

Contact Information

Email: siddhart AT fedoraproject DOT org

GPG Info
pub   1024D/2ADE49D8 2006-09-24
Key fingerprint = A278 E18F C26D 8814 F1C2  432A 2BEE B1F2 2ADE 49D8

You Can Download the Pub-Key from the using this link : Key@Siddharth




  • Wrote the First ever Invisibility hack for GoogleTalk protocol (Sept 2007) [1]
  • Light/Small Webserver
  • Distributed Resource Manager in JAVA
  • Streaming (RTSP) Server
  • Remote Admin (Win32) [2]
  • A tailored 3Proxy built
  • A mini OS Kernel [3]
  • Web Based Community Grid [4]
  • Online Compiler (Now Test your C/C++ Online) [5]
  • Rule Based Language Translator
  • Made a Custom Linux Distro from scratch (was unable to make an installer )