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Spins Wrangler (More detailing needed)

Current Spins Wrangler

open for volunteers


The spins wrangler is primarily responsible for escorting spins through the spins processes.

Job duties

  • Work with spin owners.
  • Work with Board for doing spin trademark approvals.
  • Review wiki pages (may delegate some work).
  • Review spin kickstart files (may delegate some work).
  • Regularly attend Spins SIG meetings.
  • Read the spins mailing list.
  • Make sure current status of spins is accurately reflected in the wiki.
    • All spins approved for the next release should be in the next release category.
    • All recurring spins should be in one of the development categories or the upcoming release category. (After a release they should be added back to the spins in development category.)
    • Any dropped spin should not be in any development category. It should remain in any appropriate release categories from previous releases.
    • The Spins Release page for the upcoming release should list exactly the set of spins intended for the next release. Each release this page is copied over from the previous release and recurring spins should have their status set to Pending on owner. New spins should be set to Recurring. After the owner lets the Spins SIG know if it is continuing, its status should be changing to Pending on Spins SIG approval or it should be removed from the list. As spins are approved, their status should be updated to Approved.
    • The spin pages should reflect the upcoming release. There should be pointers back to versions of the page for all previous releases that included the spin for which the appropriate version can be determined. In practice this will be done going forward, without a lot of effort trying to figure out versions when the spin owner neglected to do this in the far past.
    • When the spins list has been finalized let the Design Team know and provide them with a to the Spins release page.


The spins schedule doesn't have tasks specifically tagged for the wrangler, but gives some idea of when things are happening.

Wiki Template

The spins wrangler wiki template is used to provide the name and a link to the user page for the current spins wrangler. This is used in several pieces of documentation, so that it only needs to be changed in one place when the spins wrangler changes.