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About Me

  1. Name : Pratyush Verma
  2. Email address :
  3. Wiki username : vermapratyush
  4. IRC nickname : vermapratyush
  5. Primary Language : English
  6. Location : India, GMT +5.30.
  7. Availability for work : 0900 Hrs - 0000 Hrs
  8. Open-source Project :
    • I have done small scale self-initiated project in twitter feeds. I made a shell script which uses twitter APIs to send a recieve tweets. The script is wrapped in graphical interface ("dialog").
    • I have worked with the Fedora Ambassador in various install fests and workshops.

About my project

Gnome File Sharing Administration Tool

  1. Name of my project : Gnome File Sharing Administrative Tool
  2. References : Gnome File Sharing Administrative Tool
  3. The project aims at creating user interface tool to share via ftp, samba and nfs protocols. Creating and managing server are not easy unless you have experience in doing this. A user interface would prove to be a handy tool for users to manage their shares.
  4. Timeline
      1. Week 1-Week 2 : Get ready with all the requires shell scripts for ftp, samba and nfs shares.
      2. Week 3-Week 6 : Create a user interface with GTK/GTK+. The user interface should have the basic features of browsing file/folders, selecting protocols and restarting services.
      3. Week 7-Week 8 : Integrating shell scripts and GTK/GTK+ interface preferably using C.
      4. Week 9 : Improving user interface and adding additional features.
  1. I would be able to complete this project because: I have worked on managing servers and I am RHCE Certified. I have done a project which utilised twitter APIs to send and recieve tweets all using shell script [1] . Hence creating shell scripts for configuring servers will not be a tough job. I am experienced with C/C++ coding and hence integrating the GTK/GTK+ interface and the shell scripts will not be tough.

You and the community

1. If this project is completed successfully, there will a tool for managing shares which was never available before to the GNOME users. Creating a user interface will help naive users and would prove to be an excellent tool.

2. What will you do if you get stuck on your project and your mentor isn't around?

If I get stuck and my mentor is not around then I will make use of mailing list and relevent IRC channels. If I get stuck in GTK programming I will make use of sample codes.

3. In addition to the required blogging minimum of twice per week, how do you propose to keep the community informed of your progress and any problems or questions you might have over the course of the project?

Mailing lists would prove to be good for keeping the community updates with my progress. IRC channels would also be an alternative for keeping the community updated.


  1. I have managed servers before. And I am experienced in shell scripts and C/C++ coding.
  2. My T-shirt size is L.