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  1. Name: Aditya Patawari
  2. Email:,
  3. Wiki User Name: Adimania
  4. IRC Nick: adimania
  5. Primary Language: English
  6. Location: India, +0530
  7. Open Source Experience:
    • I have packaged kfilefactory and kmyfirewall. My spec files are up at and you can find src.rpms at
    • I have deon informal reviews for thomasj's vor ( and for Kevin_Kofler's koffice-kivio (
    • I am involved in developing of KDE ownCloud. It is a cloud based application to share the entire desktop at some point. Till now I have contributed some patches and some documentation. I am working on a sync client for ownCloud which will synchronize the files over the network.
    • I regularly add stuff to fedora wiki from time to time.
    • I have been a Fedora Ambassador for more than an year and have organized several workshops on Fedora and open source. I have organized several install fests in past and troubleshooting sessions and seen Fedora working on a lot of hardware.
    • I am appointed as a Fedora Campus Ambassador recently and will work with my Linux User Group to promote Fedora in my college.
    • I have also customized Fedora, creating a live DVD, for better usability and including some packages which are not included in Fedora to encourage newbies to use Linux.